26 November 2020 | View in Browser
Updates to Calvary Supplier Requirements

Calvary welcomes the Australian Government’s Modern Slavery legislation and supports the efforts of the global community in fighting for a world without slavery. 

Consistent with our values of hospitality, healing, stewardship and respect, Calvary is committed to upholding human rights, not only with respect to its own employees but also for workers in its supply chain.

The Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act requires large organisations, such as Calvary to issue an annual report that provides information on its structure, operations and supply chain in order to identify any risks where modern slavery practices may occur.

We look forward to reporting on this, as well as the actions we’re taking, and the effectiveness of our program.

We expect our Suppliers to share our responsibilities and values, to ensure that the welfare of people who experience poverty and vulnerability is not compromised.

New Code of Business Practice and an update to standard terms and conditions

As part of this initiative, we are implementing the following:

This information is also available on our website at https://www.calvarycare.org.au/about/corporate-social-responsibility/modern-slavery-act/ .

If you are in high risk commodities, we may be in contact with you.

Further, we will be engaging with our strategic suppliers who work in high risk commodities, and we may be in contact with you to explore ways that we can address modern slavery risks in our combined supply chains.

It is our intention that we tackle any challenges that our suppliers might face, in the spirit of transparent collaboration, so we may see the end of slavery in our lifetimes. 

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us on nationalprocurement@calvarycare.org.au