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Iceland´s two main performing arts festivals are coming up. Reykjavik Dance Festival and LÓKAL - International Theatre Festival will be launched late August in Reykjavik. A variety of both Icelandic and foreign artists will participate in this year´s festivals bringing the international focus to the local Icelandic scene. RDF starts August 23rd and LÓKAL August 28th both ending September 1st.

As before Reykjavik Dance Festival and LÓKAL take place alongside one another, cooperating on events such as bringing Diederik Peeter ́s Red Herring to Reykjavík.

Besides workshops, lectures, international artists and performances there are six Icelandic premieres on schedule this year on both RDF and LÓKAL so make sure to book your tickets in advance...


  • Reykjavik Dance Festival -  Make dance your priority - is RDF´s motto this year and accordingly directors have never been as busy celebrating dance and choreography in its various forms making this festival the festival of aesthetic extremeties.

Since 2002 RDF has been Iceland´s  only independent and professional dance festival and it has been a very important factor in the development of the independent dance scene in Iceland.

This year the festival will be a personal affair with no one correct route through it according to its directors Erna Ómarsdóttir and Valdimar Jóhannsson. 

Amongst events are workshops, lectures, lunch beats and premieres on new choreopgraphical works by both Icelandic and foreign artists which all focuse on celebrating dance, dancing and choreography to the extremes.

A fine collection of Icelandic choreographers and dancers participate this year to make the programme come alive with new Icelandic performances such as; Scape of Grace by Saga Sigurðardóttir, Watch your tongue by Gígja Jónsdóttir, Ironsuet by Elín Signý W. Ragnarsdóttir and To the bone by RDF artistic directors Erna Ómarsdóttir,Valdimar Jóhannsson and Shalala. Choreography Reykjavik will make the Reykjavik Dance Atelier its Super Social Space forging a parasite programme of dinners and lectures open to all festival ticket holders. 

Amongst foreign artists visiting RDF this year are; Sissel M Bjørkli, Wee-Francensco Scavetta, and Diederik Peeters in collaboration with LÓKAL - International Theatre Festival

Full programme and tickets are available here on www.reykjavikdancefestival.is


  • LÓKAL - International Theatre Festival celebrates its 6th edition of cutting-edge theatre with the focuse on today ́s theatre as an epic theatre.    

According to artistic directors, Ragnheiður Skúladóttir and Bjarni Jónsson, this year ́s LÓKAL consists of stripped- down performances, story- telling and visible stagecraft bringing the non-tech-theatre to the stage.

The programme this year is packed with performances from both Icelandic and foreign artists. From the Icelandic locale are Friðgeir Einarsson and Kriðpleir Theatre Group with the wacky presentation of Tiny GuyThe oath-or-whatevera play about an author who struggles between a documentary and fiction, by GRAAL/The Professional Theatre of Grindavík,  VOID – A Family Show, a pure family show by Ragnheiður Harpa Leifsdóttir and her family, and Brogan Davison & Pétur Ármannsson´s collaborate performance Dance for me.

From the international scene on LÓKAL this year are; Verk Produksjoner with Build Me A Mountain, Juha Valkeapää with Executed Stories, Theatre Replacement´s Winners&Losers. And last but not least, in cooperation with RDF, Diederik Peeter ́s Red Herring.

Full programme and tickets are available here on  www.lokal.is 

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