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Pastor's Blog

"Then They Came For Me"

The nation is still reeling from Sunday morning’s headline of the bloody massacre in an Orlando night club in the wee hours of a new week. But already the news media’s scrolling litany of superlatives—“the worst mass shooting in U.S. history” “the greatest mass murder in American history”—along with its non-stop coverage of this horrific tragedy have numbed the American psyche once again. And as it was for San Bernardino California and Newtown Connecticut and Columbine Colorado, the 24-hour news cycle is eventually coopted by the new headline and the relentless pursuit of the next “breaking news.” more

by Dwight K. Nelson, Lead Pastor


Feature Story

Fallen Bird

It was after potluck one warm Sabbath afternoon when I decided to sit under a tree and relax. I looked around the tree to make sure that no critters would surprise me when suddenly something, moving so slowly, caught my eye. I bent down to the protruding roots of the tree to get a better look. It was a fledgling, a juvenile bird, cowering at the tree base. I gasped and immediately looked around expecting a distraught mother bird to come pecking at me. No such thing happened. more 

by Felecia Datus, Copy Editor


Feature Announcement

Flag Camp

If you are looking for a fun, safe and wholesome summer experience for your child, look no further! Whether you plan to send your child everyday, or just a day here and there throughout the summer, FLAG Camp is a great choice when it comes to affordable childcare.  We provide a safe, fun, and wholesome environment for children grades K-8. FLAG Camp is held in the Pathfinder Building on the campus of Andrews University June 13 through August 4, 2016 (No Camp July 4).