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MegaWars.net is complete

Complete means all the features of the game are functional, the game is playable and ready for us to approach the press and the world with the game we love.

​Planets, Cities, Nebulae, Ships, Dry Dock and Space Stations are built in 3d giving us a modern graphical enviroment with the original game play.

Regions allow us expand the MegaWars universe to over 5 million stars!  There are three regions to establish planets.  Players choose to establish in the regions depending on their level of commitment.

  • Empire - no combat and planets cannot be taken
  • Frontier - full combat and planet industries can be bombed but not taken
  • Open - full combat and planets can be taken

If you are looking to enjoy MegaWars and have a low commitment, establish your planets in Empire region, you will pay a high price in both tax revenue and score.

If you have some time but you dont want to get caught up deep in a war establish in Frontier region , you will pay a price in both tax revenue and score.

If your looking for a hard core experience establish in the open region with no penalties in taxes or score.

Twitch TV

Spectrum will begin doing MegaWars run throughs on Twitch.tv.


Join us on Tuesday Sept 19th at 9pm EDT as Spec plays an Academy and answers questions from viewers.

​Signup for the twitch channel to be notified of future sessions.

Download and Play

Come join us - use your existing account information or simply play as a guest.


​Either way there is no subscription check for a limited time!

Quick Start Tutorial and Academies

You have not played MegaWars recently?  No problem, there is a Quick Start Tutorial that has been designed to get players up and running quickly.

There are several single player academies to help players practice combat and learn the changes to the Planet Management system.

War begins Oct 6th at 9pm EDT!

MegaWars is beautiful!

Take advantage of the academies before the war starts!

Service Desk

Service desk image

We have contracted a professional service desk provider that will link directly into our development planning.

This system will allow you to simply screen capture and paste, describe the issue and track the issue though the system.