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In this Issue read all about:

  • Bp Premier Summit 2020
  • Sunsetting of older versions of Bp Premier
  • Bp SMS for Bp VIP.net
  • Bp Allied News
  • VIP Gold News
  • Bp Training News
  • Bp VIP.net Hints and Tips
  • Bp Premier Hints and Tips

Shine at Bp Premier Summit 2020

2020 is the time to shine at the Bp Premier Summit - 22nd to 24th May 2020 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank.

Join us in the superb surroundings of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre as Bp Premier delegates, sponsors and exhibitors come together with Team Bp for an amazing weekend of networking, knowledge-sharing and news of exciting developments for Bp Premier.

And we’ll throw in some sparkle onboard the new Super Yacht “Yot Club”.

Mark it in your diary now and get ready to shine….at Bp Premier Summit 2020. To register your interest email us.

Sunsetting of older versions of Bp Premier

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Our commitment to you, our customer, is to ensure patient care and the day-to-day running of your Practice is foremost, and we do this by providing you with new releases of our software so that you have the latest mandated regulatory requirements, and a range of software improvements covering security features, fixes to known software issues and new software features. 

Our Support team does a great job in providing you with support, however, this becomes increasingly challenging for them to support customers using older versions of the software. 

With this in mind, from 2nd October 2019, we will cease providing support for all versions of Bp Premier pre LAVA SP3 

‘Ceasing Support’ includes version-specific templates, old reports, minimum software requirements and access to Bp Support. 

Our Support team is here to help you upgrade to the latest version of Bp Premier.  In addition, check out our Knowledge Base, which will provide you with all the information you need to upgrade – click here to find out more  

Bp SMS for Bp VIP.net

For Australian users of Bp VIP.net

Many Bp VIP.net customers who have upgraded to the Ruby release are enjoying the benefits of Bp SMS. But did you know you can also get a Dedicated Number?

There are lots of benefits:
• A Dedicated number is a standard Australian 10 digit mobile number that can be attached to your SMS account.
• When sending a message, the chosen number will appear on the recipient’s handset.
• A Dedicated number allows two-way messaging (Sending /Receiving)
• A Dedicated Number can be assigned to multiple user accounts for sending (only one user account can be configured for receiving the reply message/s.)

If you wish to activate it or would like to find out more, please contact our Sales Team on 1300 40 1111 (Press 2, then 2) or email us

Bp Allied News

For Australian users of Bp Allied

A new version of Bp Allied has been released this week. Bp Allied Version 6, Service Pack 3, became available on 2nd April  and includes some enhancements and fixes:

  • New Client Management Report; displaying details of all appointments in a selected time period, along with related client information such as current referrals and outstanding tasks.
  • Ability to have multiple current referrals for a client has been added, making things easier for practices managing multiple current referrals for a client.
  • Bp SMS Delivery Receipts have been added, enabling ability to see delivery status for any SMS sent via Bp SMS.
  • The ability to reprint a Bulk Bill or DVA Voucher.

And the following minor fixes:

  • Client First name and Last Name validation for all Medicare Online Claiming practices. Additional information on this change can be downloaded from here.
  • Allowing Patient Claims that get rejected to be Manually Declined. Additional information on this change and details of the Medicare Claim workflows can be downloaded from here.
  • Practice Layout syncs correctly
  • Health Funds can all use the same Provider ID
  • Improved Medicare message error handling
  • Plus more…

The Update has been delivered via our ‘Check for Updates’ functionality. Full details of all the enhancements and fixes including documentation links can be downloaded from here.  

VIP Gold News

For New Zealand users of VIP Gold

A very important update for our General Practices in New Zealand was released on 26th March and is available now for all New Zealand VIP Gold users.

For GP users in New Zealand:

  • The capitation based funding status for a patient is displayed on the primary patient toolbar and based upon their National Enrolment Service (NES) enrolment status
  • Reporting based upon NES enrolment and funding statuses
  • Maintenance of Health Provider Index identifiers on the NES for a patient provider and practice

For other New Zealand Users:

  • Create custom physiotherapy charges for Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) claims and include within visit counts
  • Bug fix for an issue where the age was incorrectly displayed for non-scheduled National Immunisation Register (NIR) vaccines
  • Bug fix for an issue where buttons were not always enabled to add or end a Community Services Card (CSC)
  • Bug fix for an issue where an empty Referral, Status and Discharge (RSD) message was not sent when a letter was not attached

See release notes here for more information. Please see the Elevate notification in your emails now for access to the update.

Bp Premier Group Training

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Hey Perth and Adelaide, we’re coming your way!

With hands-on, interactive sessions our friendly trainers can help you become confident in using Bp Premier and have your team up and running quickly.

Our courses have received a revamp this year with training on new or updated features, useful tools and plenty of activities so you can practice practice practice!

A brand new course will be offered this year for Bp Comms. During this half-day course our trainers will showcase the new features available to assist with communicating securely and seamlessly with your patients.  We will also review how this can help improve your recall workflow and practice efficiencies. Bp Comms is proving to be one of our most successful courses to date, so you need to get in fast as they’ve been selling out!

Perth, you’re first! We’ll be with you from 30th April to 3rd May; and Adelaide not far behind. We’ll be with you from 7th to 10th May.

Spots in these classes are limited, and this is the only time this year we will be visiting Adelaide, so click here for more information or to register your spot. 

Alternatively, call our Product Knowledge, Training and Deployment Team on 1300 40 1111 (pressing option 1 for Bp Premier and then option 3 for Training).

Bp VIP.net Hints and Tips

For New Zealand and Australian users of Bp VIP.net

Changing Your Password

Changing your password can be a useful security tool. Follow the steps to change your password after you have logged into Bp VIP.net using your existing login.

  1. Click on the Setup Menu.
  2. Select ‘Personal Preferences’ from the drop down menu. The Personal Preference window is displayed with your Login and Profile displayed in the User Details tab.
  3. Click the Change Password button. The Set Password Medical window is displayed.
  4. Enter your new password in both the New Password and Confirm Password fields
  5. Click the OK button to save your new password.
  6. Click the OK button on the Personal Preferences page.
  7. Click the Ctrl+R button.

The Login screen will display.

  1. Login to Bp VIP.net using your existing User Name and your new Password.

Ctrl+R on your keyboard will lock your screen and your password will be required to reopen Bp VIP.net.

Load the Appointment Screen when you Login to Bp VIP.net

Ruby introduced the ability to automatically load the Appointment Screen when you log in to Bp VIP.net.
By changing this setting under Personal Preferences, you will not affect other users.

  1. Click on the Setup Menu.
  2. Select ‘Personal Preferences’ from the drop down menu
  3. When the Personal Preference window is displayed select the Login/Tasks tab.
  4. If everything is greyed out untick the Use Facility Preferences tick box.
  5. Select Appointment Book in the Load Screen section. Click OK to apply your settings.

Bp Premier Hints and Tips

For Australian Users of Bp Premier

Doing Shared Health Summary Uploads for your practice?

TIP: make sure you save the visit when exiting the patient file!

As part of the reporting requirements for PIP eHealth Incentive eligibility, Practices will calculate the number of Shared Health Summaries uploaded to My Health Record.

To assist with this, Bp Premier provided a new Shared Health Summaries - Uploaded report in the February 2019 Data Update that provides information on uploads, broken down by location.

However, the Bp Premier user who is creating and uploading the Shared Health Summary must also ensure they save the visit before closing the patient record.

If the user opens the patient record, uploads the health summary and skips saving the visit when prompted, the uploaded Shared Health Summary will not be included in the upload count.

If your Practice workflow and configuration settings allow for a provider or nurse to open and close a patient record without recording a visit, the Shared Health Summaries Uploaded report may not accurately report how many shared health summaries you have uploaded by location.

Click here for more information.