Term 2 - Week 3

Cross-Curricular Senior Excursion to Quiet Faith

Contemporary Christianity is far more complex than Fred Nile and Tony Abbott would like us to think. The place of Christian faith in Australian politics is often linked to conservatism and intolerance. In a gentle exploration of faith, the words of everyday Christians are woven into this verbatim theatre work, their views taken from hours of interviews. This week, the Senior Drama class, along with the Year 12 Religious Studies classes who are studying “Religion and the Media”, attended the award-winning performance of Quiet Faith at the Canberra Theatre.

Students were surprised by the extremely intimate performance. With shared song, prayer and an emotional journey – the minimalist performance packed a punch! Being the only members of the audience, the actors were in close proximity to our students as they performed in and around the curved bench seating and stage.


Students were privileged to have a 45 minute Question and Answer session with the two performers. The questions asked were appropriate and captured the intention and essence of the show. Our Senior students were praised for their intellect and willingness to engage in this contemporary, and often, divisive piece of theatre. This was a successful cross-curricular opportunity as which our students proudly represented the College and reignited their contemporary involvement with religion and society.


Miss Keane, Mrs Edghill and Mr Wood

Senior Teachers - Drama and Religious Studies


Thank you to all of the Year 7 and 9 students who have participated in NAPLAN this week. We have been impressed with the spirit with which they have completed the tests and the way that they have seamlessly adapted to the new on-line format. Our thanks are also extended to the many staff who have supervised the tests over the many sessions throughout the week.

Catch-up sessions for those students who may have missed any of the tests will be held on Monday 21 May in Tech Hub 4. Students will be invited to attend those sessions that they have missed. We would not be expecting students to complete more than two catch-up tests on that day. Students will be given the details of these sessions during Pastoral Care on Monday morning.

"Arts Up Front"

“Every good painter paints what he is.” Jackson Pollock
"As practice makes perfect, I cannot but make progress; each drawing one makes, each study one paints, is a step forward." Vincent van Gogh


These quotes beautifully sum up our approach to Visual Arts at JPC.  Not only do we develop artistic skills, but also our capacity to express and explore who we are through art making.  Everyone is creative! After all, we are made in the image of the greatest Creator!


What an exciting start to the year! Year 8 created their names in graffiti and zentangled animal clay tiles.

Year 9/10 started with abstract collages depicting their personalities and memories. Using their newly acquired skills in colour and composition, students painted their interpretation of the emotional perception of famous artworks using complex colour mixing. These are exquisite, and on display in the Courage wing. Currently 9/10 are communicating a narrative of positive change in their lives via construction of white paper sculptures. What a challenge to not use colour!

Our year 11/12 students developed their drawing skills in Term One via still life, landscape, portraiture, one-point perspective drawing and abstract colour compositions. Now 11/12 students are on the exciting journey of applying these new drawing skills to create a body of work based on a concept they are passionate about. Just some of the themes explored are the psychological impact of technology in our lives, men and the pressure to be ‘masculine’, realistic portraiture and preservation of our beaches.


Thus, JPC Visual Arts students are encouraged and stretched to not only produce artworks which are aesthetically effective, but also conceptually meaningful. This is often a challenge but is an opportunity for students to develop skills in problem solving and personal reflection.


I feel incredibly privileged to be teaching such creative and enthusiastic students. Creativity is an essential component of our wellbeing, and a lifelong skill to enjoy. Keep up the great work Visual Arts students!


Amanda Marshall
Visual Arts Teacher JPC

Sports News

2018 Cross Country New Date!

The annual JPC Cross Country Carnival is fast approaching.

  • WHEN: Tuesday 22nd May, Week 4
  • WHERE: Beginning at the JPC Oval and heading on the path up and over Hill Reserve and back.
  • TIME: Periods 4 & 5

Students in Years 7-10 will attend normal classes throughout the day and will then participate in the cross country carnival in Periods 4 and 5. Students are permitted to wear their school sports uniform throughout the duration of the day. At lunch time, they are able to change into house colours if they desire, to demonstrate their house pride.

Due to hour requirements in senior courses, all seniors will attend ILT classes in the CF area for periods 4 and 5. If there are any senior students who wish to participate in order to gain a time for entry to ASC, they are required to email Miss Turner (

Please note that there will be not be a permission note for this event as we will be within the appropriate radius to the school under strict teacher supervision.


Last week, I had the incredible opportunity of representing Australia at the Melanesian Regional Championships in Vanuatu for the U18 Women’s 400m Hurdles and the Open Women’s 4 x 100m relay.

I had an amazing time in Port Vila and met so many new people from all the states across Australia and from all different countries across the Melanesian region including New Caledonia, Fiji and the home country; Vanuatu. The Australian team stayed at a fabulous resort where we could go sailing, swimming and kayaking whenever we wanted! The people were so welcoming and would wave or say hello to you whenever you walked or drove past and they sure do know how to party!

In my own individual event, I ran first with a time of 1:09.76. The race was quite difficult due to the weather conditions (humidity) and the technical difficulties before the race which kept the three of us in the race on the line for several minutes.

Around one hour after my race, I ran the third leg of the 4 x 100m relay and our team ran 4th. It’s definitely a struggle to run a relay after doing a long, gruelling 400m hurdles race, that’s for sure!

The competition ran for three days, to which I was at the track all three supporting my teammates and friends.

I would like to thank everyone in the JPC community who has supported me in one way or another. The significant amount of support I have received means a lot to me!


Mikayla Cruz

Touch Footy - Tuesday 8 May 

What a day, JPC had 5 touch teams entered in the Northside Touch Carnival.  The most of any school.  It was a day of mixed results for all teams but plenty of smiles and laughter all round.


7/8 Boys - Team 1
Josh Baldwin, Zac Barbaro, Sammy Hall, Owen Hromow, Noah Marcantonio, Kyle Moir, Minh Nguyen, Nik Onorato, Blake Robinson, Jono Seara, Rueben Spires, Fletcher Tarry, Ryan Mitchell

Team 2

Josh Abad, Ajay Anlezark, Thomas Athiyalil, Jack Evans, Xavier Hose, Jesse Pumpa, Ethan Russell, James Sheather, Matteo Vardanega

Coach - Nic Whatman


It was a tough day at the office for the Rugby boys.  Coming off successful contact sports into a touch comp, the boys struggled with the transition.  Slippery conditions made it tough to hold onto possession against a strong Kingsford Smith team. The boys then beat a strong Lyneham high, then drew with Dara who ended up winning the overall comp. The highlight was the JPC derby against the other JPC team. This game was played in great spirit and was very close with the older boys winning 3-2. Standout performers on the day were; Josh Baldwin, Noah Marcantonio & Ryan Mitchell.


The Year 7 team displayed great sportsmanship and courage throughout the day, with a draw and a couple of very narrow losses the boys all played with heart and improved as the day went on. It was great to see these boys really play well against some tough opposition. Ajay worked tirelessly in defence as did Matteo, James and Ethan. In attack Josh, Thomas and Jesse led the way woth some fantastic carries on the edges by Jack and Xavier. All boys should be commended on there sportsmanship.

The boys, coached by Year 12 Student Alex Skinner were on fire and cruised through all their pool games undefeated including strong wins against: Lyneham, Dara & Kingsford Smith.  The final was a different story when the boys came up against a Dara team they had already beaten.  Dara were lucky and scored on the bell to win by 1.  The boys should be commended on their efforts across the day.


9/10 Boys
JR Skinner, Gage King, Ryan Lin, Harry McLeod, Tan Nguyen, Jackson Palombi, Mitch Robinson, Ethan Small, Jack Thornton, Jake Thorpe, Austin Vowles
Coach - Alex Skinner


7/8 Girls

Taylah Osmond, Imken Rolke, Sophie Murray, Lara Grocott, Nazli Tuang, Jasmine Tonna, Anushka Poudel, Gaby Jordan, Angel Skinner, Kiara Mezza, Mikayla Tilley

9/10 Girls
Mia McGovern, Bella Hubbard, Natalia Brankovic, Shreya Gurubelli, Brooklyn Curran, Makayla Stevens, Zoe Platt, Natalia Brankovic, Abbie Forrester, Jasmine Kelly, Emilia Hromow


What a team, these girls have come a long way recently after being a team that were competitive but usually lost.  These girls have switched on and went through the pool games undefeated as well.  The girls unfortunately couldn’t continue this form in their first Grand Final appearance for the school going down to Dara 3-1.  The girls never stopped or gave up and are looking forward to future challenges.

Student Office Notice

If you need to pick your child up early for any reason, please follow the below process:

  1. Please email with the students name and time of departure.
  2. The Student office staff will put an Early Departure Slip into the students PC folder.
  3. Student will use this to show their teacher they need to leave early. They will not be permitted to leave class without it.
  4. Student will come to the student office and sign out.


  1. Send a note in with your student including the students name and time of departure.
  2. Student is to HOLD ONTO this note all day until they need to leave, at which point they show this note to the teacher at the time they need to leave. They will not be permitted to leave class without this or an early departure slip.
  3. Student comes to the student office to sign out and hand the permission note to the front office staff.

We understand that things happen and providing us notice the morning of may not be possible. In this instance, please know that we cannot call the students over the PA so it will take time to firstly locate the student, particularly during ILT, and secondly for a staff member to go to the students classroom and collect them for you. If we are looking for multiple students at once, it will take longer again.



  1. Please email THE STUDENT OFFICE at to let us know your child will be late. This means that we can take you off the list of absentee SMS’s prior to sending them. It also means you will not have to explain the absence later on.

Thank You

Tawny Frogmouth

We had a very special little visitor to the College this week – a small Tawny Frogmouth. Spotted through JG windows at lunchtime, this rare native bird seemed to be in distress, trying to fly, but after several attempts, settled down and pretended to be a log – with beautiful camouflage. From inside the school we had a ‘birds eye’ view (!) through the glass, as it snuggled up to the window.

Leith, an ACT Ranger responsible for injured wildlife, came to the College to collect the bird, saying that they are often prey for territorial magpies, and that it was unusual for this nocturnal bird to be awake during the day. Checking it carefully, she did not think it was badly injured, but she would take it straight to the vet just in case. She allowed us to photograph its wonderful plumage, and it was easy to see why it has such an interesting name!


Mrs Mordike

Lost Property

We have a number of unlabelled items held in the student office Lost property as shown in the photo. There is also some items of school uniform, not pictured. If any of these items belong to you or your child, could you please collect them asap. If they are not collected, they will be donated at the end of term.

Senior Blazers

Deliver date for the Senior Blazers is 29 May 2018.

Apologies for the delay.


Free vaccine in 2018 for

16-19 year olds to protect against meningococcal disease

In December 2017, the ACT government announced funding of a free meningococcal ACWY vaccine for Year 10 students and a catch-up program for those aged 16 to 19 years. The catch-up program is available in 2018 only.


Adolescents aged 16 to 19 years can receive the vaccine as a catch-up dose through their GPs.


Meningococcal disease is an uncommon but serious disease and adolescents are at increased risk. In recent years, rates of invasive meningococcal disease caused by meningococcal W and meningococcal Y strains have increased across Australia.


See More of 13 Reasons Why Season 2 - click here

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