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Friend of Hobblebush,

Our Sunday Granite State Authors Series events at LaBelle Winery have been a great success and a lot of fun. Thank you to all who have attended, and we hope to see you at the June and July events.

Lend Us Your Ears

Now you can listen to our authors read anytime without leaving the comfort of home! We've added a new page to our website that features audio clips of our authors reading. We will be updating it as time goes on. Check it out now for readings by Patricia Fargnoli, Fran Quinn, Becky Sakellariou, Sidney Hall Jr., Julia Older, J. Kates, Rodger Martin, and James Fowler.

Talismans is Available!

Talismans book cover

Volume VIII of the Hobblebush Granite State Poetry Series, Talismans by Maudelle Driskell, is now available at bookstores, www.hobblebush.com, Amazon, and elsewhere!

"Mature and provocative, this is a stunning first book" says poet Cleopatra Mathis. Talismans brims with ceremonial relics and attendant epiphanies—from Jesus's hand to Elvis's wart, from a child's marvel at an ice-covered jungle gym to a lover's anguish in a formal tea garden.

One Woman's Obsession

Julia Older’s obsession with the famous François Vase led to both the radio play and the book-length poem, Tales of the François Vase. On June 8 at LaBelle Winery, Julia will take us through the dramatic 25-century journey of the vase that winds through a subterranean inferno of greed, passion, and terror. Twice the vase was smashed into 600-plus pieces, came unglued, and was puzzled together, each time with a piece missing. A third time — during the 1966 Florence Flood — a scientist intentionally broke the vase. He restored it with the missing piece, and at last it was whole.

Wine and cheese samples will be served during the reception. This event is free and open to all, but it helps if you can RSVP here.

Holly Hiking

Holly Hiking

Holly loves to go hiking. Here she is last fall at Bald Knob overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. The trail to Bald Knob is covered with hobblebush and it is where we got the idea for the name Hobblebush Books.