February 2021

Newsletter February 2021

With a number of Covid-19 vaccines currently being rolled out across many countries and continued scientific and medical advances helping in the fight against the virus, there are signs of hope for the return of some of the things we used to take for granted. However, business travel remains heavily impacted by regional travel restrictions, and industries are continuing to use a virtual format for conferences and exhibitions scheduled over the coming months.

In the first newsletter of the calendar year, Gencoa are pleased to introduce VACGAS-C16, a new high accuracy sensing product, and there's another chance to read up on the Optix rental scheme.

New Gencoa vacuum gas sensing for Oxygen/Chalcogen species

The new GENCOA VACGAS-G16 sensing unit provides an industrially robust means to sense elements of group 16 - The Chalcogens. Development of more advanced control of a ‘Lambda’ type sensor enables high accuracy oxygen tracking to match RGA’s without the cost and complexity.

The sensor head has an infinite life and active control ensures signal stability and accuracy. The sensor can be located on the chamber wall, or inserted into the vacuum chamber as part of a sealed assembly. There are no sensitive electronics, hence the sensor won’t fail and signal drift is avoided.

Oxygen levels in a vacuum are an important measure for a wide range of processes.

For further details visit: www.gencoa.com/vacgas

Optix Rental Scheme

During the current production disruption in many sectors, Gencoa is making a large number of the Optix vacuum process analysers available to customers for a monthly rental to help with process development, troubleshooting and optimisation. Optix analyses process gases, vacuum plasmas, and provides outputs for process feedback control and Industry 4.0. Its unique optical spectrum based sensing and different remote plasma generation options, allow any type of vacuum process to be characterised including ALD and CVD.

The information provided by Optix is valuable and the robust nature of the device means that customers can apply it to any type of situation without a risk to the health of the device. That is why we are happy to make these units widely available for 1 month minimum periods. After you have completed the studies, we can pass the unit onto another user, or you can purchase the unit and we'll deduct the rental costs.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact your local representative or sales@gencoa.com.

A video snapshot of its capabilities can be found at www.gencoa.com/optix or played directly on YouTube.

Gencoa Optix
Further information

For product information or support, contact sales@gencoa.com or visit www.gencoa.com/worldwide-contacts to find contact details of international support staff and sales agents.

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