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A Boy Named Klaus

A new story from Kerstin Lieff, A Boy Named Klaus, is a vivid and engrossing account of a boy who finds himself wandering the streets of his bombed-out city, needing to make decisions that no four-year-old should ever have to face. A Boy Named Klaus became a finalist in the Southeast Review's Creative Nonfiction Writing Contest in 2014. To read the story in full, visit my new website. To purchase a copy of the 2015 Southeast Review, click here.


Excerpt from A Boy Named Klaus:

... "In the night sometimes, when the soft noises of boys’ sleep floated through the darkness, he thought he could hear the letter whispering to him. It said to stay strong. Don’t worry so much. It gave him a feeling he did not understand. He would come to call it Courage in time."  read more >> 


Newly created: kerstinlieff.com

Check out Kerstin Lieff's new website at www.kerstinlieff.com. Awards, events, new publishings and more, it's all there. Share the writers' journey and behind the scene's insights that will give new depth and meaning to Kerstin's stories. 


2013 Colorado Book Awards WINNER

In 2013, Kerstin won the Colorado Book Awards for “Best of Biography.” Read more about the Colorado Center for Humanities and the Colorado Book Awards here:  Learn more >>


Upcoming Publishings

Read what Kerstin Lieff has to say about CU’s undergraduate writers in the  2015 Journal Twenty Twenty , published at the University of Colorado. Also, look for an interview with Kerstin in the April edition of FDU Magazine (Fairleigh Dickinson University).


Letters from Berlin

A stunning memoir of a girl coming of age in Hitler’s Germany, her subsequent imprisonment in the Russian Gulag, and her posthumously discovered love letters to a mysterious soldier on the front—written during the final siege of Berlin. 

 You can order your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Boulder Bookstore.

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Excerpt from Letters From Berlin:

   ... “I stepped off the train and out into the light of Berlin. My first impression was this: All the flowers were gone. And then this: The trees were black and leafless. Buildings I used to know were gone. There and there, blackened walls silhouetted against the blue sky, a bathtub hanging in midair…There were no words. How are you? How have  you been? Would have had no meaning…And so we just stood in the doorway and held each other. We knew, in that moment, that we were two of the lucky ones.”    — From Letters From Berlin


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I speak at many bookstore events and book clubs – I love connecting with my readers, both in person and via Skype. Please contact me via email if you are interested in arranging an event. I look forward to hearing from you!


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