Key Messages - Week 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to 2017! This is quite a significant year for us – our first group of senior students and our biggest group of Year 7 students so far – 186 of them!  We have a student population of about 640 and we have recruited a large number of new staff – almost 20 new teachers and 4 support staff members and we are delighted to welcome them and all of our new students and families into our community.


Our Year 11 student group (about 80 of them) have settled in beautifully to the responsibilities of Senior School.  They look really good in their new uniform and have shown themselves to be great role models, both in their general demeanour and behaviour and in the way they are working seriously during their non-scheduled lessons and in classes.  We have negotiated with them the privileges that they enjoy as senior students and, again, they impressed us with the maturity with which they undertook that task and they continue to impress with the way they are dealing with extra freedoms.


The Year 7 group have been delightful and appear to be managing the transition to high school really well.  Over the next week you will be contacted by your child’s mentor teacher and please, do not be shy if you have questions or concerns.  They are there to help.


We are all adjusting to the increasing business in the building and enjoying using all of our spaces.  Please note below the new processes we are putting in place for students to leave the college for appointments or if your child needs to leave the school for any other reason.  You will understand that we do not have the personnel to individually collect students from classes and I ask your cooperation with these and that you ensure that your child is aware of what they need to do as well. 


Many thanks!

New members

of staff


We feel very privileged to welcome all of our new members of staff into our community. 


Teaching staff:
Giuseppe Battaglia, Alagaysan Chandra Segaran, Simone Esposito, Bill Gillespie, Fleur Greaney, Owen Hamerton, Charlotte Kavenagh, Judith McDonald, Virginia McLeod (Van Thuan House Coordinator), Patricia Morton, Segun Ogunrinola, Sharon Robinson, Lee Rose (Kennedy House Coordinator), Emerald Surrao, Mike Tierney, Ashlee Turner and Kaitlin Young. 


Support Staff:
- Andrew Rose, Kate Parker, Ros Rice and Helen Trajkoski

Key Messages for 2017
In 2017, we will send home a full newsletter every fortnight (at the end of each odd week).  For the even weeks, there will be an update containing any essential messages and event reminders.


Tips and Tricks Evening
We will welcome Year 7 students and their families to an information evening next Thursday afternoon from 5.30pm – 6.30pm.  This will cover three areas:  How to use Moodle, Homework and Assessment Planning and Cyber use and student well-being.  We ask the students to come with their parents and to bring their iPad.

I would like to wish all of our students and their families a very productive year.  I look forward to working with you.


Catherine Rey

Processes for collecting students for appointments or if they are required to leave the school outside normal hours.

1. Students bring a signed note from their parents stating the reason for leaving school and the time that the parents will arrive to pick them up.

2. Five minutes before that time, the student shows the classroom teacher the note, leaves the class and collects any belongings he or she needs.

3. The student comes down to Student Reception with the note which they hand in as they sign out.

4. We would normally expect the parent or carer to meet the student at Student Reception and sign the student out.

5. Students are allowed to access their phone at their locker at recess and at lunch, so in the event of an unforeseen emergency, you can contact them through their phone and let them know pick up time so that they can meet you in reception.  In this instance, please send an email to the office to alert them.

After school pick ups

Afternoon pick up time is a very busy time and the carparks are often full. We ask that parents are patient, DO NOT park in the Bus Zone and avoid queuing across intersections that block the flow of traffic. We encourage parents to develop independence in their High School student by having them catch the school buses where possible or walking or riding to and from school. This will also help alleviate congestion in the school carparks.

If parents are collecting their child at the end of the day please wait outside the school and not at the Front Reception area.


Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Dear JPC community,

Thank you for having me on board to assist in caring for JPC students and their families. I am excited to announce that our school counselling services are now available every day of the week at the school (NB! Wednesday is only 9-12, the rest of the days are 9-15.30). We are located in a wonderful office space next to IT services in the Student Hub.

Both: Aaron Pakula and myself are now can be reached via e-mail available on the college website under students support/counselling service, and soon will be listed on the JPC staff contact list.

Aaron Pakula ( ) is at the office on Tuesday and Thursday;

Myself: Irina Kulakova ( ) is here on Monday and Friday all day, and on Wednesday till noon.

I also would like to take an opportunity to bring your attention to other CatholicCare services, which might be useful for JPC community:

Family and Relationship Counselling Services: Professionally qualified Psychologists, Social Workers or Counsellors are skilled in individual, couple and family therapy and vast knowledge of issues that impact family relationships.
Parenting Skills Groups: CatholicCare’s Parenting Groups can help with strengthening parenting skills to manage the variety of circumstances. These groups also give parents the opportunity to share individual parenting experiences and tips for managing challenging situations.

The 2 courses are currently offered are:

• Bringing up Great Kids, a course for parents with younger children; and
• Resourceful Adolescent Program for Parents (RAP-P), relevant to parents with children over 10 years of age.

There may be a fee associated with this service, contact us on 6162 6100 for further information.


JPC Counsellors.

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We are now enrolling for our Co-Curricular Music Programs at St John Paul ll College for 2017.  We are offering individual instrumental lessons for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Woodwind, Brass, Piano, Vocals and Strings. We have the best tutors in the ACT all with tertiary music qualifications and can ensure the highest quality tuition. We are also taking new enrolments for our Band Programs. The bands include Concert Band, Rock Bands and Acoustic Groups. If your child is interested in being apart in any of the above please download the forms from the website  and hand them in at the Student Office at St John Paul II College.


Kind Regards


Co-Curricular Music Director
Aron Lyon

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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