July 2014
Technical Focus: Gencoa FFE300

The July edition of Gencoa's Technical Focus covers the topic of uniformity adjustment during wafer metalizing, with particular focus on the FFE300.

For the last three decades, the semiconductor industry has favoured the use of circular planar magnetrons where a magnet array is rotated.

Gencoa have developed circular full face erosion magnetrons in target sizes starting from 75mm for achieving such rotation, which results in improvements to film uniformity and target utilization.

For the 12" version (FFE300), the design of the magnetron provides a uniformity of <±3% over a 200mm wafer, with the ability to adjust to <±1% by using the in-built modes of tuning.

Three modes of tuning are available for the FFE300:

  • Adjustment of the rotational speed of the magnetic pack
  • Varying the location of the magnetic pack
  • Local adjustments to the magnetic pack using pre-configured shunts

Click to download the full document on FFE300 uniformity adjustment in PDF format. Click for further details on the Gencoa FFE300, or email sales@gencoa.com.

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The FFE300 will be exhibited next week in San Francisco at the SemiconWest event, taking place from 7-10 July. For further information, visit www.semiconwest.org

Main image: Plasma generated from 12" circular FFE testing.

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