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December 2015
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Hear from Barr staff about our planning work 

At Barr, we don’t think strategic planning requires going quiet until the work is done. That is why, during Barr’s planning efforts, we have strived for open and transparent communications. We want to minimize the mystery and keep our partners connected and apprised of our progress.

The articles below feature contributions by Barr staff in our blog series on strategic planning. Each explores key trends shaping the fields in which we work and how we are aligning our strategies to be responsive to those trends. You will also find other recent news from the Foundation and our partners. 

Three Trends Shaping Barr's Arts Strategy

Arts & Culture
Three Trends Shaping Barrs Arts Strategy 

In the Arts program, our planning is leading us towards clarity about how we will focus and deepen prior work, as well as explore exciting new domains. In this post, San San Wong shares three trends that have emerged as central to our plans.

"Makers" Unleashed

“Makers” Unleashed

Referred to as the “arts plus,” “maker,” or “DIY” movement, a growing culture of creators is blending facets of engineering, art, design, and crafting. Jaime Cortez reflects on how this movement is informing planning for Barr’s Arts program. Read more.

Striving for Transformation in our Energy Sector

Striving for Transformation in our Energy Sector

As we have engaged in strategic planning for Barr’s Climate program, the urgency to shift attention to carbon reduction goals for 2050 is even more apparent. In this post, Mariella Puerto shares the trends informing how Barr's Clean Energy program can accelerate the region to meet those reduction goals.

Embracing Opportunities for Smarter Travel, Smarter Places

Embracing Smarter Travel, Smarter Places 

To achieve our greenhouse gas goals, a world-class public transit system with seamless connections to other ways of getting around must be part of the equation. In this post, Mary Skelton Roberts discusses this and other key trends giving shape to Barr’s strategy to reduce transportation-related emissions.

Connecting All Students to Success in and Beyond High School

Connecting All Students to Success In and Beyond High School

Leah Hamilton shares an update on our Education planning to date, which has included both looking inward at Barr’s history and an external assessment of the local and national context in the education landscape. Read more.

Announcing $19.2 Million in New Grants and Increased Grantmaking for 2016

About the Foundation
Announcing $19.2 Million in New Grants and Increased Grantmaking for 2016

At our final board meeting of the year, Barr’s trustees approved 21 grants totaling $16.7 million and ratified an additional $2.5 million in grants approved during the fourth quarter. In this post, Jim Canales provides a summary of these new commitments and announces Barrs grants budget for 2016.

Jenny Curtin

Barr Welcomes a New Senior Program Officer for Education

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Jenny Curtin as senior program officer with our Education team. Jenny joins Barr after more than a decade at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, where she most recently served as coordinator for High School Initiatives. Read more.


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