FREE WEBINAR: Examining 3D Mammograms & Ultrasounds

Register now for the PA Breast Cancer Coalition’s FREE webinar, “Image is Everything: Examining 3D Mammograms and Ultrasounds” Tuesday, May 2 at 7pm with Wendie Berg, MD, PhD, FACR from Magee-Womens Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Berg, a PBCC Research Grant awardee and radiology expert, is currently studying the effectiveness of 3D mammograms and ultrasounds for women with dense breast tissue and for women considered high risk for breast cancer.

The PA Breast Cancer Coalition awarded $150,000 toward this critical research. We hope you will learn along with us from Dr. Berg!

Join us for this FREE and informative webinar May 2!

Tax Deadline TOMORROW: Donate to Research on Line 32, Make a Difference

Let’s end breast cancer together. This tax season, YOU can help Pennsylvania researchers find the cure by donating your state income tax refund to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition’s Research Grants program. Look for Line 32 on your state income tax form, choose Code “A” and every penny will fund grants for outstanding breast cancer researchers across the state.

Didn’t get a refund? Already filed your taxes? You can still make a difference.
Donate to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition. Help us find a cure for breast cancer now… so our daughters won’t have to.


Care Package Provides Comfort for Allegheny County Survivor

Betty Davis-Smith, Allegheny County
Diagnosed in 2016

When I was putting together a luncheon at my church to make other women aware of breast cancer issues, my daughter offered to help find literature for the event. She called the PA Breast Cancer Coalition and you sent me out the Friends Like Me care package. I could not imagine anyone going to all the trouble to put that together with such nice gift items and great educational materials. The basic information was easy to understand and helped me to decipher all the terminology. I particularly loved that there was a book for the spouse.

The PBCC really thought of everything!

Request a FREE Friends Like Me Care Package from the PBCC

Request a free Friends Like Me care package today

You are not alone. The PA Breast Cancer Coalition offers FREE Friends Like Me care packages to anyone in Pennsylvania who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. The packages are full of resources and information, free cosmetics, small gifts, hats, scarves and books. Each box is customized by our PBCC volunteers and staff to meet the needs of the breast cancer survivor.


Researchers Release Report on Latino Cancer in Pennsylvania

Donate your state income tax refund to breast cancer research!

We are getting a closer look at the number of women in the Latino community diagnosed with breast cancer in Pennsylvania, thanks to a recent comprehensive report. The report, compiled by Drs. Oralia Garcia Dominic and Eugene Lengerich from Penn State Cancer Institute and biostatistician Gerald Miller from the PA Department of Health, outlines the Latino cancer burden by county and region. According to the report, 959 Latino/Hispanic women were diagnosed with breast cancer in Pennsylvania between 2009 and 2013.

The report’s primary author, Dr. Dominic (pictured above), recently presented the findings in the Harrisburg State Capitol and to Pennsylvania’s Cancer Advisory Board.

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