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Friend of Hobblebush,

A lot of exciting things are happening here at Hobblebush! This month, we're featuring Strange Terrain: A Poetry Handbook for the Reluctant Reader by New Hampshire Poet Laureate Alice B. Fogel. In her interview, Alice tells us a bit about how she became the writer she is today and what her plans are as NH Poet Laureate. 

Sunday Granite State Authors Series

Authors, audiences, wine, and cheese go well together. We are very excited about a six-month reading series in the Great Room at LaBelle Winery. Read about it here.

The Nepal Chronicles

The Nepal Chronicles, our book about an adventurous mountaineering honeymoon in Nepal, is due out in June. Read more or pre-order here.

Strange Terrain

Strange Terrain cover image

Strange Terrain fills an empty place. It is an essential resource for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable with reading poetry: individuals, reading groups, teachers, even friends and families of poets. In eight simple steps, New Hampshire Poet Laureate and teacher Alice B. Fogel offers readers the tools they need to make their own confident way through poetry’s strange terrain.

“Great advice, good humor, excellent examples . . . and not textbooky. Playful and accessible, the continuing point that you don’t have to ‘get’ poems to get them will ease a lot of minds. This is an important work on a mysterious subject—the reading of poetry. I learned a lot. Painlessly.”
— Rebecca Rule, author of Could Have Been Worse

This month, you can purchase Strange Terrain for $14.00 (regular $16.95).

An Interview with New Hampshire Poet Laureate Alice B. Fogel


Poetry, Trees and Music

What's great about Alice Fogel's attitude toward poetry, as demonstrated in her book Strange Terrain and in her video interview in this month's newsletter, is that she doesn't believe you have to either love it or hate it.  You can love it just a little, or you can hate it just a little. You can be confused by its mystery or you can revel in its mystery—or both at the same time.

In other words, you can treat poetry like you treat other objects, a tree, for example. Who can explain a tree? But could we live without trees? Or without music?

Poetry is more important than ever for this day and age. Poetry brings us back to our senses and brings our senses back to us. Alice is a master at teaching us how. Whether you already know you love poetry and read it all the time, or whether you feel on the outside and want in, we hope you will go with Alice into this strange terrain. You cannot go wrong, and it might just hit you over the head like a—well, like a good poem.

—Sid Hall

Internships at Hobblebush Books

On her last day interning at Hobblebush, Chrisinda Lynch and Holly went for a chilly walk outside. Chrisinda was a prodigious copy editior and proofreader, and we will miss her greatly, as she returns to college at the City College of New York.

If you or someone you know is interested in a publishing internship, please take a look at our internship opportunities. Interns learn about:

  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Typsetting and typography
  • The art and the history of book design
  • The prepress and printing production process
  • Book marketing

. . . and much more! Internships are available year round and take place at our office in Brookline, New Hampshire.