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NLTP Bulletin

12 December 2019



Welcome to the NLTP Bulletin, our newsletter with information about management of the current National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) and what we're working on for the development of the 2021-24 NLTP.



What we're working on


Document release - Arataki and IDMF Draft Design Report

Today we're releasing two key documents that feed into the development of the 2021-24 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP): 

Arataki is the first version of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s 10-year plan and our view of what is needed to deliver on the Government’s transport objectives.

It shares with you the evidence that has informed our view and helps everyone to better understand the future impact our choices and decisions will have on shaping the land transport system.

The IDMF is the framework we use to guide our investment decisions. It guides development of business cases, and assessment and prioritisation of funding in the land transport system.

Our review of the IDMF has been in partnership with the Ministry of Transport, and with the support of Local Government NZ. The review is in response to changes in the 2018 Government Policy Statement on Land Transport (GPS).

It has specifically looked at how we consider all transport modes and alternatives in our planning and investment decisions, to ensure the IDMF reflects government expectations around social, economic, cultural and environmental outcomes for transport.

We've also addressed your concerns about the investment decision-making process, particularly about making it easier for you to navigate and understand how we make our investment decisions.

Sector Engagement

You're encouraged to take time to read both documents and from early 2020 take part in conversations within your region and provide feedback on both documents.

We'll hold sessions with local government in February that will provide the opportunity to discuss both Arataki and the IDMF.


Our Directors of Regional Relationships and new Regional Relationship Teams will be meeting with you on Arataki to have a conversation about the evidence we've used and what's in the plan.

Your feedback is important. We want to ensure any new evidence you have is captured and that we use the discussion to help inform responses that will feed into Long Term Plans, Regional Land Transport Plans (RLTPs), an updated Arataki in April and a further version in August 2020. 

You can discuss your feedback with your local Transport Agency contact or send your feedback on Arataki through to


We understand that the success of this review relies on strong sector support, which is why we have actively involved, and will continue to involve, our co-investment partners at each stage of the review.

In this stage of the review we're asking for your feedback on specific aspects of the Draft Design Report relating to the assessment of investment proposals and the development of business cases.

You can find a copy of the Draft Design Report, our Consultation Document, and the online feedback form on the proposed design here.

Feedback is sought by 21 February 2020. We encourage a combined response from your council, but the form also allows for multiple responses from within a council.

We'll consult separately next year on the prioritisation components of the review, once the draft GPS has been released. This will be important to understand as RLTPs are developed.



Transport Agency Investment Proposal (TAIP)

We’ve started developing the TAIP which will encompass the State Highway Activity Management Plan (SHAMP) and our nationwide activities in preparation for the 2021-24 NLTP and RLTPs.

This will reflect our proposed bid for a 10-year programme of activities delivered by the Transport Agency including state highway maintenance, operations and improvements, and our road safety education and advertising programme.

Our operating context for the land transport system has shifted and we need to change our approach. We need to think about the role transport has in supporting well-being outcomes and providing access to opportunities beyond the land transport system itself.

We want to make sure our decision-making is consistent and evidence based, and that we work together to achieve the best transport outcomes.

The draft GPS is expected to be released for consultation in early 2020, which will provide direction and priorities for the 2021-24 NLTP period.

Changes to assessment and prioritisation will be taken into account as the TAIP is developed, and the final IDMF report will be released mid-2020.

The final TAIP will be endorsed by our Board for submissions to Regional Transport Committees (RTCs) when required.



More information


For more information on the NLTP, you can visit our website or contact us online.