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Dear White Ribbon Supporter

"thank you for taking part in the 2014 campaign. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your support."

Judge Peter Boshier
White Ribbon Chair


From the chair

Each year we have a focus that encourages men to become part of the solution. Just how pertinent that is was reinforced just days after White Ribbon Day.

Tragically Heidi Welman Scott was stabbed to death  by her former partner. Our thoughts go out to her family, friends and workmates and our actions will be guided by the need to ensure this does not occur again.

But sadly it will, and to have any hope of changing the attitudes and behaviour of men, we must increase the visibility of our actions.

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What we did this White Ribbon Day


  Take The Pledge


Men CAN stop violence towards women. The first thing men can do to stop violence is to understand what it is and the harmful impact it has.

Violence is any action that controls through fear. It can be physical or non-physical. It can happen in front of others, but is often hidden and occurs in private. 

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When you tolerate or accept violence to women, it sends the message to others that violence is okay.

By acting as if violence is acceptable, you help violence to continue by creating an environment that supports violence. When children see adults fail to act, they can think violence to women is acceptable.

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Remaining silent about violence against women is ignoring it and doing nothing to challenge it.

This impacts on all women and contributes to a culture where people don’t feel able to speak up and violence to women continues.

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Tickets to the Advanced Screening Christchurch – Saturday December 6

Tickets to the World Premiere – Auckland Sunday December 7



Dustin Clare is familiar to many from his roles in television shows like Satisfaction, McLeod’s Daughters, Underbelly and Spartacus. Based in Australia, he and his real life partner, actress Camille Keenan ended up starring in SUNDAY when they were 7 months pregnant with their first child. Dustin took time out of filming his latest project in Turkey to answer some questions about his involvement with White Ribbon for us ahead of his New Zealand visits.

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Another Door

Eric Keepa is an artist and songwriter based in Christchurch.

He is currently working on his first album which is due to come out in 2015, and has gifted his iTunes hit Another Door’ to White Ribbon.

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Tell us

Please let us know what you did for White Ribbon and if you can, send us a photo. It can be an event with a thousand people, a display, a workshop, a BBQ... just let us know.



White Ribbon needs your support to fund the campaign into the future. Please donate now.

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If you know a man that lives the kaupapa and think he could help promote non-violence, nominate now. Ambassador nominations processed in Feb 2015


Spoken Word Competition

"... i am a shadow in the corner
my arms are the only thing holding me together i know i will peel, an onion, buried layers and burning tears there is cotton in my lungs and i am surprised that it is not from your pillow, my othello you have sucked me into my own black hole ..."

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Take 'the pledge' never to commit condone or remain silent about violence towards women


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