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We worked with Amnesty International Australia to deliver their brand new website



GoodDigital. A new podcast about how you can use digital to make change happen. change happen. 

Vote Plz. Know someone in the US who hasn't registered yet? Only a few days left… no excuses now.

SwingVoterGo. MoveOn's Pokemon-inspired way to find all your swing voting friends on Facebook. 

Making Web Accessibility Great Again. Auditing the US Presidential Candidates' websites for accessibility.

What Makes the Image of Omran Daqneesh Extraordinary? The NY Times looks into what it took for an image to cut through.

The big flip: how Snapchat reoriented video advertising.  (We still feel traumatized by vertical video every now and then, but we can deal and so can you).  

A timeline of earth's average temperature: XKCD (once again) showing us how to break down data.

For the lols (and as a quick remedy for Round 2) a bad lip reading of the first Presidential debate:



So, this is a first for us! (But we said that already didn't we). As someone we really respect in the sector, we'd love to hear what you think.

We won't always be so Trump/US-focused. We're planning on giving you updates on what others are doing in the space, what we're up to, different tools and resources from around the internet — whatever we're feeling in the moment.

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