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Some interesting reading in this edition:

  • Farewell from our COO
  • Bp VIP.net Ruby SP1 released
  • Bp Premier Jade snippets
  • Best Health App to be released soon
  • Be in the Know sessions now on Vimeo
  • Bp Classroom coming to Perth
  • Bp Allied Version 7 is coming!
  • VIP Gold News
  • Bp Premier Support News
  • Bp Premier Summit 2020 Update
  • Keep your team up to date with Team Bp
  • Spotlight on CommBank Health Claim

Farewell from our Chief Operating Officer

In August 2019 I’ll be leaving Best Practice Software to pursue a new career opportunity in public health planning, strategy, and governance, and I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your support during my seven (7) years as COO.

When I joined Bp in 2012 the founders – Dr Frank & Lorraine Pyefinch – tasked me with developing and leading the business towards market leadership in Australia.  Together with an amazing team of highly skilled professionals, we as a board and executive have cemented Bp Premier’s place as Australia’s leading GP software product in more GP clinics than any other product, and we’ve diversified across product and user types – into allied health and specialist software – and into new and exciting geographic territories in New Zealand and beyond.  We’ve built our team and operating base across countries and locations, and helped prepare the platform for new and innovative – in fact, industry-first – products, ideas, technologies, and support services designed to enhance the critical relationship between practitioner and patient. 

But I’m a believer in pushing yourself to new challenges in life, and encouraging the introduction of new skills and expertise where it’s most beneficial.  So while I’m reflective of our growth and success – and the many happy stories I hear of Bp software products working to strengthen patient engagement every day throughout Australia and New Zealand – I’m also highly anticipative of Bp’s brand new software technologies which will revolutionise the delivery of patient care into the future.  All driven from Bp with the input, guidance, and expertise of an amazing group of medical software futurists who truly care for our customers.

I am wholeheartedly proud of the brilliant team I’ve built and led here at Bp, and I’d appreciate your ongoing support of their efforts as together we maintain this incredible evolution of medical software.

Thank you again for your support, and I wish you and your team continued best practice.

Craig Hodges

Bp VIP.net Ruby SP1 Released!

For New Zealand and Australian users of Bp VIP.net

We are excited to announce the new release for Bp VIP.net with the launch of Ruby SP1.  Positive feedback is already coming in from early users of this new release. Staff are truly benefiting from our improvements to speed and stability. 

Ruby SP1 Improvements

  • Performance Improvements: Users that have experienced long loading times for the Financial Summary with large data sets will now benefit from fast loading times
  • Greater Stability in Financials: Ruby SP1 has undergone substantial testing to improve and enhance the financial functionality of Bp VIP.net. The most visible improvement is the Batch Status Reporting section as it is now easier to find batches with any declined items or batches pending transmission and/or resubmission
  • Financial Enhancements: Add location/unit details to weekly/monthly calendar views, Financial Summary displays selected filters, add new invoice date field, performance improvements on batch review and decline processing, and ability to base one fee scaler on another

Don’t forget that Ruby SP1 continues our rollout of Bp SMS.  Not only is Bp SMS backed by a Tier 1 SMS provider, it will also save you money. Email our sales team today to find out more.

Bp Premier Jade snippets

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Appointment Book layout – can be customised for a location

Practices can create a custom appointment book layout for each location that shows the same appointment information as the program-generated appointment book layouts but the Users in the layouts can be edited and ordered. This allows the Practice the option to have different Users situated near each other or in any order they want. Visit the Knowledge Base for more information.

Referral Management report

Allied Health or Specialists who use Bp Premier to record referrals in Bp Premier can access a new report that displays information such as referrer, provider, referral date, expiry date, duration, status, referral count and invoice count. This information has been grouped into 3 reports so it is displayed differently. In Bp Premier Jade, go to Management > Reports > Referrals

Best Health App - Released soon!

For Australian users of Bp Premier Jade

The Best Health App will be released soon into the Australian market.  We are working to make sure that introducing your patients to your Practice’s App goes as seamlessly for them as it will for your Practice team.  Our focus on this experience will have you connecting with your patients whilst saving time and money in no time.

Your patients will experience the convenience of:

  • Viewing their appointments in one place
  • Checking into their appointment upon arrival without waiting at reception
  • Receiving all their reminders and messages
  • Having their Health Summary at their fingertips
  • Accessing Health Fact Sheets tailored to their wellbeing

Bp Premier customers on the latest version will be able to request to subscribe to the Best Health App within the next few months. Keep a lookout for the Elevate notification and find out more here.

Bp Learning News

For all users of Best Practice Software products

Be in the Know Sessions now on Vimeo

The Training Team have just concluded our most recent Be In The Know sessions, just in time for the introduction of the new Practice Improvement Program – Quality Improvement measures. These sessions were well received, with just over 900 registrants, so if you missed out, check out our Knowledge Base or Vimeo channel to catch up at a time that suits you.

Searching for videos on Vimeo

We are pleased to be able to make many video tutorials available for you on our Bp software products. But while it’s great having the videos available, it’s not so great if you can’t find them. We want to share with you two methods that can make finding our videos easier.

Via the Best Practice Software website

The first method is from the Bponline page on our website. Here you can use a keyword search to look for a matching topic.

To search for videos on Bponline:

  1. Navigate to https://bpsoftware.net/.
  2. Select Learning from the top navigation bar.
  3. Scroll down to the learning options and click Bponline.
  4. Type the key word or ‘tag’ in the Search field for the software product you want (e.g., Appointment – Bp Allied). Note: As soon as you begin typing, the thumbnails at the bottom update to show ‘hits’ with matched tags.
  5. Click on the arrows to scroll through the list of videos and click on the Thumbnail to select and play the video (e.g., Print the appointment list).

Via the Vimeo website

If you want, you can also head straight to the Vimeo website where the quickest way to search is using channels. We have set up three channels – one for each of our software products: Bp Premier, Bp VIP.net and Bp Allied.

To search for videos contained within a channel…
1. Navigate to https://vimeo.com/.
1. Type the name of the Bp Vimeo channel in the Search field (e.g., Bp Premier).
2. Select the Channels radio button from the ‘Show results for’ panel.
3. Click the matched channel (e.g., Bp Premier).
4. Click ## Videos under ‘More stuff from “Bp Premier”.
5. Scroll down through the list of videos and click on the Thumbnail to select (e.g., Bp Comms Consents and SMS Configuration).
6. Click the arrow to watch now or timer to add to watch later.

We’ve also put together a brief video tutorial that explores these two search methods which can be found here.  

Happy viewing!

Bp Classroom coming to Perth

For West Australian users of Bp Premier

It’s Perth’s turn to get up to speed with our JADE release. We’ll be running our highly regarded Group Training sessions so our W.A. users can find out how to utilise the highly anticipated features of Bp Premier JADE

Book in nowspots are filling fast!

Bp Allied Version 7 is coming!

For all users of Bp Allied

Here is a sneak peek of what’s coming up in the next big version of Bp Allied:

  • Online Appointment Bookings: we are providing the functionality for you to connect to Online Appointment vendors and have your clients book appointments online and have them appear in Bp Allied for confirmation.
  • Physitrack integration: we’ve partnered with Physitrack to give you access to video-based physical prescription and education information, which can be sent straight to your client's computer or smartphone. Great for Physios, Exercise Physiologists and more
  • Appointment book groupings: We’re creating the ability to group practitioner calendars, by location or speciality or however suits!
  • Referrals: We are expanding the functionality to include indefinite referrals and adding expiring warning for duration based referrals.
  • Email templates: We’re adding the ability to create email templates to use when sending letters and invoices.
  • Plus lots more!

VIP Gold News

For all New Zealand and Australian Users of VIP Gold

The latest VIP Gold release Version 9.21 is now available. 

We encourage all VIP Gold customers to update to this latest version as we’ve made a whole bunch of improvements and fixes.

This update includes;

  • A new Remote Support option via LogMeIn, allowing our Support teams to easily access your computer remotely when required.
  • A range of enhancements to support the New Zealand Ministry of Health enrolment and funding status changes that came into effect 1st April 2019.
  • Enhancements to GP2GP document processing.
  • Enhancements to RSD messages including the added ability to attach a pdf document.
  • Improved functionality around merging patient records.

We’ve also fixed a number of issues:

  • Where a prescriber could be changed after printing.
  • The Inbox icon not displaying red when new messages were received.
  • System performance and Windows compatibility.
  • Imported lab results not displaying the sending organisation.
  • Incorrect ACC claim numbers were getting associated to a new claim and referral.

Check your emails for release details!. 

Bp Support News

For Australian users of Bp Premier

Our commitment to you, our customer, is to ensure patient care and the day-to-day running of your Practice is foremost, and we do this by providing you with new releases of our software so that you have the latest mandated regulatory requirements, and a range of software improvements covering security features, fixes to known software issues and software enhancements.

Our Support team does a great job in providing you with support, however, this becomes increasingly challenging for them to support customers using older versions of the software.

With this in mind, as previously advised in April of this year, from 2nd October 2019, we will cease providing support for all versions of Bp Premier prior to LAVA SP3

Sunsetting will be a continuous process, with Support for each version ceasing 6 months after the newer version has been released. Find more details here.

‘Ceasing Support’ includes version-specific templates, old reports, minimum software requirements and access to Bp Support Services.

Our Support team is here to help you upgrade to the latest version of Bp Premier.  In addition, check out our Knowledge Base, which will provide you with all the information you need to upgrade – click here to find out more about upgrading to Indigo. If you’d like our latest release of Bp Premier, click here to find how to upgrade to Jade. 

Bp Premier Summit 2020 Update

For Australian users of Bp Premier

An action-packed program is in the final stages of planning for our Bp Premier Summit 2020, being held in May next year at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre at South Bank.

We look forward to welcoming our Delegates – GP’s and their Practice staff, as well as Guest Speakers, Sponsors and Exhibitors to Queensland’s Capital City Brisbane to learn new skills, new information, new ideas and to review the latest digital health products available on the market!

For more details and to register your interest either as a sponsor, exhibitor or delegate visit the website.

Keep your team up to date with Team Bp

Reading Bp Evolution is a great way for your team to keep up to date. Please forward this edition to them all and encourage them to register for upcoming editions.

Your team can also keep up to date by following us on social media:

If you're not a member of our Bp Forum registering is easy and a great way to connect with our Bp Users.  Click here to connect to the Bp Family!

Spotlight on CommBank Health Claim

The Commonwealth Bank has partnered with Whitecoat, Australia’s most comprehensive practitioner directory and healthcare platform, to develop CommBank Health Claim – an innovative payments and claiming solution, delivered via CommBank’s Albert EFTPOS terminal and companion  MyWhitecoat mobile app.

CommBank Health Claim – simpler for you and your patients

The recent Bp Premier Jade release seamlessly integrates with CommBank Health Claim and Whitecoat for easy processing of Medicare Easyclaim. Key benefits for you and your patients could include:

Simpler payments

  • Wireless mobility makes it easy to accept payments anywhere around your practice
  • Sign-on-glass technology
  • Can be used by multiple practitioners in the one clinic
  • Save time and reduce repetition, with the ability to process unlimited item codes and multiple patients all in the one claim

Simpler Reporting & Reconciliation

  • A self-service portal where you can edit and update practice details
  • Easily track payments with consolidated reporting to make reconciliations simpler

Everyday Settlement

Medicare claims are settled into your linked Commonwealth Bank Business Transaction Account on the same day, including weekends and public holidays. Health Insurance claims are settled the next business day.

Attract new patients

  • Using the MyWhitecoat App, patients can discover your Practice, book, pay for services and claim private health insurance rebates
  • Send targeted offers to patients who’ve saved you as a favourite (charges apply)

The Whitecoat and CommBank Health Claim solution is currently in pilot, processing live Medicare Easyclaim and private health insurance transactions. If you’re interested in participating in the pilot or would like to find out more, please email.

Things you should know: This information has been prepared without taking into account your individual and business objectives, financial needs or objectives. Please contact SmartTerminalsApps@cba.com.au for more information about the Heath Claim solution and read and consider the CommBank Health Claim Terms and Conditions, which will be shared before entering in to the pilot. Jointly issued by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 AFSL 234945 (“CommBank”) and Whitecoat Operating Pty Ltd ACN 616 486 090 (“Whitecoat”).