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A Bundle of Sticks: Understanding and Navigating the Early Stages of Land Development


You may have heard the phrase before: Property ownership is a bundle of sticks. Land development is a complex process regardless of what stage you’re in, but the early stages can be particularly ambiguous because of the legal, regulatory, and environmental limitations of the land. At RVi, we help our clients understand their “bundle of sticks”, how those “sticks” may impact development, and what options are available for negotiation or mitigation.

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Project Update: Jack Drake Park


Construction will begin next month for Jack Drake Park, a highly-anticipated 3.5-acre park located along Greens Bayou in the North Houston District (formerly the Greenspoint District). Funded in part through a Texas Parks & Wildlife Trails Grant, the park will serve a dual purpose for the area as both a nature park and as a trailhead for the 4.7-mile Greens Bayou Trail.

Jack Drake Park (formerly Bradfield Park) was officially named in honor of the District’s former president who served from the District’s founding in 1991 until his retirement in December 2012. The design features a recognition plaza at the heart of the nature park to honor Mr. Drake’s service to the District.

The park will also feature a scenic trail that will loop through mature trees that have been preserved. Visitors will be able to observe the various habitats that have been protected and created throughout the park for birds, insects, small animals, and butterflies. A bayou observation platform will overlook Greens Bayou and offer views of the North Houston District skyline in the distance. A permeable paver parking lot accommodates visitors and will act as an unloading zone for future users of the planned canoe/kayak launch for Greens Bayou.  Once complete, Jack Drake Park will be a recreational destination for visitors looking to escape the busy city environment and reconnect with nature.

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Lisa Horne Selected as Incoming ASLA PPN Council Chair

After several years of leadership within the ASLA Children’s Outdoor Environments Professional Practice Network (PPN), RVi’s Lisa Horne has been selected as the Chair Designate of the PPN Council.  She will serve in this incoming role for 2016-2017, and will assume the role of Chair for the 2017-2018 year.

The PPN Council oversees 20 different PPNs that help support the practice of landscape architecture in targeted areas of practice.  While Lisa’s area of focus has been Children’s Outdoor Environments, other PPNs exist for markets ranging from campus planning, to historic preservation, to urban design.  In total, over 13,500 members participate in PPNs across the country.  Congratulations, Lisa!

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