CEP Probation Awards 2016: a celebration of outstanding contributions to probation

CEP is establishing a Probation Awards Scheme to celebrate outstanding contributions to Probation.

Nominations can be made in 4 categories:

1. Rehabilitation in the community – an award for work which is effective in rehabilitating probation clients and reducing reoffending.
2. Social inclusion – an award for work which has made a significant contribution to integrating probation clients into the community.
3. Public protection – an award for making a significant contribution to reducing risk of harm to potential victims.
4. Research – an award for research which has had a major impact on probation practice.


Award winners will receive an engraved plaque and a framed photograph of them receiving their award at the General Assembly in Bucharest in October 2016. Opportunities would be found for their work to be showcased in the media, on the website – either at the conference or at future events.


Probation works – in French

Easily accessible knowledge of probation for a wide audience, including practitioners, policy makers, students and interested lay persons. That is what the Probation works section on CEP’s website is all about.

Three years after launching the question-and-answer format, combining academic knowledge and applied scientific knowledge from the world of community sanctions, Probation works is now also available in French. Also, a German version is expected soon. With many thanks to Laura von Mandach and Natalia Delgrande from the Swiss Prison Staff Training Center.

Check out why Probation works in English

Voir ici l'importance de la probation en Francais

Foriner: Providing Education to foreign EU prisoners across EU Prisons

CEP is associate partner of the FORINER project, which was launched on the 1st of January 2016. The project was initiated to provide EU foreign national inmates in EU prisons with access to qualitative, low threshold, certified learning opportunities provided by home institutions but received by the inmate in an EU foreign prison. To this end a structure will be designed and tested which allows education providers to reach out to their national prisoners in other EU countries, at the same quality standard as the home offer.

CEP aims to promote the welfare and interests of European citizens who are detained outside their country of residence, in order to facilitate their social reintegration. The Foriner project, funded by the European programme Erasmus+, has a real added value to this object.


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