The midweek update from the Pioneer Memorial Church

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Feature Story

"I've Got Your Back!"

by Felecia Datus

Last Sunday while driving with my Aunt Rachel, we came across what appeared to be a traffic accident. An elderly gentleman was sitting in the road bleeding from his arm with a bike lying near him. A blue vehicle had stopped and three passengers were out talking to the man sitting in the road. Cars were slowing down to look then drove off. Aunt Rachel parked her car and went out to the scene. A short while later, a man driving a Harley Davidson stopped and said that he was an off duty more


Feature Announcement

Hope Trending: A Crash Course on How to Live Without Fear

Join us for this live 9-night series of presentations featuring Dwight K. Nelson. Hope Trending is an innovative form of evangelism that takes place in your living room. To find out how you can be a part visit


Feature Announcement

Andrews Academy
Registration Day

Andrews Academy registration day is August 17. They seek to inspire our students to think deeply, live fully, serve unselfishly and to honor God completely. You will be blessed by what Andrews Academy has to offer. Visit and click "apply now." School starts August 22, 2016. They look forward to having you as part of our family!