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March 2015


Great to see you all at the Irish Motorcycle & Scooter Show. Thanks for calling by the stand and thanks to all the volunteers who ran the stand over the weekend. We'll likely see you again at the Carlow show on Easter Sunday.

If you’re planning a motorcycle related event in Ireland in 2015, let us know by sending details to and we'll add it to the Irish Motorcycle Events Calendar for free.

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27,136 visitors to Irish Motorcycle & Scooter Show

The board and volunteers of MAG Ireland would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who joined or renewed your membership at the recent Irish Motorcycle and Scooter Show in the RDS.

We had a high volume of queries on licensing in particular with many riders apparently under the impression that they had to pass an A2 category test before going for a category A license. This is not the case and you can apply for a category A without any previous motorcycle experience provided you are 24 years or older. More on that in an upcoming issue.

According to the organisers, some 27,136 visitors passed through the show during the course of the weekend. If you didn't make it and you would like to join MAG Ireland or renew a lapsed membership, click the button below.


Global launch for Irish electric motorbike manufacturer

New motorcycle sales up 9.3% in 2014

A new Irish manufacturer based in Wexford called Volt has unveiled five models at the Carole Nash Irish Motorbike & Scooter Show in Dublin. These are electric and designed mostly for urban use.


No prosecutions under distracted driving law.

As vulnerable road users often at the receiving end of drivers inattention when on the road we welcomed the introduction of legislation last May which tightened up the existing system. Unfortunately there have been no prosecutions. The Minister for Transport will be consulting Gardai and revisiting the legislation in the coming months.


MEPs approve change to law on cross-border speeding fines

MEPs voted in February to update a law designed to make it easier to track down and punish European Union motorists who commit traffic offences in a member state where they are not resident..


The Motorcycle Lane-Split Divide

California is the only U.S. state where zipping between lanes of cars on a motorcycle is legal. But now other states are pushing to legalize it too. WSJ rides along with California motorcycle commuters to get an up-close look at lane splitting..


Chad shutdown over deadly helmet protests

The introduction of a helmet law in Chad has sparked widespread and deadly protests. Authorities have closed schools and universities.

The cost of helmets has tripled. Riders state that helmets are too hot for the climate and too expensive.


Royal Enfield to return to England

It has been widely reported that Royal Enfield intend to expand to include a technology centre in Leicestershire, England.

The last UK factory was closed in 1970.

In other news Royal Enfield has overtaken Harley Davidson with 300,000 units sold in 2014 compared to 267,999 for the American company.


Bristol endangers riders with 'tombstones'.

Recently installed on Clarence Road in Bristol: (official name Toby Bollards) ostensibly to protect cyclists. 

The obstructions are about 13 inches high, 12 inches long and 4 inches thick. They appear to be solid
concrete. Their bases are recessed into the ground and they appear to have been mortared
or sealed in place.

Bristol riders are raising their concerns with the relevant authorities.

Thankfully, there's no indication that these things would be used in Ireland but if you spot something like this let us know.


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Help Needed

MAG Ireland is interested in hearing from riders with relevant expertise to assist the effort.

  • Civil/Roads Engineers for barrier and parking issues
  • Accountancy Professionals
  • Journalist/copywriter
  • Researchers:

Help Offered

We are interested in hearing from riders with a specific issue or campaign which they are pursuing at an individual or local level.

We're currently following up a number of parking issues for example. Let us know what's happening in your locality.


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