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GCSA2015 Reflections


The thought crossed the mind as I inched my way forward in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in St.Antonio, Texas. As a kid growing up in Sri Lanka and Oman – two countries where Adventists are a mere handful compared to the rest of the population – I was used to being the only Adventist in a large group of people. I was used to being the minority most of the time: the religious loner.

But not today. Not here.

The blessings came from all sides. Nostalgia kicked in full swing as I bumped into people I hadn’t seen in years! It was wonderful to hear how God has been working in their lives up until this point. Another highlight of the trip was experiencing the hundreds of ministry booths occupying the lower levels of the convention center. I wish I had the time to interact with each booth. I would have loved to hear the stories of how God has blessed and leveraged their ministry for His kingdom. As I recall, I was particularly inspired by the zeal and determination of Pastor Samuel from south India who is training young men and women in his village for medical mission work. The most beautiful moment of my GC experience, however, was at the Alamodome. On the first Thursday, General Secretary Elder Ng recognized long-term and short-term missionaries by inviting them to stand. A few seconds elapsed as I stood there, when the unexpected happened: the people who were within a 10-seat radius worked their way towards me and affirmed me with hugs and handshakes.

I didn’t know any of these people. But in that moment they became family – different first names but the same last name: “Adventist.”

I have more to say, but in all essence, the General Conference was a reset button for me. I felt my system upgraded, my spirituality renewed, and my zeal revived.

Looking forward to Indianapolis in 2020, but prayerfully hoping for a location change: #GCHeaven2020.

by Kevin Wilson, Andrews University seminary student


#GodsFamilyPicture: Conversation with PMC Pastors

What's your ideal picture of God's Family? How do you see it expressed at PMC, in your home, school or work? As we come to the end of our Road Trip Sermon series, take a snapshot of it and share your pic via Twitter or Pioneers' Facebook Page using the hashtag: #GodsFamilyPicture. 

Also, if you have a question you'd like to ask the pastoral staff in regards to any of the themes addressed in the Road Trip sermons, write them on your Connect Card or fill out a Connect Card online at There will also be opportunity to ask them live via social media on July 25!


Fall GROW Groups

Interested in leading a GROW Group this Fall or know someone who does?

Starting July 27, you'll be able to sign up your 8, 10, or 12-week GROW Group  via Have an idea for a GROW Group you'd like to lead between September 27 and December 13? Here are a few suggestions that have been received:

  • "How to give a Bible Study"
  • "Finances"
  • "Study on the Beatitudes"
  • "Learn Golf"
  • "Self-defense"

Help us build a community where people grow through making meaningful connections with each other and with God. Questions? Please send them to

by Sabine Vatel, Pastor for Discipleship


New Student Welcome Lunch

We have the blessed opportunity to extend a warm Pioneer Memorial Church welcome to our new University Students by providing them a meal and meeting them after second service on August 22. To feed/share with 10 to 12 people, each family is asked to bring a complete meal of:

  1. Lasagna or a pasta dish (vegetarian or vegan), 
  2. Salad
  3. Rolls or garlic bread  

Two or three friends could also band together and help provide this complete meal.  Drink and dessert will be provided. To confirm your participation in this special hospitality ministry and what food you will bring on August 22, please email or call 471-3150.

by Sherrie Davis, Executive Assistant to Lead Pastor

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