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Are These Modern-Day Martyrs?

I read a fascinating piece from the Wall Street Journal this week (thank you, Don Wilson)—“ISIS Is Guilty of Anti-Christian Genocide” (2-12-16 A11). Written by Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, the essay is a one-year anniversary reflection of the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians by Islamic State terrorists. “These Coptic Christian hostages were executed for no other reason than their faith in Jesus Christ. ISIS released a video of the barbarism with the title: ‘A Message Signed With Blood to the Nations of the Cross’” (ibid).

Side-stepping the heated debate within Christian circles over whether the religion of Islam is contrary to the principles and truths of Christianity (e.g., the recent termination of a Wheaton College professor because of her claim that Christians and Muslims worship the same God), the author of the WSJ essay relates a detail from that execution I had not read before. more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor


Winter Bible Camp 

Feature Story

Recently, seventy students enjoyed Andrews Academy's annual spiritual retreat, "Winter Bible Camp," at Camp Au Sable. The design for the weekend was to have each student involved in leading out in some aspect of the program so that each would be blessed and grow through the activities.  

Friday afternoon, all of the students prepared for the communion scheduled for Friday evening. The young women prepared the soup for the special evening meal and prepared the communion bread. The young men spent time setting up and arranging tables, chairs, and decorations in preparation for communion.  The footwashing, the breaking of bread and the drinking of the grape juice was a memorable and a very meaningful communion service for all. Following communion the guys and girls separated into their own afterglow activity. There was laughter, tears, and lots of hugs. The event allowed so much bonding between the students that friendships grew stronger, and many new friendships were formed. more

 by Steven Atkins,  Andrews Academy Teacher


Greater Young Men (GYM) for Success!

Feature Announcement

Harbor of Hope seeks to make an impact on the lives of individuals in Benton Harbor. If you are interested in helping out this ministry there is one specific way that you can help. We are in need of some brand new button down dress shirts and ties or bow ties in all sizes, as we are trying to teach young men how to dress for success. If you would like to donate, or get involved in GYM in any way please contact Pastor Taurus Montgomery at

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