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Which Part of the "Go" Do We Not Understand - the G or the O?

One of our team came hurrying in to breakfast two Tuesdays ago with the news. Thirty-one of us from the seminary at Andrews were wrapping up our evangelistic mission to Santiago de Cuba. We’d just spent our only night (and the last one) in Cuba in a hotel (a change from the generous kindness extended to us by the Cuban families who boarded all of us in their small living quarters during our mission). Lisandro had been watching the news in his hotel room and hurried in with the announcement, “There’s been a terrorist bombing in Belgium at the Brussels airport!” more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor


Minister to Refugees!

This Sabbath there is a golden opportunity for students and community members alike to minister to Burmese refugees. The Andrews University Community and International Development Club is teaming up with our very own Don and Trudy Starlin to reach refugees in Grand Rapids this Sabbath more


Exploring the Composition of the Pentateuch

Feature Announcement

The Horn Lectureship Series presents a historic event and you are invited to attend! We believe that Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible but how can this be supported in scholarship? Adventist voices will be added to those of conservative experts from around the world who will all be here in Berrien Springs. The conference will be held at the Seminary Chapel and will begin at 5:00 PM on Sunday, April 3, and conclude at 3:00 PM on Tuesday, April 5. Space is limited but registration is free. 



Nacho Feed & Game Night!

In response to interest from a recent dormitory survey completed in January, PMC will host a Nacho Feed & Game Night for students and church members alike! Show your support by bringing cheese sauce, refried beans, tortilla chips, salsa, or lemonade. Please register here to participate.

April 2, 8:00 PM
Location: PMC Commons


Church Offering

This Sabbath, April 2, the church offering is for the PMC Operating Expense. There will be a special offering for International Students. 

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