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July 2014


This month we have updates on the RSA Consultation, the Drogheda Road Safety Event and various international news items.

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RSA Consultation Completed

MAG Ireland recently submitted our formal response to the RSA as part of the consultation process on proposed changes to the practical driving test.

While the RSA has made substantial progress in the areas of training and licensing, the actual driving test itself has changed very little over the years since it was first introduced. The consultation sought the views of experts and lay people alike as to what changes would be appropriate and how they might be implemented.

MAG Ireland supports many of the changes outlined, and indeed some have been knocking around for several years at this stage. Our formal response will be published on the MAG Ireland web site shortly.


Report a Road Hazard with

MAG Ireland encourages all riders to report road hazards such as potholes, gravel, debris, muck and so on encountered on the roads.

We recommend using the web site which has all the facilities necessary to ensure your report goes to the correct local authority.


The RSA also maintains a list of Road Safety Officers for various local authorities whose job it is to assist you with road safety locally. You’ll find the list in Appendix 3 of the following document:


BikeSafe South Eastern Region Recruiting

BikeSafe South Eastern Region is currently inviting applications from riders who wish to do a BikeSafe Assessment. Areas covered are Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Tipperary, and Carlow but riders from further afield are welcome to apply.

Details on the MAG Ireland website


International Road Safety Report

The 2014 edition of the IRTAD annual report on Road Safety is available on the website of the International Transport Forum.
This report provides an overview for road safety performance for 2012 in 37 countries, with preliminary data for 2013, and detailed reports for each of the 37 countries. It also outlines crash data collection process, describes the road safety strategies and targets in the various countries and provides detailed safety data and information on recent trends in speeding, drink driving and other aspects of road user behaviour. 

Countries included in the 2014 edition are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada , Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic , Denmark, Finland, Germany , Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal , Serbia , Slovenia, Spain, Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom, Unite States


Filtering in Australia

Filtering (riding slowly between stationary or slow moving vehicles) on a motorcycle/scooter/moped is an accepted and legitimate practice here.

However this has not been “legal” or accepted by authorities in other countries including the Australian State of NSW (New South Wales).
From the 1st July 2014 motorcycle lane filtering will be made legal in NSW with strict conditions:

  • Motorcyclists must only lane filter when travelling less than 30 km/h
  • Motorcyclists can lane filter through stationary and slow moving traffic
  • Motorcyclists caught moving between traffic at over 30km/h  face heavy fines and three demerit points under a new offence called ‘lane splitting ’
  • It will be illegal for motorcyclists to lane filter:
    • next to the kerb
    • next to parked vehicles
    • in school zones
  • Motorcyclists should always look out for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Motorcyclists should not lane filter around heavy vehicles and buses
  • Only fully licensed motorcyclists are allowed to lane filter
  • Motorcyclists must only lane filter when it’s safe
  • Motorcyclists must comply with all existing road rules when lane filtering. This includes stopping before the stop line at a red traffic light or stop sign, never in front or over it.

Christopher Burns, spokesman for the Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCCofNSW) said:

“The Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay, Transport for NSW and the Centre for Road Safety should be applauded for this common sense move to legalise lane filtering in NSW and the first state in Australia to do so."


The NSW government has launched a new video animation which explains the new laws and shows how to lane filter safely:


content courtesy of


Thanks to Jochen Riehn for his piece in the May issue. As a reminder, this event takes place Friday July 18 - Sunday July 20, 2014 in Enniskillen, Ireland and is a must do for anyone with an interest in long distance travel.


Pet Food Run

The annual MAG Dublin Petfood run (a.k.a. the MAG Dublin Puppy run) will take place on Sunday 20th July next.

Departs from the Papal cross, Phoenix Park, Dublin @2pm. Donations of pet food welcome.


Non-used Vehicle Declaration

The first declarations of non-use of a vehicle, as provided for in the Non-Use of Motor Vehicles Act 2013, were made in July 2013.  A large number of vehicles were declared off the road during the three month transition period provided for in the Act, which ran until the end of September 2013.  A significant proportion of these declarations were for one year and will be expiring in the coming months.  Owners who made declarations during that period and who now want to make a further declaration should be aware that the declaration must be made in advance during the month in which the previous declaration expires i.e.
Where declarations were made from August 2013 to end July 2014, a further declaration must be made during July 2014.
Where declarations were made from September 2013 to end August 2014, a further declaration must be made during August 2014.
1,631 vintage vehicles were declared off the road in August 2013 and 6,802 in September 2013, in most cases for a full year.   Renewal notices, requesting that owners either make a further declaration of non-use or tax their vehicle, are being issued by the National Vehicle and Driver File in the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport for the vehicles early in the month in which the previous declaration expires.  However, we would appreciate if, in the event that you are issuing any newsletters etc. to members in the near future, you could remind them of the need to make a declaration during the month of expiry of the previous declaration if the vehicle is still not being used in a public place, in order to avoid having to pay tax on the vehicle.   We would also appreciate if you could advise members that they can now renew their declaration online at using the PIN number given on the renewal notice, as well as in motor tax offices.   There is no charge for making a declaration of non-use of a vehicle.


Bike Buyers Guide

Read MAG Ireland in this month's Bike Buyers Guide.


Irish Bikers Bible



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Motorcycle Events Calendar

Friday, 18 July

Touring: Horizons Unlimited Meeting Ireland 2014

Saturday, 19 July
 Touring: Horizons Unlimited Meeting Ireland 2014

Sunday, 20 July
Touring: Horizons Unlimited Meeting Ireland 2014
MAG Dublin Pet Food Run

Friday, 25 July
Rally - Druids MCC

Saturday, 26 July
Rally - Druids MCC
 Bike Show - Belfast Motor Show
 Rally - 1st Borderline Rally

Sunday, 27 July
Rally - Druids MCC
Bike Show - Belfast Motor Show
 Hillclimb - West Cork Motorcycle Club

Friday, 8 August
 Rally - 15th Drunken Assholes Rally
 Rally - Independents Seisiun 2014
 Rally Hog 'N' Bog 2014
 Rally: Ancestors MCC
 BBQ & Quiz Nite, Highway Men MCC, Lisburn

Saturday, 9 August
 Rally - 15th Drunken Assholes Rally
 Rally - Independents Seisiun 2014
 Rally Hog 'N' Bog 2014
 Rally: Ancestors MCC

Sunday, 10 August
 Rally - 15th Drunken Assholes Rally
 Rally - Independents Seisiun 2014
 Rally Hog 'N' Bog 2014

Saturday, 16 August
 Rally - Buachaill Dana MCC



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