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The Future of Golf Conference - Recap


To all golfers

The first ever national golf conference was staged in Edinburgh earlier this month has given the Board of Scottish Golf a unique platform to shape ‘The Future of Golf in Scotland’. The event brought together views and insights from a wide spectrum of the golf industry, debating the challenges we faces, the changes we require and the solutions we need to grow the game and build stronger clubs.

The positivity and energy generated in the room on Saturday 2 December was powerful and highlighted the value of bringing people together. We want to build on that momentum and communicate those messages to a wide an audience as possible.

This e-newsletter contains all the presentations, video footage and collated feedback, which is now available for you to read and watch. We want all members to gain a better understanding of the challenges that we face in the game in Scotland as well as the opportunities to grow the game by working together.

Should you wish to provide your feedback on any of the Conference content or themes, please join the debate throughout this week on our Facebook page or send us an e-mail to

On behalf of Scottish Golf, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and our best wishes for a prosperous 2018.

Yours aye

Eleanor Cannon, Chair - Scottish Golf



Scottish Golf's Non-Executive Financial Director, Malcolm Kpedekpo, gave the first presentation of the Conference, outlining the governing body's current financial status, summarising how income is generated and where our money is spent, while identifying the recent trends in our finances.


The Conference's keynote presentation was delivered by Non-Executive Director Stewart Darling, providing extensive insights into the factors behind declining membership and offering his views on what golf clubs need to embrace in order to reverse these trends.  


With digital tools being identified as a major opportunity for golf clubs, Deloitte's Head of Digital Innovation Ross Laurie presented a look at how other sports have benefitted from utilising technology and his views on what golf can do to engage better with its audiences to grow.


What does the digital future of golf look like? We've researched the technology that is at our disposal now to create a short film showing how this could be utilised to enhance your golfing experience, whether you are a long-standing member, golfing family or newcomer to the game.


The Conference concluded with a Question & Answer session as members of the Board took questions from the floor as well as those posed by delegates on our interactive platform. You can watch the video and download the Q&A document for our full responses to all the questions.


Our lunchtime interactive workshops gave delegates the opportunity to discuss some of the key questions from the day and put forward your ideas on what changes are required to add value to membership, gain a contribution from non-members, attract new audiences and improve the customer experiences. 


Finally, we have collated and themed all the general comments, suggestions and feedback from delegates attending the Conference to give you a full overview of the opinions coming in on the day, which we will take on board in our discussions. Thank you for your contribution!

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