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Some great reading in this edition:

  • Bp Premier News
  • New look and feel for Jade Knowledge Base
  • Bp Allied Update on V7
  • Bp VIP.net News - New and improved Knowledge Base
  • Best Health App Update
  • Bp Learning News - Extra session for Brisbane
  • Bp Comms Remote Training – 2 hours for the price of 1
  • Update on Medicare WebServices
  • Growth in HealthShare referrals
  • Bp Support News – Be Prepared for Security Risks
  • Industry News - DHA Session for Specialists and Practice Managers
  • Bp Premier Summit 2020 Profile – Loryn Einstein

Bp Premier News

For Australian users of Bp Premier

  • The NSW Medical Certificate Cause of Death is updated and back in our program. You’ll see it in the supplied templates after updating to the October 2019 (or November 2019) Data Release.
  • Antenatal visits in our next release of Bp Premier can be billed with a standard consult on the same invoice (e.g. MBS items 16500 and 23).  It is mandatory that service text is entered, as billing a standard consult along with the antenatal care item implies an unrelated consult also occurred in the same visit.  Valid text entries would include ‘diagnosis of pregnancy’ or ‘unrelated condition’.  Our next release, Jade SP2, is targeted for release before the end of the year

New look and feel for Jade Knowledge Base!

For Australia users of Bp Premier

Users who have upgraded to the Jade edition of Bp Premier will have already noticed a brand new look and feel for the Knowledge Base online help. The documentation team have spent the past few months collating all the feedback from our users and have put together a much more user-friendly and navigable online help resource for Bp Premier users.

You no longer have to trawl through the top nav menus to find what you’re looking for. Now, you can search for relevant articles by content type from the single-layer top right menu (FAQs, Docs, Videos, and Troubleshooting) or you can click on a ‘sticky’ tile to search by functional area, like Setup, Clinical, or Management. Click on a tile to view neatly paginated sets of related articles, each with a descriptive blurb to tell you exactly what’s in the link before you click on it.

At the end of each article is now a feedback box for you, our users, to pass any comments on to the documentation team. If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, spotted something out of date, or just want to let us know you found an article useful, we encourage you to use the feedback box to help us continuously improve the online help.

You’ll also notice the search function has been greatly improved. We’ve edited our keywords list, so you get better results when you type Google-like queries like ‘How do I book an appointment?’. Search results are analysed weekly to see what our users are looking for and whether they found it, so we know which articles need a bump or some keywords added. Searches for common items like ‘Medicare’ or ‘templates’ now have a formatted box of key articles as the first result, so you no longer have to scroll through pages of results.

We hope our users enjoy the new Knowledge Base look. The documentation team thank all our users who provided feedback on the online help over the past few years.

Bp Allied Version 7 Update

For all users of Bp Allied

Exciting features coming in Bp Allied V7

One of the exciting new features being integrated into Bp Allied’s upcoming release – Version 7 – is Online Appointments.

Development is well underway, and we hope to release in the coming weeks. 

If you're an Allied Health profressional and haven't discovered the many advantages of Bp Allied yet - you can find out more here.

For all our loyal Bp Allied customers, please look out for an Elevate email outlining all the great new features of Bp Allied V7 in the coming weeks.

Bp VIP.net News

For all users of Bp VIP.net

New and improved Bp VIP.net Knowledge Base!

The Best Practice documentation team is proud to announce a brand-new look and feel for Bp VIP.net’s online help! We’ve listened to our users and given you a knowledge base that’s clearer and more searchable than ever before.

Use the single-layer menu at the top right to search directly for FAQs, PDF guides, or tutorial videos without having to look through articles.

Use the sticky tiles to browse through pages of all articles on offer, each with a short description.

The search engine has been improved to better handle How do I type queries. Search results are analysed weekly by our doc team and fed back into the information design to keep targeting what our users are looking for.

To get to the Bp VIP.net Knowledge Base, select Help > Online inside the software. Your browser will open.

Best Health App Update

For Australian users of Bp Premier

The final touches are being applied and there is a noticeable level of excitement and anticipation in the air about the launch of the Best Health App in the coming weeks.

This exciting new product enables a direct mobile connection between Patient and Practice. Uniquely, the Best Help App provides the Patient with Health Fact Sheets relevant to their well-being and their Health Summaries.

Phase One of the Best Health App also allows the Patient to:

  • View their upcoming appointments
  •  Receive and respond to appointment reminders
  • Check-in for their appointments
  • Receive Clinical Reminders and other messages from their Practice

The Masterclasses have now concluded and are available on our Knowledgebase.

Look out for an Engage notification on Launch Day, when you’ll be able to take patient communications to new heights.

Bp Learning News

For Australian uers of Bp Premier

Advanced Management session added in Brisbane in December

No need to join the waiting list - go to the front of the class!

Due to growing demand for our face-to-face Group Training Sessions, we are running an additional Advanced Management training session in our Brisbane Business Centre for Bp Premier users on Thursday 5th December.

Find out more here.

Bp Comms Remote Training - Two Hours for the Price of One!

Join our Bp Premier experts for 2 hours of tailored training focused on our brand new Bp Comms module and only pay for 1 hour!

Learn all about our Bp Comms module, including Bp SMS and our Best Health App, as we take you on a Patient Communication journey that will see your Practice saving both time and money.

Yep, you read it right. We have a 2-hrs-for-the-price-of-1 offer to extend to all those Practices looking to make full use of our Bp Comms (SMS & Best Health App) tools within their Practice.
It works like this…
          You book an hour of Bp Comms training where we can run you through the basic setup and functions of SMS and Best Health App in the system
+1         We add on a FREE HOUR where we explore all your questions around Patient Consent, Rollout and show you potential tactics when using Bp Comms for Recalls and Reminders.
          Maybe you want 1 hour of training for yourselves and your senior team, focused on the configuration of Bp Comms?
+1         We add on a FREE HOUR for your reception staff on how to send SMS reminders and manage Contact Notes in the system
That’s $396 of remote training for only $198 (inc GST)

**Note, offer only valid for booking made prior to 31st December 2019.

Contact our team on 1300 40 1111 or email for further information regarding this offer or to discuss any other training related enquires.

An update on Medicare WebServices

For Australian users of Bp Premier, Bp VIP.net, VIP Gold (2000) and Bp Allied

The Department of Human Services has recently announced their plans to migrate the current Medicare Online claiming solution utilised within your PMS Product to a new WebServices platform by March 2022.

Best Practice Software is currently working very closely with the Department to ensure that our currently supported Products are transitioned through to this new technology platform before the March 2022 deadline.

We anticipate that your current Medicare Claiming workflows and processes will remain unchanged during this transition process.

Further information will be provided as we progress through the implementation of this change, which is expected to be made available in 2021.

Best Practice announces growth in HealthShare Referrals uptake

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Best Practice Software has announced that, since integrating the HealthShare referrals functionality earlier this year in Bp Premier’s Indigo SP1 release, there has been consistent growth, with around half of Bp Premier subscribers now using the HealthShare Referrals directory on a monthly basis.

Our CEO Dr Frank Pyefinch said it was pleasing to see many Bp Premier users now using the Referrals Directory.  “We originally decided to offer our subscribers access to HealthShare’s directory because it had been one of our most requested additions to the product. It is very pleasing to see the most recent results, reinforcing the value the directory provides to GPs and Practice admin staff.”

HealthShare CEO, Rami Weiss, said, “We are thrilled to hear Best Practice Software’s news about the strong uptake from Bp Premier users, reinforcing the anecdotal feedback we consistently receive from GPs and practices. We are proud to partner with Best Practice to offer our directory to support GPs in their referral-making decision process.”

Available for free to Bp Premier subscribers, the integrated Referrals directory provides GPs with comprehensive and up-to-date information about private practising specialists and allied health professionals, and includes detailed information about a health professional's specialty, sub-specialties, special interest areas, Practice locations, hospital affiliations, languages spoken and bio.

In addition, the directory allows GPs to search for specialists who participate in “No Gap” and “Known Gap” arrangements, with 29 private health insurers including HCF, nib and the member funds of the Australian Health Service Alliance and the Australian Regional Health Group.

As part of the integration, GPs are prompted to make the Referrals directory their default address book for writing referrals inside Bp Premier. The seamless integration simplifies the referral process for GPs, freeing up time for the delivery of care.
Since the Indigo SP1 release, we have developed further enhancements iin Bp Premier, with JADE SP2 currently in development. More details on HealthShare integration in Bp Premier can be found here

Bp Support News

For All Users of Best Practice Software products

Be prepared for Security Risks

We’re sure we don’t need to remind you that it is always best to prepare for the worst.  Network security is always a major concern for any business. Protection like firewalls, security policies and backups are often deployed within a business to help prevent this risk.

In the event you require assistance from Best Practice Support to help get your Practice back up and running in a disaster recovery situation, we recommend you have a current Bp Backup.

Information on the Bp Backup process can be found on the Bp Software Knowledge Base.

Invasive malware like Cryptolocker will often target SQL databases and backup files.

Once these files are encrypted this data may no longer be able to be rescued without the assistance of a specialised third party (may not be successful).

Your data is extremely important to your site and offline backups made before the infection that are inaccessible from infected computers cannot be attacked by CryptoLocker

Spotlight on Industry News


The Australian Digital Health Agency is holding an information and networking session focussing on how to improve clinical outcomes for patients and streamline business processes.

Sydney session

  • Date: Tuesday 12 November 2019: 6.00pm – 9.00pm
  • Location: Rydges World Square Hotel, 389 Pitt Street, Sydney

Brisbane session

  • Date: Wednesday 13 November 2019: 6.00pm – 9.00pm
  • Location: Pullman King George Square

A significant proportion of healthcare providers across Australia are embracing complementary and evolving digital health technologies to improve care coordination for their patients.

The evening will include:

  • An overview on My Health Record and its benefits for specialist clinical Practice
  • Expert panel discussion exploring practical strategies and medico legal advice for embedding its use
  • Opportunity to initiate next steps for My Health Record registration
  • Networking opportunity with your peers

For Sydney please register for the session here by Friday 8 November, indicating any dietary requirements. A light supper will be provided.

For Brisbane please register for the session here by Friday 8 November, indicating any dietary requirements. A light supper will be provided.

For more information, please email amelia.iosefa@digitalhealth.gov.au or call 07 3023 8436.

Bp Premier Summit 2020 News

This month we start showcasing our world class guest speakers who will be at Bp Premier Summit 2020.

We start with Loryn Einstein.

Tell us a bit about yourself


I am the Managing Director of Medical Billing Experts, the leading outsourced medical billing practice in Australia. Our expert staff provide outsourced medical billing services, medical billing compliance services, and private practice consultancy across Australia. 

I have extensive experience in the Health Care sector and my qualifications include a Bachelor Degree Finance (Honours) and a Doctorate in Law. 

I consult and lecture on a variety of topics including medical billing compliance, fraud and theft prevention and other topics that support doctors and private practices.

I am a Certified Practice Manager and was elected to the Queensland Committee of the Australian Association of Practice Managers in 2013 and 2015. I am also a member of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Board Directions, and Women on Boards as well as being a Registered BAS Agent.


Born in the East coast of the USA, I moved to Los Angeles to complete my university studies and I lived there until 2000 when I was fortunate enough to move to and become a citizen of Australia. In my free time, I enjoy the challenge of trying to grow my own veggies and I have become a keen Zwifter (indoor cyclist).

What will you be presenting on at the Summit?

I will be presenting Medicare Risk and Compliance at the Summit.  During this session, I will be discussing how Doctors and Practices can reduce their risk of unnecessary audits.  This will include a discussion of the most commonly audited item numbers, why these item numbers are being audited, and how to avoid billing these items inappropriately.  Other topics will include Shared Debt Recovery and how it impacts doctors and medical practices.

What are you looking forward to most at the Bp Premier Summit 2020?

I am very excited that Bp has asked me to speak at the 2020 Summit!  My Fraud and Theft Prevention lecture in 2017 was well received by the delegates and I was bowled over by the level of engagement from all the practitioners and practice staff that attended the Summit.  It is amazing how passionate Bp users are about utilising the Bp software to ensure that their practice and their practice staff are performing at a stellar standard.

To hear Loryn and many other world class presenters book in for Bp Premier Summit 2020 – 22nd to 24th May at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Find out more here.