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24 July 2020

Keeping the lights on in a separation event: What role did renewables play?

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Webinar Summary

In January 2020, the South Australian (SA) grid was separated from the Victorian grid when extreme weather resulted in a convective downburst that caused the collapse of a number of steel transmission towers.

AEMO presented on the operational actions taken to keep the lights on in SA when it was islanded from the NEM for 17 days.

The operator of SA’s electricity network, and the operators of SA-based large-scale batteries, a wind farm, and a virtual power plant shared lessons learnt in the panel discussion that followed.


Read the Summary and watch the video


Self-forecasting progressing towards improved accuracy

Participants in ARENA’s Short-term Forecasting trial are confident that onsite, high-dimensional weather forecasting models can outperform AEMO’s current system to predict renewable energy generation.

Improved forecast accuracy may prove beneficial to an electricity market with high shares of renewable resources.


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Skycam next to Solar Farm. Credit: Proa Analytics

Large-scale battery storage demonstrates rapid frequency response

Large-scale battery storage systems continue to demonstrate they can provide rapid and proportionate responses to frequency deviations. This supports AEMO to operate the NEM in a stable and secure way.


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Lake Bonney Battery & Wind Farm

More VPPs integrate into the NEM

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is created by a collection of batteries managed individually or in unison to support the local or regional electricity grid.

With more than 12,000 behind-the-meter batteries installed in the SA distribution network, SAPN Advanced VPP Grid Integration project is looking to tap into this potential through dynamic, rather than fixed, export limits.


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Cost-effective Pricing for the Integration of DER

This study developed price signals that reflect the benefits – and costs – of integrating DER into the electricity system.

Read the DER study

QNP Green Ammonia Project Feasibility Study

Read the results from the first completed renewable ammonia feasibility study funded by ARENA.

Read the QNP study

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