Week 2 - Term 2

The Wellbeing Club

Here at JPC we are all about making everyone feel welcome and a part of the community.

If you need a bit of extra help making some new friends, meeting some new people or just you may just want something to look forward to each week, come along to our Wellbeing club, on Thursday period 1 in CF3.


The areas that we will be focusing on include, but are not limited to:

  1. Figuring out what it looks like to be a good friend
  2. Learning how to make new friends
  3. Building resilience around friendship issues
  4. And looking at successful strategies for friendships

If you have found that you have required teacher intervention with friendship issues, or if you have found it difficult getting to know new people, or finding your place at JPC, then come along and give this workshop a go!


You aren’t locked into anything, you can come along and test the waters and see if it might be something you are interested in.


Fleur Greaney
Wellbeing team

AIME 2019

AIME Coordinator Alex Jackson and 5 AIME Mentors from UWA and UC, Isak, Harry, Will, Sacha, Emma, visited JPC period 4 Tuesday 7th May for the first AIME tutoring session of the year. They will be attending fortnightly to help the Indigenous students with their school work. During introductions, Andrew Warren volunteered to speak about himself for 5 minutes and won himself a $30 movie voucher!! We are incredibly fortunate to benefit from the energy and enthusiasm of the young AIME mentor university students, who generously volunteer their time and are committed to improving academic outcomes for our students.


Annie Daley
Aboriginal Contact teacher

Wings for Life

Ever since starting my senior years the prevalence of stress and anxiety has became more prevalent in my everyday life. The way I deal with my mental issues is doing something physical and simplistic, this comes in the form of running. There has been a evident relationship with my stress levels and how many kilometres I run around Nicholls/Gungahlin. Without running I wouldn’t have been able to take the steps needed to continue with years 11/12 and moving forward into the future with a positive mindset.


What drew me to the Wings For Life world run was being apart of a global run for something positive. On the 5th of May in Melbourne at 9pm 120,000 people worldwide and 2000 people in Melbourne ran for something bigger than ourselves which is finding a cure for spinal injuries. Being able to do the thing that has helped me throughout the recent years for others was truly special. Over the 2 hours I ran on the 4 lane, Monash highway that was closed for the run I felt pain but I was able to deal with it as I’ve done with in the past.


After running 24.28km in just over 2 hours I was able to feel at ease and returning to school I’m ready to deal with the last hurdle of year 12 with fresh eyes and a positive mindset. In the end JPC and my friends and family managed to raise over $500 dollars for research into spinal injuries which doctors think is curable. To conclude what I found over the experience is that it’s never too late to bring positivity into the

Mother's Day Breakfast

70 JPC mum’s and students enjoyed a lovely mother’s day breakfast on Thursday 9th May, prepared and served by the JPC year 10, 11 and 12 Hospitality students. Thank you to all staff who helped with the function and to all who attended. We hope to make this an annual event. Happy Mother’s Day for this Sunday!


Annie Daley
Hospitality Teacher

Sports News



On Monday, 4 teams took to the Dickson Playing Fields for the annual Northside Oztag Gala Day. The teams experienced varied successes but always banded together as a JPC group to support others and show true sportsmanship.


The two girls teams (Y7/8) & (Y9/10) exhibited real attacking flair, and grew as the tournament progressed. While both teams missed out on the finals by one point, the spirit in which they played the game was impressive, particularly against the schools that featured many representative players. Their ability to dig into the defensive lines, then exploit the overlaps created, led to numerous long range tries down the side lines. Furthermore, both teams demonstrated a never give up attitude in defence including chasing speedy wingers for try saving tags. JPC is proud not only of their enduring effort, but the camaraderie and sportsmanship shown across the day.


The 9/10 boys team, started the day tough against SFX but after a few half time chats and some on field banter to heighten the mood, they stepped up in their speed and skill. With only 9 present in the team, they were in for a long day so they called on the 7/8 students to step up. Well done to Mitchell, Darby and Levi for adding enthusiasm and drive to the 9/10 boys team. The 7/8 team were our greatest success on the day and this came down to their scooting ability and their ability to shoot with intensity in defence. They made the semi-finals against Daramalan going down in what was a valiant fight.


Special thanks to our student coaches: Jackson Palombi (Y9/10 Girls Team), Gage King & Ajay Thomas (Y7/8 Girls Team), Brodie McNamara (7/8 Boys Team).


Mr Paris and Miss Turner

ACT Swimming Championships

Congratulations to Alexandra Revell, Campbell Ellison, Thomas Guthrie, Brady Bryant and Taylah Guthrie for their amazing efforts at the ACT Swimming Championships this week. We are proud to have had you representing JPC.


There were some top 3 finishes on the day, with a summary of these below!


Brady Bryant (all events finished in the top 5!)

  • 2nd 200m IM
  • 2nd 100 Backstroke
  • 2nd 200 Freestyle

Taylah Guthrie

  • 1st 200 Freestyle
  • 3rd 100m Freestyle

Thomas Guthrie

  • 2nd 100m Backstroke
  • 2nd 50m Backstroke

Alexandra Revell

  • 3rd 50m Freestyle
  • 3rd 100m Freestyle

JPC Cross Country - New Date

The reschedule date for the JPC Cross Country is Week 3, Friday 17 May during Period 4 & 5. Students are to wear school uniform for the start of the day but can change into house colours for the Carnival.

Optional Girls Sports Leggings

The current sports shorts are not practical or comfortable for some of the girls during active PE lessons. To address this the College introduced Sports Leggings last year.

From Term 2 2019 there will be an option for the female students to purchase and wear JPC sports leggings. These will be full length and have the JPC logo, as shown below.  No other leggings are permitted. Girls can still wear the uniform sports shorts.

There will be samples available for sizing purposes in Week 3 and sessions arranged with the PE Department for the girls to be able to try on at lunch time. Girls will need to listen for announcements to attend these.

The leggings will be ordered in bulk through the school to keep the cost as low as possible and cannot be purchased anywhere else.  An order form is available from the Student Office or click here to download the form. Payment is required by Friday Week 3, 17th May 2019. The order will be placed on 20th May.

We anticipate that the leggings will be delivered and available for collection by mid June.

Careers News


JPC Students Success – White Card & Asbestos Training

On the 3rd and 8th of May, students from JPC successfully completed the White Card & Asbestos training at CIT. Students were a credit to JPC and worked hard to complete the examinations at the end of each workshop. These students will now be able to complete Work Experience as part of the JPC Year 10 ASBA Pathways Program. Year 10 students will be invited to complete Work Experience at the end of Term 2, end of Term 3 and for the final two weeks of the year. If successful, students will be able to join the Australian School Based Apprenticeship program at JPC.

Cantlie - Recruitment and HR Solutions

During the school holidays Mr Pettit was given the opportunity to visit Cantlie - Recruitment and HR Solutions – a top Canberra recruitment company run by Mr & Mrs Cantlie (from the JPC parent community). Mr Pettit learnt a great deal from the visit, including viewing examples of the latest “Video CV” application processes. He will take this knowledge back to JPC and integrate these concepts into the JPC Career Pathways programs. As Chairman of the JPC School Council, Mr Cantlie is leading the way in building the JPC Business Community Group to support students in gaining contacts in the future world of work.

From the College Office


Excursion Permission Note Trial

Dear Parents & Carers,


During Term 2 JPC will be trialing an online system for excursion permission notes. The trial will be done through Qkr! where you will be able to sign and pay for the excursion with no paperwork required.


Should the trial be successful, we will aim to use the online system for all excusion forms. If you don't yet have Qkr! click here for instructions.


Thank you


Year 10 Immunisation - 14 May 2019

Attention Year 10 Parents & Carers

Your child’s meningococcal vaccination will take place next TUESDAY, 14 May.


Consent forms for this vaccination were sent home to parents at the beginning of the year. If you need another consent form (eg new students to the College), please pick one up from the student office.


The Meningococcal vaccine is offered FREE as part of the ACT High School Immunisation Program in Semester 1. For more information regarding the immunisation program for Year 10, please visit


Please note: If your child is scheduled to have a Maths test that day (Period 2), the immunisation lists have been carefully worked out so that your child will be able to attend the test.

Traffic around the school

Please do not park, drop off or pick up in the bus stops on Gungahlin drive as these stops are now used by ACTION throughout the day. 


It is also illegal to park on the painted islands on Gungahlin drive near the traffic lights. Please avoid parking there as it restricts the view for walkers and other road users.


Many thanks for your cooperation



Security Camera's

JPC has recently upgraded the security camera's.

We now have camera's around the perimeter and within the Learning Street (Corridors).


Parish News

Please click on the Parish logo above to see the latest Parish Bulletin.

Community News

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