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Box Tops 

Box Tops (BT) are on products that we normally buy, like Kleenex, Old El Paso, Betty Crocker, Green Giant, Pillssbury, Progresso, Scott Tissue General Mills, Hanes, Hefty, Land O'Lakes, Ziploc, just to name a few. Each one is worth 10 cents. Collecting BT is a great way to earn money for Ruth Murdoch without having to buy anything extra, which is wonderful for college students who might wish to get involved! The funds that we collect through BT go to a variety of things but last year they were used for PE equipment. We are a small school so we don't receive a lot of BT, we have currently earned half of our $1,000 goal. 

To help fundraise all one has to do is tear off the BT from your purchases, place them in a bag and bring them to the front desk at PMC. We will collect and count them, then send them off every couple months to Box Tops for Education. There, they are re-counted and a check is sent to Ruth Murdoch for the equivalent money. Getting more people involved in collecting BT would benefit our school greatly! We could buy supplies, and anything that God wants us to do with the funds!

by Nicole  Price, Box Tops for Education, Ruth Murdoch


Hollywood, The Apocalypse and The Pope

Young filmmaker Christopher Hudson has pulled off a headline-grabbing feat. Armed with only a $20,000 budget raised through crowd-funding and gifted with remarkable talent for cutting edge camera work and music/script editing, Hudson directs and stars in this 1:26:00 length docudrama, “Leopard Vision.” Since its September 7 release on YouTube, the movie has gone viral (194,000 YouTube views in less than three weeks). Critics are weighing in, including Hyperfresh, an independent pop culture magazine, which gave “Leopard Vision” a five-star movie review. For a Seventh-day Adventist filmmaker?. . . read more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor


GROW Group Catalog

The Fall 2015 GROW group catalog is out and it's time to mingle with a mission. Visit to sign up today! 

There are still openings for life-changing studies:

  • Discover your gifts and calling (page 36)
  • Healthy Emotional Spirituality Or How to be a friend (pages16,15)
  • Parents make your children disciples of Jesus (page  28)

Or safe support:

  • Female Survivor of abuse,Grief or Divorce Care (page 9,25,17)

Or Online groups

  • Teleconferencing (pages 11,30)

For questions, contact the team:

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