Week 6 - Term 1

Behind the Red Shirts

Youth Ministry at JPC

Fresh from their experiences at the CSYMA Oceania Youth Ministry Equipping School, Key Messages sat down with Maddie Greenwood, Lachlan Richards and Phoebe Nguyen to hear about their experiences, and to find out more about what it means to be part of the JPC Youth Ministry Team.


What drew you to participate in the Equipping School?

Phoebe – At the start of last year I signed up for Youth Ministry, but I found I wasn’t really ready to think about a relationship with God. When the opportunity came up this year, I felt like I was ready to take that leap of faith and explore my faith journey a little more.


Maddie – I had heard some really negative things about Equipping School, so I was really nervous about attending, but I am so glad I did! It was nothing like I expected. I was ready for the next stage of my faith journey.


What were the highlights of the experience?

Lachlan - I think we all agree that the night sessions were really powerful. I definitely didn’t expect to have an encounter with God – but I think I did! And I’ve come back really committed to building the YMT at JPC.

Phoebe - I felt like I had an experience of the Holy Spirit, especially through the sharing in prayer teams.

Maddie – I loved seeing so many other young people showing such confidence in their faith. We prayed together, worshipped together, and shared an experience of faith that was really powerful.


How did the Equipping School impact on your own faith journey?

Phoebe – It has really motivated me to continue to develop my faith. I’m particularly using the season of Lent as a time to really devote to my prayer life.

Maddie – I felt like it was a reawakening of my faith, and an opportunity to come back to the scripture, it’s something I don’t think I’ve spent much time focusing on.

Lachlan – For me it was a really important turning point in helping me to be more active in my own faith life.

What would you like our community to know about Youth Ministry?

Maddie – It’s ok to be a young person of faith! We would love to encourage people in our community to be confident in expressing their beliefs and their faith. We would love to see more people joining our activities and taking the opportunities that we have to be engaged in the prayer and faith life of our school.

Postcards from Peace Leaders!

How’s our Project Compassion collection going?

We are now at the end of our first week of Lent and our first week of collecting for Project Compassion. On Wednesday we were privileged to have a visit from Sr. Ivy Khoury, Caritas program coordinator for Zimbabwe and Mozambique, who spoke to the College Leaders, Youth Ministry Team and Social Justice Group about the impact our fundraising has on communities in some of the poorest countries in the world. We were inspired to listen to Sr. Ivy, and hope we can continue to count on the community’s support in this significant charitable appeal.


What’s in it for us?

Great question! Thanks to the generosity of our staff, we have some great incentives to get us all in the fundraising spirit. Check the Chapel walls for all the details, but here are some highlights of what you can expect to see if we hit the following goals:

Food? Is there food in the mix?

Why yes! Next Wednesday, our amazing canteen will be having a Pacific Island theme to coincide with the Caritas focus story for the week. Make sure your canteen account is loaded up for some tasty treats – all profits will go towards our fundraising goal.


What else is on?

Each week we are opening up the Chapel on designated lunchtimes for prayer during the season of Lent. Our Thursday morning masses are also taking place at 8:30 on even school weeks (the next one is in Week 8) and the whole community is welcome to attend. We also invite all students to attend the Spirit Youth Group and Youth Mass at Holy Spirit Parish – check out the message from our Youth Minister, Lachlan Bull, below for more details.


Madison Greenwood and Lachlan Richards
Leaders of Peace

Holy Spirit Youth Mass

I would love to take the opportunity to formally invite you all to the first Holy Spirit Parish Youth Mass of 2019, run in conjunction by Spirit Youth and the JPC  Youth Ministry team on Sunday the 24th of March at 5:30pm. It will be an amazing celebration of the Eucharist surrounded by the young people of our school and parish communities. It's also a great opportunity to meet new and friendly faces, and it would be great to see lots of our JPC community in attendance.

Following Mass, all students are welcome to attend our regular Parish Youth Group, Spirit Youth in which we will be continuing our short series on the Holy Trinity with Christ the Son. Spirit Youth runs from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, and we ask that students attending provide $5 to go towards dinner.

For those of you who already have commitments, or are unable to make it due to different circumstances, I would ask that you could send some prayers our way that this mass would be able to connect with the young people coming in a new and meaningful way.

God Bless,

Lachlan Bull

JPC and Holy Spirit Parish Youth Minister

Exercise helps prevent depression

A new study offers the strongest evidence yet that exercise helps to prevent depression.


In fact, the research shows that replacing sedentary behaviour with 15 minutes of vigorous activity each day can reduce depression risk by roughly 26 per cent.


That’s 1% of your day….there’s really no excuse!


In a time where one in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental
illness in any year, the importance of developing physical activity habits at a young age is pivotal.


But how does one develop these habits? Here are a few good tips:

  • Plan physical activity as part of your study breaks. This could be a walk around the building (for senior students on a free) or a walk around the block (for students studying at home). It’s a great way to give your mind brain break.
  • Come along to the fitness club at JPC at 7.30am on Wednesdays. You don’t have to be fit to take part!
  • Organise to bring your runners to school and shoot some hoops on the courts at recess or lunch.
  • Join a team sport – there’s nothing like forgetting that you’re exercising when you’re working as a team!
  • Walk or ride to school.
  • Encourage your family to walk to your local shops, rather than drive.
  • Download a fitness app on your ipad – there are so many that provide you with free workouts for those who are time-poor. For example - Nike Training Club.   

Tips brought to you by the Wellbeing team


For information about the study:

Leaving School During the Day

If a student needs to leave school during the day, they must bring a note that morning. They are to give this note to their classroom teacher at their departure time, then present themselves with the note at the student office to sign out.


If no note or email is provided, students must be signed out in person by a parent or carer. Where possible, early departure should only occur during Recess, Lunch or between Periods to avoid disturbance to other students.


Parents arriving during the day to collect students without prior notification will be asked to wait until Recess, Lunch or between Periods unless there is an emergency.


Student Absentee and Late or Partial Day Absence forms are available to download from the College website and Moodle.


The JPC Attendance policy sets out the requirements for Attendance and Absence reporting. The policy is available on the College website.


Congratulation to Gabrielle Jordan, Yr 9 and Leah Vroomans, Yr 10 who both received an award from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) for achieving Best Female in Mathematics for their year.


Well done girls! 

The Hospitality Spanish Style Lunch

The Hospitality Spanish style Lunch held in our JPC restaurant Wednesday 13th March, included White Sangria Mocktail, Paella, Churros and Portuguese custard tarts. The students honed their teamwork skills and were rewarded with a smooth service in a short time frame.


The hospitality team would like to pass on their appreciation to the lovely staff members who helped and attended and mentor teachers who came to support their students.  A special shout out to our lovely assistant Megan Hadjuk who worked tirelessly and graciously on her birthday to help make the lunch a success.


Watch this space and our facebook page for our next hospitality event!

Australian National University (ANU) & QUESTACON Science Show wows JPC!

Yesterday, the ANU/QUESTACON Outreach Science Show visited our Year 8 & 9 Science students, who experienced the fun and intrigue associated with the science of very cold temperatures and the concept of pressure.

We froze objects that we don’t normally see frozen, such as balloons and flowers, in liquid Nitrogen at a VERY cold -196C, and rapid-fired marshmallows with a vacuum cleaner ‘bazooka’. We stretched and compressed polystyrene foam without touching it, and a couple of students were brave (crazy?) enough to sit on a seat of hundreds of sharp nails – with no damaging repercussions!

This day was another successful collaboration between ANU, QUESTACON and JPC – we provided an opportunity for their new presenters to refine their skills before touring Australia with their show, and our students engaged with professional scientists on challenging concepts – a win-win day for both ANU and our JPC Science Department!


Mrs Jennifer Tually

Leader of Learning (Science) and Wellbeing (Ferré House)

French Excursion

On Wednesday 13 March, most of the elective French students from Years 9 to 12, as well as a group of about 20 keen Year 8 students of French, went on an excursion to see one of two recently released films as part the Alliance Française French Film Festival. The festival showcases approximately 50 of the latest films from France and other French-speaking countries. This is the 30th year it has visited Australian shores. It was a fabulous opportunity for students of French to see contemporary French films and to put their linguistic abilities to the test.

Wanin Tessema, Year 11 wrote:
I watched the movie “Au Bout des Doigts”, where a disadvantage French suburban boy finds himself using his talent in piano as a way to escape his predicament. The movie was really interesting and especially helpful in teaching us the way formality is used in French. Students would address teachers formally using “vous” as a form of respect whilst teachers and their colleagues would speak to each other informally using “tu”. Other than having an interesting plot, the movie was a good chance to test our listening skills. I really enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend future French students join us in the next French film festival! 


"A powerful show of raw human emotion" was how Cameron Cortes, Year 10 described "Au Bout des Doigts"

Samuel Fleming, Year 9 wrote:
At the French Film Festival, we watched "Dilili à Paris". It was about a crime syndicate that kidnapped young girls. It was very interesting to watch and interesting to see how different films are in France. The animations for the movie were very nice and it was a riveting movie.


Asked to describe "Dilili à Paris" Nicholas Taurasi, Year 9 said "It was pretty good." and Anika Bettiol, Year 9 said "it was amazing!", while Mr Battaglia declared it was "an excellent glimpse of the Belle Epoque."


Students studying French will have the opportunity next year to go as a school group but in the meantime, I encourage anyone keen to see quality French films to visit the Palace Cinema in New Acton before 10 April. Information about the festival can be found here. Students in Years 8 & 9 saw the film "Dilili à Paris" and you can see the trailer here. Students in Years 10 - 12 saw the film "AU Bout des Doigts" and the trailer can be seen here. A big thank you must also go to Madame O'Sullivan, who more than ably assisted me in accompanying the keen language students and eloquently passed on her passion for French cinematography to the students.



Monsieur Battaglia

Defence News


Year 7 & 8 Defence students

Birragai Excursion


The giant swing and free fall were only just a few of the activities the defence students from JPC got to do with 5 other schools including Merici and Girls Grammar. We all had lots of fun on the giant swing when some of the students went flying from 8 meters. Even the kids that didn’t like it challenged themselves. One of the other activities was the free fall which you had to climb up a pole to a landing and jump to leap and touch to a ball which was hanging from a wire, lots of us had the time of there lives. Even though we ended up an hour late back to school I am so excited for next year, it was so much fun

Mia Gibb, Yr 7


Year 7 and 8 Defence students left from school on the bus looking forward to the activities ahead. On this trip we were joined with other Defence students from different schools. We all had fun and got to meet other students from the schools in our groups. We all did different activities and tried our best to face our fears. The amazing teacher who took us to this excursion encouraged us and made sure that we all had a great day. Thank you very much for all you have done Mrs Walsh. After all the activities were finished, we all said goodbye to the schools as they left. There was a bit of a delay but instead of sitting there and thinking negative thoughts, we improvised and played “44 homes” instead. We finally go on a bus with fancy leather seats we started the journey back to school and played a game of “spotto” which Mrs Walsh and the bus driver took part in. This was a fantastic experience for all of us.

Thank you to the teachers who helped and of course Mrs Walsh.  Thank you all for making this trip possible.

Lilly Thom, Yr 8

Arts Up Front


Musical Theatre

Question: what sings, dances and acts at JPC?
Answer: a student studying Year 10 Musical Theatre!


It is no secret that JPC is brimming with talent. Opportunities like Dance Fest, vocal groups, band tuition, and musical and showcase performances, have seen our students thrive in the spotlight. This got the Arts faculty wondering - should they try to channel this passion and extend JPC students somehow? Of course! Thus, the Year 10 Musical Theatre elective was born.


The skills a student acquires while studying anything in the Performing Arts are varied, but so often, performance opportunities require us to combine a range of these talents to create unique and exciting stories on the stage. This year has been the first of a very exciting opportunity come to life with the option of electing Musical Theatre for a semester of study in Year 10.


In the Musical Theatre classroom, students bring their passion for performance and a yearning to further develop their skills in a range of performing arts areas. While many of us might have a niche interest or talent in one or two of these areas, Musical Theatre is a classroom discovery of what else you can do on the stage through the examination of the stories we can tell. The classroom is driven by the positive energy of a can-do attitude and the ability to shirk the fear of daring to dance, shuddering to sing, or avoiding acting. Dancers, singers, and actors and students, who want to explore what they are capable of, converge on the JPC Theatre space to explore their craft and challenge their comfort zone in this elective – all that matters is that they are willing to be challenged and get out of the habit of thinking that they can’t do something. 


Over the course of a semester, students examine everything from the fundamentals of Drama, Dance and singing, to Broadway and Disney musicals. They collaborate to create and perform scenes from musicals, explore the stagecraft of the big Broadway performances that have become household names, consider elements of the technical side to theatre, and critically evaluate the effect this has on an audience. Building confidence in being in front of an audience, collaborative skills, self-esteem and relationships with peers, Musical Theatre is an opportunity for so much more than just getting up on stage and singing and dancing!


So… why not put yourself out there and step into the spotlight next semester with Musical Theatre?


Miss Kat Allan
Musical Theatre teacher

If these images mean something to you, we need YOU!


WANTED: Guest speakers for our new
Senior Human Biology Course

This year, we have initiated a new BSSS senior course in Human Biology to enhance the range of Biology options for our senior science students.


We would love to draw on the incredible expertise in our JPC community, especially our parent body, for guest speakers or possible excursion opportunities in virtually ANY topic that relates to Human Biology, an, in particular, from a medical perspective.


We have a lovely class of Year 11 students who are fascinated with this area of science and are a very receptive audience! If you feel you could help out in any way, please contact me via email and we can discuss possible topics and timing.


Thank you.


Jen Tually
Leader of Learning (Science) and Teacher of 11 Human Biology.


Bond University visits JPC

Marianna Crow – Domestic Regional Manager visited JPC on Thursday 14th of March to overview some of the qualities of Bond University. Marianna spoke about the fact that Bond University, even though it is a private university is very competitive in terms of costs. They are considering a new scholarship option that allows students who have been involved extensively in community service. Scholarships open after Easter.


Bond University is 30 years old, has 4,500 students in total and is the only private university in Australia. The key selling points of the university include very personalized levels of lecturer contact, connections with over 83 universities around the world. Applications are made directly to Bond University and are currently open. Early entry type offers are also made just like other institutions. For more information email Marianna

Would you consider having one of our students complete Work Experience or an Australian School Based Apprenticeship at your business organization?

We have an increasing demand from students seeking placements. Currently, we have a need for several trade placements, two hospitality placements and three Community Service placements in the Aged care industry.


If you can help out please contact me by email


Ian Pettit

Leader of Learning - CAREERS

From the College office



We have had several cases of Chickenpox during the week.


Please see the fact sheet provided by ACT Health for further information.


Should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the College office.

Lost Property

from Year 7 Camp

We have a large amount of lost property from the Year 7 Camp.


There are various items including bags, sleeping bags and drink bottles.


If items are not collected by the end of Monday 18 March they will be disposed of, as some items are wet and getting smelly!


Students can collect items from the college office.


Thank you

Assessment Alert App

The Assessment App no longer works, the company went out of business and did not inform us – we are investigating other methods of communicating assessment tasks to parents but in the meantime, this information is available on Moodle. We are trying to have the logo removed from our website and newsletter footer.


Thank you

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews


Parent-Student-Teacher interviews will be held for Year 7 to Year 12 from 4.00pm to 6.30pm on Wednesday 10 April and Thursday 2 May 2019 in the College Hall.

Interviews will be of 5 minutes duration. Should you require a longer appointment time, please contact the relevant teacher to arrange an alternative meeting time.

For these interviews, we will again be using the internet-based booking system called Parent Teacher On-Line (PTO). It will save time for parents, staff and students! The system will be available to parents from 9am on Thursday 28 March.


If you did not receive the email with details on how to log on, please contact the College office.

Did you lose your bike?

We have a bike at the student office that has been with us since last Christmas. It came out of the bike shed one afternoon and no one has come to claim it. If you have lost a bike and can provide a description, please contact the student office immediately.

Saving Lives as a Community

Are you a student over the age of 18 and interested in saving lives?


Contact Miss Turner to find out how! If you are already a donor within the JPC community (teacher, parent, aunty, friend etc), join our Red25 group by logging on to the Donate Blood website at , select Red25 Group and search for St John Paul II College Canberra.


Let’s increase our tally together!

Parish News


We invite the JPC community to the Holy Spirit Parish Multicultural Feast later this month. It is a great night of delicious food and great entertainment.

See below for details.


See you there!

Please click on the Parish logo above to see the latest Parish Bulletin.

Catholic Voice

March Edition is out now - click on the image below to read the latest news

Community News

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