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Executive Director News

Two More Employees

ReEngage Staffing Services is proud to announce the placement of two more men into livable wage jobs which is the beginning of breaking the cycle of poverty and reengaging men back into the lives of their families and communities. This is how we hope to restore the dignity of the men in our community through work, training, and support.  We must empower the men and women of these at-risk communities through employment. If we are to overcome the feelings of powerlessness that permeates these communities it is imperative that we allow them the opportunity to participate in our economy and the direction of their own communities.

As we begin this new year of 2015, we will have opportunities to put more men to work as we enlist the support of more and more employers. So how can you support this effort?

1. Make a financial contribution – It costs just $700.00 to put a man through our rigorous training program which makes them eligible to work for our staffing company.
2. Become a mentor – A large part of our program is the importance of the mentoring relationship. I am not so arrogant to believe that 3 weeks with me changes anybody’s life, so we have to provide ongoing support.
3. Employ one or more of our men – If we are to continue to succeed in our efforts we need to have employers willing to hire our men. All of our profits from the staffing service are returned to fund our training program to make it self-sustaining.

We can continue to complain about the problems facing us and the false narratives being promoted by the media or we can come together and begin to solve the real problems. Please join our movement as we break away from the failed policies of the past and chart a new way forward.

Happy New Years!

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed New Years! I hope that this year will be prosperous and joyful for you and your family.

As we look towards 2015, it is my hope that we do so ready to address the real problems that confront us and not the ones being ginned up by those who have no intention of solving any problems only creating division and conflict. The problems facing our country and our communities are too great to allow ourselves to be distracted.  While they may appear daunting the truth is that we have the resources to overcome them if we begin to work together.

As many of you know we do not receive any government money at this time, so we rely on the generous support we get from you. The problems we face cannot be fixed by government alone, too many are waiting for the government to do what they and we should be doing for ourselves. The one question I ask myself everyday when I am confronted with a request for help: Is what I am about to do going to make this person more self-sustaining or more dependent and based on the answer to that question not whether there will be suffering I make a decision. Too often we try to replace the providence and wisdom of God thinking we can and should alleviate all suffering, we can not. The best we can hope for is to prepare people for the day when they as all of us must do stand or fall on our on.

Fundraiser News

Masquerade Hall photo

Save the Date

ReEngage is proud to announce our 1st Annual Gala celebrating fathers at the Masquerade Hall on June 6th 2015. Please stay tuned for more details in the near future.

Volunteer Spotlight

Photo of L. Kimes

Please meet Mr. Lemuel Kimes. I met Mr. Kimes several years ago at a banquet where he was the keynote speaker. After listening to his life experiences which he shared with honesty and sincerity I knew he would be of great benefit to the men that ReEngage works with.

Lemuel E. Kimes, MSW
- KC native
-Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle
-graduate of Central High School, Penn Valley CC, UMKC, University of Kansas
-licensed Social Worker; 40 year mental health background
-retired military, US Navy

I volunteer with & support ReEngage because I endorse and believe in it's mission/principles to transform
males into men through training, support, and empowerment.

Participants of the Man Class will acquire insight, and be given the tools to lead a focused, authentic life. Which will have a positive impact on themselves, their families, and the community.

During the last cycle Mr. Kimes participated in the program as a participant and provided invaluable insight and ideas of how we could improve our services. Thank you Mr. Kimes for all of your support and expertise.

Where Are They Now?

Photo of C. Coleman

In this section we will highlight past graduates and let our donors and supporters know how valuable their generosity is and how it is helping to transform our community.

Please meet Mr. Coleman a graduate of The Man Class 2014. Mr. Coleman came to us struggling to find employment and living in a very stressful situation with his adult daughter. While he had emplyable skills Mr. Coleman was finding it difficult to locate employment due to a past conviction and a lack of confidence. Sometimes when you've been beat up so much you forget how to fight and you forget that you are worth fighting for.

Following training and graduation we were able to secure Mr. Coleman a position with a local heating and cooling company where he could use his HVAC skills which was what he had wanted.

I am proud to announce that Mr. Coleman has continued to be employed with the same employer for more than six months, he has his own apartment, and is looking to purchase a car. With the help of his employer, his mentor, and the support that you have given us Mr. Coleman proves once again that you are making a difference in the lives of these men.Thank you for your generous donations, we couldn't do it without you.