Week 5 - Term 1

Lent – A Season of Reflection and Renewal

This week we began our Lenten journey together. This is a very important season in our Church calendar where we are called to renew our relationship with God, and are challenged to consider three areas of special focus: to deepen our prayer focus, to fast (or go without), and to commit to acts of service. In our House groups on Wednesday, and at our Year 7 camp venues, we received the sign of the cross in ashes on our foreheads, a physical symbol that we come from ashes, and to ashes we return. In Lent, we are challenged to strip away the layers of distraction in our lives to return to the heart of our faith, knowing that we are loved by God.


Lent is a time when we are called to reflection and renewal. It is an opportunity to review our lives, and to be more mindful about our actions and thoughts – to truly listen to what the Spirit is saying. During the forty days of Lent, we take a metaphorical journey in the footsteps of Jesus during his temptation in the desert. This ‘desert time’ helps to prepare our hearts for the events of Easter, where all darkness is overcome by the death of Jesus, and the triumph of His resurrection.

In keeping with the focus of giving in Lent, we place special emphasis on our fundraising efforts for Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion. Each morning in PC groups, students are encouraged to contribute to our PC collections in support of the significant outreach programs that Project Compassion funds around the world.

On Wednesday, four of our Year 12 Leaders attended the official launch of Project Compassion for the Archdiocese, and met with representatives of Caritas to discuss the significance of this campaign. The Student Leadership Team have set the College a goal of raising $10, 00 this year – just $3 per student, per week, and we would exceed this goal by 150%! The JPC community has always supported this Lenten appeal with enormous generosity, and we look forward to seeing our tally grow over the weeks of Lent. Details of special fundraising events and rewards will be publicised as the season progresses. To find out more about Caritas and the work of Project Compassion, visit this site:


As we journey together this Lent, we pray for God to guide us in a deepening of our faith as we listen to what the Spirit is saying to each of us.


Mrs. Nicola Edghill
Leader of Learning and Wellbeing – Mission and Ministry

Anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried. While stress and anxious feelings are a common response to a situation where we feel under pressure, they usually pass once the stressful situation has passed, or ‘stressor’ is removed.


Anxiety is when these anxious feelings don't go away – when they're ongoing and happen without any particular reason or cause. It’s a serious condition that makes it hard to cope with daily life. Everyone feels anxious from time to time, but for someone experiencing anxiety, these feelings aren't easily controlled.
Some things for parents and guardians to watch out for…

There is a plethora of resources and apps out there for parents and guardians to encourage their children to use if they are experiencing anxiety or high levels of stress. Some suggestions include…

Arts Up Front



As Arts educators in Drama, we are always thinking about the skills our students will need to feel successful in their future lives. Multiple studies show that future generations need skills developed in the areas of critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, creativity and innovation, communication, self-management, social responsibility and digital fluency.


So, why study Drama?

At JPC, when our students study Drama they learn empathy and identification as workshop experiences opens individuals to new dimensions of emotional experiences. Drama increases a student’s self-esteem and confidence. Working collaboratively, students learn the skills of listening, negotiating and communicating and, they make heaps of friends!


Drama increases our students’ ability to think; creatively, imaginatively and divergently, learning to think ‘outside the box’. From Years 7 to 12, our students interpret and devise performances using conceptual thinking and exploring unique performance styles developing their problem-solving skills. Drama teaches students how to become critical consumers, rather than just passive viewers. Each lesson, Drama students are expected to question and critique their own and others’ processes and products.

According to the Senior Drama students, they study Drama because…

“It’s fun! We are able to make others smile and build our confidence. We learn about other Arts and performance areas and find the other side of ourselves – we express ourselves. Drama enhances love for being on stage and performing for others. It makes life a laugh!”


The Years 9 and 10 elective Drama students believe…

“Drama is fun! It helps our confidence and it’s funny and dramatic when we are in class. I love the feeling of being able to express myself in room with people I am comfortable with. Drama is full of energy! We improve our skills and we have a close community – that’s why we do it. We also develop our team building skills, it’s an escape and we make new friends.”


Year 7 have begun their study of Drama in a College setting. After 5 weeks, they believe Drama is…


“I wasn’t sure about it and now it’s really interesting and something new. Drama is really good, it’s fun, and we are loving it! The assessments are really creative and it’s a fun way to express our feelings. We are surprised about what we can do and how we are comfortable to perform in front of an audience!

Drama is an active and engaging subject, where students learn through personal and shared experience to create and entertain. We love that our subject is a source of joy for our students now and will contribute to their future skillset.


This semester, Drama and Media re combining to create the “Get Reelz,” an after-school club. Students will be given the opportunity to write, perform and edit a short film for an Australian-wide competition. Permission notes are available on Moodle or from the Drama and Media teachers.

Miss Sarah Keane and Miss Kat Allan
Drama Teachers

If these images mean something to you, we need YOU!


WANTED: Guest speakers for our new
Senior Human Biology Course

This year, we have initiated a new BSSS senior course in Human Biology to enhance the range of Biology options for our senior science students.


We would love to draw on the incredible expertise in our JPC community, especially our parent body, for guest speakers or possible excursion opportunities in virtually ANY topic that relates to Human Biology, an, in particular, from a medical perspective.


We have a lovely class of Year 11 students who are fascinated with this area of science and are a very receptive audience! If you feel you could help out in any way, please contact me via email and we can discuss possible topics and timing.


Thank you.


Jen Tually
Leader of Learning (Science) and Teacher of 11 Human Biology.

Meet Miss Swart

My name is Yolandi Swart and I am a new teacher at JPC. This is my first year teaching which means I’ve got a lot of fresh enthusiasm and passion for my courses. I currently teach Science, IMS and Visual Arts. In my spear time, I take part in adventurous activities such as mountain-biking, skiing/snow-boarding, scuba diving, camping and hiking. I also enjoy running, reading and drawing.

I am originally from South Africa and I speak Afrikaans at home. I moved to Australia 10 years ago. I have also travelled all over the world and done a lot of exiting things including; exploring the inside of the pyramids in Egypt, exploring the Amazon rainforest in South America, skiing on the Alps in Europe and riding an underwater train in Japan. If you want to hear more about my adventures and about me, come and have a chat. I look forward to meeting more of you!

Futsal Champions

Congratulations to Laura Cantlie, Mia Nazor and Jasmine Chong who were part of a team that won the U16s Northside Futsal Competition Grand Final.


Well done to the Girls and their team!


Defence News

Thank you to all the families who have returned their ADF Family Questionnaire. These forms allow me a snapshot of your family and alert me to any concerns you may have. The voluntary Defence Family group email will allow you to stay in touch with each other. If you have not received any Defence correspondence as yet, please contact me so I may ensure you do not miss out on any relevant information. Our Defence Families Welcome Breakfast will be held soon, details will be sent home. This is a wonderful opportunity for our ADF families to connect with the JPC community and make some new connections.


We have begun our Defence Meetings on Mondays at morning tea time. All Defence students are encouraged our group in JPC Barracks. Year 11 and 12 Defence Students are welcome to come along to the Senior Defence Coffee drop ins on Tuesday morning in the Barracks.


Is there a current or future deployment in your family? Then please let me know, so I may better support your child throughout their parent’s absence.


If you have recently posted in from interstate or overseas, remember the Education Assistance Scheme may be of benefit for your child. Eligible children are entitled to tutoring assistance and if you would like a form or more information, please contact me.


A few interesting events to attend around town over the Canberra Day Long Weekend

There is plenty to do to celebrate Canberra’s birthday. The Enlighten Festival runs during March (1-17) and has lots to see, eat and explore. The Festival is a wonderful opportunity to discover their new city, especially for our new Defence Families.


  • Canberra Balloon Spectacular runs from March 9-17.  Each day from 6:15am (weather permitting) pilots begin inflating their balloons on the lawns of Old Parliament House, a most spectacular sight!  Well worth the early morning start.
  • Symphony in the Park is on Saturday, March 10.   Watch the sun set to the perfect soundtrack in Commonwealth Park.  Pack a picnic and grab your spot on the grounds in front of Stage 88.
  • Canberra Day is on March 11. It’s Canberra’s 106th Birthday!  Canberra comes alive to celebrate with music and entertainment for all.  Find the best events at Commonwealth Park on Monday.
  • Skyfire is on March 16 at Regatta Point a magnificent free display of fireworks.

For more information on all the above activities and events (and more) in Canberra, please follow the link  Get out there this long weekend and enjoy all the Nation’s Capital has to offer!


Duntroon Community Centre (DCC) Playschool 2019 – Enrolments are open for their Playschool program. For more information please visit the website:
Phone: (02) 6265 9411


Gungahlin Defence Family Playgroup meets every Thursday in the Community House, just next to Gold Creek Primary School.  For more information phone 0491 279 816 email

  • Open Arms (previously VVCS) Canberra programs are open to all personnel eligible for Open Arms services. The programs listed for Canberra are as follows:
  • Parenting Workshop, 7 March – 11 April
  • Beating the Blues, 25 & 26 March
  • Doing Anger Differently, 22 May - 26 June
  • Recovery from Trauma, 28 May - 2 July
  • Operation Life - Safe Talk (suicide awareness), 28 May
  • Stepping Out, 6-7 June

Further information on Group Programs, including registering interest, is
available at


The next Free Kookaburra Kids Activity Day is March 27 and the ACT Secondary Defence Camp is on June 21-23. Feel free to contact me for more information or check out their website

Please contact me if you have any concerns with your child.


Vicki Walsh
Defence School Mentor

Music @ JPC

It has been so amazing to have such an influx of year 7 students join our music programs here at JPC this year. Aron and I love getting new students involved and putting them groups/bands and helping them along their musical journey.


It has also been a busy start to the year for the music program with the opening Mass in week 3 and the Senior Hospitality Dinner in week 4. More upcoming performances this term are the St Michael’s Primary School fete, an excursion to the Grove and some end of term lunch time performances.

Whether your child has had previous musical experience or not, if they would like to try out any of our music programs, they are more than welcome to come along to a rehearsal to try before they buy. Please remember that if your child is involved in the JPC music program that you need go to the links below to pay via Qkr. Year 7 students do not need to pay for hire of their instruments in term one.


Music lessons - click here
Play/sing in a group - click here

Hiring an instrument - click here


If you have any further questions about our music programs, please feel free to email Aron Lyon or Sharon Robinson.


Would you consider having one of our students complete Work Experience or an Australian School Based Apprenticeship at your business organization?

We have an increasing demand from students seeking placements. Currently, we have a need for several trade placements, two hospitality placements and three Community Service placements in the Aged care industry.


If you can help out please contact me by email


Ian Pettit

Leader of Learning - CAREERS

Saving Lives as a Community

Are you a student over the age of 18 and interested in saving lives?


Contact Miss Turner to find out how! If you are already a donor within the JPC community (teacher, parent, aunty, friend etc), join our Red25 group by logging on to the Donate Blood website at , select Red25 Group and search for St John Paul II College Canberra.


Let’s increase our tally together!

From the College office


Great News for all the coeliacs and gluten intolerant students out there!


The majority of the food cooked and served in our fabulous canteen is already gluten free. To make it easier to identify, the beautiful kitchen staff will put a "GF" on the blackboard beside the meals of the day, that will be gluten free. There are also gluten free options for things like wraps, so if you know you're buying lunch that day, feel free to pop into the canteen and request the gluten free version!

Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition, it is a legal requirement for us to hold a Medical Action Plan in first aid. This enables us to assist them when necessary. These need to be updated every 12 months. If you have not already provided one, please contact Belinda Hammond at the Student Office or forward your updated Medical Action Plan to the office email at

For quicker, hassle-free school payments

Qkr! is an easy-to-use phone app that gives you the flexibility to place orders at a time and place that suits you.

• Saves you time by letting you order and pay for school items directly from your phone
• Reduces the need for your child to bring cash to school
• Fees, excursions, canteen money and more can be paid via Qkr!

All payments made before 10 am will be available for your child to use in the canteen on the same day

Did you lose your bike?

We have a bike at the student office that has been with us since last Christmas. It came out of the bike shed one afternoon and no one has come to claim it. If you have lost a bike and can provide a description, please contact the student office immediately.

Parish News


We invite the JPC community to the Holy Spirit Parish Multicultural Feast later this month. It is a great night of delicious food and great entertainment.

See below for details.


See you there!

Please click on the Parish logo above to see the latest Parish Bulletin.

Community News

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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