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4 Ways to Secure Funding for Your Food Startup [Infographic]
Bplans' graphic explores the differences between VC funding, angel investment, crowdfunding and loans and is chock-full of helpful fundraising tips for food startups.

How The Internet Has Changed The Way We Eat - Fast Company
Our own Danielle Gould chats about how the internet is rapidly changing how we buy, cook, eat and share our food in this FastCo. video along side Blue Apron, Serious Eats and The League of Kitchens. 

Last Week's Top Food Tech Innovation & News Stories
$800M pumped into food tech in Sept, 8 tips for working smarter on your branding and social media and more. 

Startup Resources

4 Things You Need to Accelerate America’s Organic Food Supply - Fast Company
FastCo. talks to startups and experts who identify four ways to grease the wheels of industry with locally-sourced, free-range lard.

Midterm Elections: Plenty of Good News for the Food Movement - Food Politics
Soda taxes in Berkeley and San Fran, minimum wage increases, the defeat of fierce opponents of food stamps and more. 


David Chang Signs on to Create Menus for Latest Upscale Delivery Service, Maple - Eater
The app-based service launches early next year, promising delivery within 15 minutes.

Square Has a New Ordering App. I Got Coffee. It Was Kind of Amazing - SF Weekly
Order allows you to order food from dozens of cafés and restaurants, and have it waiting for you when you get there.

How The 49ers Are Using Beacons To Help You Find Hot Dogs And Beer - TechCrunch
It is one of the first indoor positioning systems installed in such a large space and points to a future where we’ll have indoor positioning as precise as GPS data.

Personal Chefs Become Part of On-demand Economy with San Francisco Startup - Upstart
Kitchit launches an app that brings the chef and the food, service and cleanup to people's homes.

After Quietly Raising $20M, Zerve Opens Its Local Activity Platform To Consumers - TechCrunch
What was once a back-end platform that powered listings and sales for other businesses is now open to all.

Domino's Becomes A Tech Company That Happens To Make Pizza - NPR
The company has gotten good at something that wasn't always its focus: developing tech products to get pizzas to people more easily.


Mayonnaise Wars: Unilever Files Suit Against Startup Hampton Creek - Fortune
Unilever has a beef with San Francisco-based food startup Hampton Creek—and it’s all about eggs. Well actually, a lack of eggs.

David Tran's All-American Success Story With Sriracha - Investors Business Daily
David Tran's road to success wasn't paved with gold, but spicy peppers.

Nashville Startup Delivers Your Craft Beer Fix - Nashville Business Journal
A new Nashville startup will deliver your craft beer fix straight to your doorstep. There's just one catch: You have to brew it.


How a National Food Policy Could Save Millions of American Lives - Washington Post
Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan, Ricardo Salvador and Olivier De Schutter on why creating a food policy must be a national priority.


Whole Foods Credits Delivery Startup Instacart With Sales Growth - Silicon Beat
Existing customers are shopping more, it's attracting new customers and Whole Foods can push promos directly to customers via mobile.

Supermarket Guru® Predicts Top Food Trends for 2015 - ConAgra Foods
The growth of online grocery shopping, a preference toward craft foods, fermented foods and smoked flavors top the list. 

WISErg Raises Another $900k to Convert Grocer’s Waste to Fertilizer - AgFunder 
The company's “Harvester” device turns commercial food waste into fertilizer. Backers of the company have not been disclosed.

US: Online Grocery Sales Forecast To Reach $100bn By 2019 - KamCity
According to a new study, online grocery shopping will rise from about $23bn in 2014 to nearly $100bn by 2019. 

Italian grocery start-up Cortilia raises €1.5m from P101 - SilliconRepublic
The fundingt allows Cortilla to expand its market presence in Italy, invest in R&D, hire new talent and extend its product range. 


Meet the Chemicals Lurking in Your Pizza Boxes and Take-Out Containers - Civil Eats
Along with the extra calories, you may be getting a dose of chemicals known as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs).

Here’s a Connected Oven that Feels too Good to Be True - Gigaom
From linking to your activity tracker so it can recommend recipes based on calories burned to suggesting optimal ways to cook ingredients, the MAID oven does it all.


AGERpoint Develops Precision Ag for Tree and Vine Crops - AgFunder
It offers growers better control over their oranges, apples, etc. through efficient data collection tech and intuitive monitoring software.

How Insects Could Feed the World - The Guardian
Is eating bugs the solution to feeding the world’s growing population of human beings and livestock? Emily Anthes chews on locusts, beetles, mealworms and more as she tries to find out. 

Farm Pest Tech Company Lands Grant - Inside Indiana Business
The $630,000 SBIR Phase 2 grant came from the National Science Foundation to expand its electronic insect-trapping device. 



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