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Boots On the Ground for the New Year

by Dwight K. Nelson

Has the blogosphere always been this awash in conspiracy theories? I was reading a European writer the other day who commented (and perhaps for good reason) that Americans as a people seem to have a predilection for conspiracy theories—those wild suppositions claiming sinister powers are manipulating current events, the populace, politics, the markets, medical science (you choose), all for a nefarious end. For example, one blogger suggested  one of the presidential candidates is suffering from a secret malady that will cut short their candidacy and offered a YouTube link as proof. I clicked the link, and sure enough a score of sites with video footage to “prove” the malady. Really? Not to be outdone, a popular blog posed the suggestion this week the President is quietly preparing for an emergency suspension of the Constitution this fall so he might serve an indefinite and unconstitutional “third term.” Really? more


Feature Announcement

Pathfinder Registration

The Evergreen Pathfinder Club is getting ready for a new year of friendships, experiences, honors, and learning about God! Bring your kids (ages 10-15) and see what Pathfinders has to offer. For questions email

August 24, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Location: Pathfinder Building | Map


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Sanctuary Choir Resumes

Rehearsals begin August 31 and meet Wednesday evenings throughout the semester. Tenors and basses are especially needed, but all singers are welcome. If you have not sung with this choir previously, come for an audition and voice placement on August 17 (7 to 8 PM in the Teen Loft). For more info contact Jeannie Pedersen-Smith,


Feature Announcement

Total Body Fitness

Improve your strength, balance, and flexibility with Total Body Fitness (ToBoFit), a free class meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays. Open to anyone 18 years or older, male or female. Questions? Contact the instructor, Katherine Koudele (