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MAY 30, 2021
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SPH45: Health Law and Ethics + Data Science and Analytics
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‘Discriminatory Policies Will Perpetuate Inequalities’
Nicole Huberfeld, Julia Raifman, and Sarah Lipson weigh in on the legal, political, and mental health impacts of the wave of anti-transgender legislation being considered in more than 30 states.
School NEWS
Student Named 2021 Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting Fellow
MPH student Rachael Sorcher will examine the pregnancy experiences of transgender and non-binary individuals in the United States.
School NEWS
Student Named 2021 Rappaport Public Policy Fellow
MPH student Madeline Stump will analyze and summarize survey data on the needs of homeless and housing insecure transgender people across the Commonwealth.
Massachusetts Ranks as Healthiest State in US on Sharecare’s Community Well-Being Index
Improvements in key well-being measures point to resiliency amid pandemic; best and worst ranked states closely correlate with 2020 presidential election results.
PHX: Virtual Summer institute
Essentials of Population Health Research
Get a virtual introduction to the data, tools, and methods of population health research drawing on theory and methods from epidemiology, biostatistics, and the broader social sciences.
School News
Professor, Student Recognized for Data-Driven Research
As Hariri Institute of Computing fellows, Prasad Patil, assistant professor of biostatistics, and Jianing Wang, a doctoral student in the Department of Biostatistics, will further their research and connect with other experts in the computational and data sciences field.
the turning point.
Part 1:
Grief and Loss
Public Health Post
Juvenile Injustice
The juvenile justice system is in the midst of massive reform, but how do LGBTQ+ youth get into the system? What happens once there?
Published on 2/20/2020
Taking Stock of Democracy, Voting, and Health
One hundred years after women gained the right to vote, contemporary barriers to voting still prevent them from shaping a representative government that values their health.
Published on 6/19/19
Convincing Homophobes the World Isn't Coming to an End
Decriminalization of same-sex sexual conduct in Botswana on June 11 shows what the West can learn about advancing LGBTQIA+ rights and creating a more tolerant society.
Published on 11/15/2018
The 'Yes on 3' Fight Showed Us We Are Not Alone
We found the way to defend transgender rights, we won by a landslide, and along the way, we made a space where trans, gender nonconforming, and other queer people could feel confident, safe, and strong enough to announce who they really were.
Think. Teach. Do.
Published 4/30/2021
New BU Out List Promotes Visibility and Connectedness among LGBTQIA+ Community
Thomas Lee, Jr., academic program coordinator in the Department of Global Health, and student Christian Paredes are co-chairing the committee that developed the list.
Published on 11/24/20
Queer Teens Say ‘Physical Sex Is Over for Now’
Amid COVID dangers and lockdowns, sexual minority teen boys are hooking up far less and watching more porn, sexting and using men-seeking-men apps about the same as before the pandemic, and experiencing more mental health challenges.
Published on 11/3/20
Trans Rights by State Lines
Sarah Lipson has been selected as a William T. Grant Scholar to support her research on how campus policies shape mental health inequities for gender minority students.
Published on 7/15/20
Who's Checking In?
Gay and bisexual teens of color living in red states and in the South face additional barriers, namely that their providers avoid discussing sexual health.
Published 7/31/ 2020
‘Mental Health on College Campuses is a Public Health Priority’
Sarah Lipson spoke about the mental health challenges of transgender and gender non-conforming college students, as part of a virtual Happiness Festival on the science of happiness and resilience.
Published on 7/10/20
Global Health Diversity & Inclusion Committee Promotes Equity through Difficult Conversations
Pawandeep Kaur and Thomas Lee Jr., alums and Department of Global Health staff members, formed SPH’s first department-level D&I committee to encourage faculty and staff discussion on inclusion and representation.
Published on 6/16/20
‘A Transformative Ruling for Equal Rights'
Julia Raifman on the Supreme Court’s ruling that workers can’t be fired for being LGBTQ, and how this decision will improve health and wellbeing beyond employment.
Published on 5/29/20
Lifesaving Protections
Suicidality dropped by as much as half among gender minority patients in states that enacted nondiscrimination rules for private health insurance.
Published 5/29/2020
COVID-19 and LGBTQ Populations
SPH experts weigh in on how the coronavirus is affecting sexual and gender minorities in the US and around the world.
Published on 5/4/20
Stuck at Home and Online, How Are Queer Teens Handling COVID-19?
Kimberly Nelson is launching a sex education pilot intervention for 14-17-year-old sexual minority boys, adapted for the time of coronavirus.
Published on 4/16/20
Professor Receives Award to Study Mental Health of Transgender College Students
Sarah Lipson has been selected as a William T. Grant Scholar to support her research on how campus policies shape mental health inequities for gender minority students.
Published on 2/7/20
Putting ‘Health in All Policies’
At a Dean's Symposium, Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania Secretary of Health, on the power of voting, health issues at stake in the 2020 election, and breaking barriers in government.
In the Media.
Thrive Global
Why Are We Healthy?
Opinion by Dean Sandro Galea
A BU Professor Believes Mass. Is Lifting Its COVID-19 Restrictions Too Quickly. Here’s Why.
Quotes Jonathan Levy, professor and chair of environmental health
GBH News
Solving Health Disparities in Communities of Color Requires Holistic Approach
Quotes Monica Wang, associate professor of community health sciences
Boston Globe
Rhode Island Ranks among Healthiest States in Sharecare, BU Well-Being Index
Quotes Kimberly Dukes, executive director of the Biostatistics and Epidemiology Data Analytics Center and research associate professor of epidemiology
Elite Daily
For Teens like Us, Pandemic Reopening Anxiety Is Extra Complicated
Quotes Sarah Lipson, assistant professor of health law, policy & management
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