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News clip June 2017

The Road Efficiency Group supports the road transport sector in its transition to the One Network Road Classification and business case approach to investment planning.

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ONRC Data Quality: A pathway to improvement

As we have indicated in previous communication REG is undertaking a project to improve data quality.

Recently REG has been testing the quality of the RCA RAMM data used by the ONRC Performance Measures Reporting Tool.

We have produced an initial data quality report for each RCA network, based on a range of data quality measures that interrogates an RCA's RAMM data for completeness, accuracy and timeliness. For each measure, the report also indicates where the RCA is positioned against “good” and relative to all other RCAs (collectively).

This initial report is a prototype based on RAMM data from September 2015.

We are hoping RCAs will feed back on whether the analysis reflects their expectations of their data quality, and if there are any further tools or guidance needed to support better collection, analysis and management.

The aim of this data quality analysis is to enhance our confidence in ONRC performance reporting.  It is intended to measure without managing – RCAs are free to interpret and use their reports as they see fit.

A further release of RCA data quality reports will be available towards the end of July 2017.

Local authority roading managers visiting the IPWEA conference (Dunedin 22-24 June) can get their network’s initial data quality report from the REG stand.

Roading managers can also pick up a copy of their ONRC Peer Group Summary Report from the stand (individual RCA reports were sent out in May).

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