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Big Red by Peta Newcombe, an entry in the 2014/15 Visioning the Outdoors Film & Photo Comp and this month's desktop wallpaper.

New QORF Executive Officer


Dom Courtney, new QORF EO


Recently with Seqwater, Dom brings with him a wealth of experience in managing outdoor spaces and the needs of the outdoor recreation community.

He is a rugby player, a runner and a traveller, and he understands the positive influence a deep connection with nature can bring: 

In 2003, I travelled around Australia by motorcycle, camping along the way - an adventure that recharged and focussed my entire being.


Queensland Outdoor Recreation Awards

Nominations are now OPEN 

The Queensland Outdoor Recreation Awards recognise and reward excellence in the outdoor recreation community. The Awards celebrate individuals and organisations that have been successful in significantly improving outdoor recreation outcomes for participants and clients.

The Awards are an important means of recognising the size and diversity of the outdoor recreation community and industry, and provide an opportunity for outdoor individuals and organisations to be rewarded and recognised for their contribution. They are also a means of recognising how important outdoor recreation is to the lifestyle of Queenslanders.


We have a new award this year, The Nature Play QLD Award, that will be given for demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm in the promotion or provision of programs, events and/or activities that increase the time kids spend in unstructured play outdoors and in nature.

Thank you to all the award sponsors for their ongoing support: The Queensland Government, the Brisbane City Council, K2 Basecamp, Riverlife Brisbane and Nature Play QLD.

Join us for the annual Queensland Outdoor Recreation Awards on Friday October 30 at Riverlife Brisbane. Bookings open soon.


Recreation Training Package

Have a say in the Service Skills Australia validation process for Draft 2  of the SIS Sport and Recreation Training Package qualifications. Feedback can be submitted on the online feedback register until Friday 4 September 2015.

For further information about the training package review, visit the project page or contact trainingpackages@serviceskills.com.au.


Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others simply because they believe that if other people are doing it, it must be the right thing to do. 

Our desire to fit in is actually more persuasive than saving money or protecting the environment.


Stretch Zone

Do school camps have a place in the modern economy?

There is a strong body of evidence that learning outdoors works especially well for those of who learn best by doing, rather than reading or listening. So are school camps needed to put kids in the “stretch zone”?


Treating Anaphylaxis

The widely held belief that using antihistamines as the first step in treating anaphylaxis is INCORRECT. According to ASCIA, antihistamines have no role in treating or preventing respiratory or cardiovascular symptoms of anaphylaxis. Prompt administration of adrenaline is the only treatment for anaphylaxis. See the Recommended Guidelines here.

Antihistamines are recommended for treatment of mild and moderate allergic reactions, including allergic rhinitis (hay fever).


Nature Play QLD


Nature Play QLD, the QORF-run program designed to increase the time Queensland kids spend in unstructured play outdoors and in nature, welcomes new staff members. Joining Program Manager Hyahno Moser is Sara Devine looking after the Passports and other programs, while Imogene Whittle & Lisa Santoro make up the Marketing team. They all do a great job as Nature Play has really taken hold in Queensland.


Apps for Outdoors

Did you know that the QORF website has a section for mobile phone apps - Apps for Outdoors?

Adventuring, working or playing in the outdoors? There is a smartphone app for you! We have put together a collection that you may find both useful and entertaining.


TripList, a recent addition, will help you ensure you don't forget anything when packing for an adventure.

Did you know that you can add a QORF hashtag (#QORF) to your Instagram photos and they will be displayed on our homepage?


Don't forget to sign up for GACO and Outdoor-tober


Outdoor-tober Seed Funding

Do you need financial support to
get your Outdoor-tober outdoor projects off the ground? Maybe we can help!


Get Outdoors in October,
Get Outdoor-tober!


Coming Events


The Brisbane Boat Show in early September, the Far North Wilderness Bike Tour 2015 on September 26, World Rivers Day on September 27 and QORF's Queensland Outdoor Recreation Awards on October 30.

Don't forget Outdoor-tober!


What's On

The online calendar of What's On Activities, Events, Training & Workshops

If you have an event, public training opportunity, open day, adventure race, workshop or conference coming up in 2015, submit the details and we will help promote it.


Jobs Available

Several new jobs are listed on our Jobs Available page in the Industry / Jobs & Careers section

If you have jobs to fill, gear to sell, links to share, events to promote or information to pass on, send us an email with all the details and we'll put it up online.


New Green Circle Members

Welcome aboard to The Outdoor Education Consultants.

Go to the Membership section to become a QORF Green Circle Member today. New member pages will be acknowledged here, on the QORF home page and on Facebook.


Please remember to only use the new Green Circle Members logo on your websites and in other applications. Email for a copy 


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