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Palindrome Week?

Did you know that this week is Palindrome week in the countries that have their dates month/day/year?  The dates (in this format) read the same backward and forward all week!  

Wanna skip everything and just go to the yarn?

You can see all the new stuff right here:  https://store.selfstriping.com/collections/recently-updated

And don't forget I have all sorts of other awesome goodies here:


Polynesian 'not' Princess Inspired Colorway the First

My kids, being young, are at the age where they pick one movie or show and watch it endlessly.  Thankfully, I try to only let them watch things that I would be willing to repeat ad infinitum, so this latest movie binge was no exception.  However, everything about it is so bright and colorful and amazing that I just couldn't shake the urge to dye up some yarn to go with it.  I've come up with 3 pretty amazing colorways, and I'm going to be offering all of them as limited edition pre-orders, so everyone can get what they want on what base they want without having to fight over an extemely limited quanity.

This first one is Pacific Current.  As you can see, it is an even stripey with 6 rows of each color.

Pre-orders will be open until Monday, July 17th, at which point I will begin dyeing everything.  I'm putting a ship by date of 3 weeks from the time pre-orders close, but don't be suprised if it's faster than that.  If you purchase other yarn or stitch markers with the pre-order, everything will ship together when the pre-order is ready.

There are 2 separate listings--this one is for my standard bases, and includes an additional 25g heel skein in the magenta.

This one is for limited edition, discontinued, or hard to get bases, and does NOT include a heel skein.

I will only be dyeing a few extra of this colorway for a show I'm doing in September, and won't be dyeing this colorway again.  So get it while you can!


Glucose is my newest colorway.  It is a complex stripey with 7 rows mint green, 3 rows black, 7 rows dark pink orchid, 3 rows black, 7 rows electric violet, 3 rows black, 7 rows sapphire, 3 rows black.

Glucose is a simple sugar with the molecular formula C6H12O6. Glucose circulates in the blood of animals as blood sugar. It is made during photosynthesis from water and carbon dioxide, using energy from sunlight. It is the most important source of energy for cellular respiration. Glucose is stored as a polymer, in plants as starch and in animals as glycogen.

With 6 carbon atoms, it is classed as a hexose, a subcategory of the monosaccharides. D-Glucose is one of the 16 aldohexose stereoisomers.

I have a few heel skeins for this colorway herehere and here.


Gibberellin was the sock club offering for the Feb. 2016 shipment.  It is another complex stripey, with 10 rows pink orchid, 3 rows white, 3 rows pale yellow, 3 rows white.

You can see some fabulous projects knit up with this colorway right here.

Gibberellins (GAs) are plant hormones that regulate growth and influence various developmental processes, including stem elongation, germination, dormancy, flowering, sex expression, enzyme induction, and leaf and fruit senescence.

Confidence Interval

Confidence Interval is a complex stripey with 7 rows radioactive, 3 rows black, 7 rows white, 3 rows black.

You can see projects in this colorway here.

Confidence intervals consist of a range of values (interval) that act as good estimates of the unknown population parameter.


Restocking this week is Algol, and as you can see I really enjoy this one.  I've made socks (right), and a hat (pattern is Langfield).  It is an even stripey with 6 rows each tan, avocado green, moss green, dark navy, and charcoal.

Algol, designated Beta Persei, known colloquially as the Demon Star, is a bright multiple star in the constellation of Perseus. It is the first and best known eclipsing binary, and one of the first non-nova variable stars to be discovered.  An Ancient Egyptian Calendar of Lucky and Unlucky Days composed some 3,200 years ago is claimed to be the oldest historical document of the discovery of Algol.


Exoplanet is also restocking this week.  It is a 10 row stripey, with lilac, electric green, and royal blue stripes.  

You can see projects with this colorway here.

An exoplanet or extrasolar planet is a planet outside of our solar system that orbits a star.

Stitch Markershttps://store.selfstriping.com/collections/stitch-markers

I've been on a bit of a stitch marker making binge lately, and have listed a ton of new sets on the website.  You can see all my lovely little markers here:


New Pattern Alert!!

Just out today, perfect for ONE skein of self striping, Torrential by Josh Ryks.

It's part of his new shawl collection, Stripes of a Different Sort, which will include SEVEN different shawl patterns all for self striping!!  I'm super excited about this! 

And because I'm curious (and to reward those of you who actually open these things and get all the way to the end), I'm offering you 10% off your order on the site just for today (Friday, July 14, 2017).  Use code newsletter when you checkout to apply the discount.