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Starting off on the Right Foot: 5 Initial Strategies for Private Sector Project Success

Beginning a development project in the private sector can be daunting, exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time.  It helps to have a focused framework from which to operate, because the first few months can set the tone for the remainder of the project.  Based on more than 30 years of practice, here are 5 things we have observed that consistently result in more vibrant and more successful developments in the private sector.

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Ramping Up with Context Sensitive Solutions for US 290 and SH 45 SW

It is no surprise to long-time Austin residents that our city’s population boom is causing serious congestion on local roads. The good news is that regional transportation authorities are working hard to address this growth and have begun work on two much-needed transportation projects in the Austin area: the Oak Hill Parkway (US 290 West) in Oak Hill and SH 45 SW in southern Travis County. What makes these projects just a little different is that both are committed to incorporating Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS), a decision-making and design process that not only addresses the fundamental need for a roadway to move vehicles, it also carefully considers the roadway’s relationship with the community and the landscape through which it passes.

Working with Rodriguez Transportation Group (RTG), RVi has begun conceptual design on these highway projects and will be working closely with the team’s transportation engineers and public involvement specialists to develop solutions that balance the necessity of moving vehicles safely and efficiently with the needs of the community.

While both of these projects will utilize CSS to develop solutions that are sensitive to and well-integrated with their context, each highway has a very unique context that will require the use of a CSS approach tailored specifically for that corridor.

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Happy Trails To You

Here at RVi, we are feeling equal parts sad and jealous.

Landscape Architect and adventurer Chris Lalich has decided to take a break from the profession to advance his goal of exploring every inch of the planet.  Beginning on March 5th, Chris will set foot on Springer Mountain in Georgia and start hiking the entire length of the Appalachian Trail - all the way to Mt. Katahdin in Maine.  He expects this 2,200 mile journey to take between 5-6 months.

“Adventures like this one tend to change people, so I am keeping my mind open to many possibilities for the future,” Chris said.

Chris has promised us a detailed presentation and lots of photos from his journey when he returns.  Until then, we bid him a warm farewell and heartfelt thanks for his 17 years of service at RVi.

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