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Vol. 5: No. 3
March 30, 2016

Missionary Internship in Ukraine 
Apply Now!

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
“Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”
Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.” Isaiah 6:8 (ESV)

Do you feel you may be called to cross-cultural missions, but need a place to test your gifts and gain some valuable training and experience with personal oversight?

Here is a wonderful opportunity that comes highly recommended by Rev. Heero Hacquebord, OPC Missionary to Ukraine!

June-July 2016:
The two-month "Leopolis Green" summer internship program mentors and trains new missionaries in a personal church planting community.

From Mission to the World (MTW) Website:
"Leopolis Green is an intensive missionary training internship in a community where you will be engaged in university, mercy, and children's ministry in the afternoons and trained through lecture/discussions in the morning."

From Team L'viv Website:
"Leopolis Green is looking for teachable, mature people with leadership ability who have an interest in foreign ministry, who are up for intense training, and who have an adventuresome attitude for two months. You must have completed at least two years of university or be 20 years of age."

Doug Shepherd
Director, Leopolis Green


In this issue (click or scroll down for further information):

Missionary Internship in Ukraine - Apply Now
Pray for Work Teams Traveling to Japan in April
"English for Kids" Teams Filled for 2016
The CDM Contributes to Refugee Relief
Update from the Boardwalk Chapel

Current Opportunities for Service:
May 2016: Work Teams Needed at the Boardwalk Chapel
Teachers Needed in Uganda
Bible Camping Trip in Quebec
2016-2017: Teach English to University Students in Asia

Year-Round Opportunities for Service:
Help Refurbish Manse Apartment in Neon, KY
Help Refurbish Church Building in Magna, UT
Year-Round Need for Short-Term Teachers in South Korea
Year-Round Evangelism Opportunity in Quebec
Year-Round Opportunities for Service in Uganda
Year-Round Evangelism Training in Key West, FL

STM Resources:
Can Your Church Use a Team?

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Pray for Work Teams
Traveling to Japan in April

We are thankful for the many excellent applications we received from those interested in serving on our two "Japan Work Teams."

Eleven individuals with varied skills and experience have been selected to travel to Japan in April to refurbish the exterior of the Nozomi ("Hope") Center in Japan, a disaster relief/community outreach center established by the OPC and its affiliates following the tsunami of 2011. 

“The Nozomi Center has become an important beacon of hope and light in the area. The badly affected areas of the country are still recovering, which means that many people are still without permanent homes and work. Nozomi offers them a place to fellowship, partake of activities, and meet friends,” says John Voss, OPC Committee on Diaconal Ministries.

Read about the good works that take place at the Nozomi Center here!

Pray for our teams and stay tuned for reports on their work!

Japan Work Team #1 (April 4-15, 2016)

  • Brian Murphy, Team Leader (Fredericksburg Christian Fellowship, TX)
  • Patrick Lewis (Harvest OPC, Wyoming, MI)
  • Liviu Marhao (First Romanian Pentecostal Church, Hickory, NC)
  • Petre Pindic (Hickory Romanian Baptist Church, Hickory, NC)
  • Noah Rice (Christ Covenant OPC, Amarillo, TX)
  • Gelu Vasiu (Hickory Romanian Baptist Church, Hickory, NC)

Japan Work Team #2 (April 15-28, 2016)

  • Raun Treible, Team Leader (Lake Sherwood OPC, Orlando, FL)
  • Nick de Ru (Sovereign Grace OPC, Oak Harbor, WA)
  • John Flynn (Lake Sherwood OPC, Orlando, FL)
  • Stephen Lauer (Lynnwood OPC, Lynnwood, WA)
  • Josh Miller (Berlin Baptist Church, Marne, MI)

Mrs. Olivia Durham of the Presbytery of New York and New England is pleased to announce that the team for this summer's "English for Kids" Bible Camp in St-Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec, has been filled!

Filled for Summer 2016!


Rev. Ben Westerveld and Camp Coordinator Jennifer Nelson are pleased to announce that the teams for this summer's three "English for Kids" Bible Camps in Quebec City, have been filled!


As reported in recent issues of the S.T.O.R.M. Report, the Committee on Diaconal Ministries (CDM) has been researching opportunities to contribute to refugee relief using funds designated by OPC members for that purpose. The CDM has now made an initial gift of $6,000 to the Greek Evangelical Church which ministers to the needs of refugees fleeing from the Middle East as they pass through Greece on their way to Germany.

The CDM Contributes to Refugee Relief

Twice a week, the church makes more than 1,000 sandwiches and distributes them to some of the more than 10,000 people delayed at the northern border of Greece. They also knit caps and scarves for distribution to many of the women and children who have been ill-equipped for the near freezing temperatures.  Pray for this church as it strives to bear witness to the compassion of Christ.

Pray for the CDM as it explores other such avenues of ministry to refugees.


Update from the Boardwalk Chapel

From the Boardwalk Chapel's Newsletter:

"Our Director confirmed all volunteer staff for the main part of the summer and the Dunn House is scheduled to have its largest known group to date — a total of 27 people .... Pray that the Lord would prepare each person spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially for the work to be done this summer so that all arrive ready to serve each other and minister to the lost with grace and love."

Rev. Jim Zozzaro
Ms. Elizabeth Horst

"There is still an opening for a young man skilled in playing guitar/drums to assist on the Music Team. We welcome anyone who wishes to work toward the end of the summer (August and September) for a week or more to apply as well." 


Current Opportunities: 


Needed ASAP

Men, women, couples wishing to serve as teachers are encouraged to apply to work for 1-3 months with the Karamoja Education Outreach project (KEO) in Uganda! College students seeking an independent study project also welcome to apply!

Dr. Martha Wright

Needed ASAP

Young men with camping experience are needed to help lead "English for Teens," a Bible-centered, English-immersion camping trip for teens in Quebec, taking place July 25-29, 2016.

Rev. Ben Westerveld


From the Boardwalk Chapel's Newsletter:

"The list of projects to be done this May continues to grow and we would love it if you came to help us prepare for the summer. Some scheduled projects include cleaning, organizing, moving furniture, building bunk beds, repairing trim and sheet rock, painting, and electrical work.

May 2016:
Work Teams Needed at the Boardwalk Chapel


"Every year, we are blessed by the willingness of individuals and groups who sacrifice time and resources to help us before the Chapel season officially begins.

"Will you join us in May and use your gifts to prepare the buildings before the staff arrive?"

Rev. Jim Zozzaro
Ms. Elizabeth Horst


There are exciting opportunities to teach English at the university level in Asia for several months this summer, starting June 25, 2016, or full-time during the next school year, starting September 2016 or February 2017.  

Teach English to University Students
in Asia


Invest in the lives
of students who are uniquely positioned
to impact this region
of the world!


Details regarding the qualifications and degree of commitment required for summer or full-time service, including raising one's own support, can be obtained from:

Rev. Douglas Clawson
Associate General Secretary, Committee on Foreign Missions


Year-Round Opportunities 



Neon Reformed Presbyterian Church, an OP church plant in Neon, Kentucky, is seeking skilled volunteers to help them with ongoing refurbishment of the manse apartment in their church building.


  • Install laminated wood flooring
  • Rebuild master bathroom

Rev. Jay Bennett



Christ Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Magna, Utah, outside Salt Lake City, is seeking skilled volunteers to help them with ongoing refurbishment of their large church building.

Skills Needed:

  • Carpentry
  • Drywall installation
  • Painting
  • Light electrical work

Rev. Jason Wallace


South Korea

The Missionary Training Institute in Yeosu, South Korea, is seeking short-term visitors to teach the following subjects to missionaries and missionary candidates from South Korea and other nearby countries.

  • English as Second Language
  • Theology
  • Missiology
  • Missionary member-care
  • Writing
  • Speech

Mrs. Mihyang Choi-Yoon


OPC Missionary Rev. Ben Westerveld invites you to come join in a "Cafe Anglais" (English Cafe) in the parks and malls of Quebec City.  Since the mother tongue of most of the citizens of Quebec is French, they welcome any opportunity to practice English with real Anglophones (those whose mother tongue is English). This type of outreach can provide opportunities to share the gospel and the Reformed faith! 

Rev. Ben Westerveld



With an operating medical clinic, a farm project, the Karamoja Education Outreach project (KEO), and village evangelism, not to mention the continual construction projects including well-drilling, there are many ways for a short-term visitor to serve on the mission field in Uganda!

Mrs. Sunshine Okken

Key West, FL

Rev. Bill Welzien, Pastor of Keys Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Key West, FL, has presented the gospel three times a week for over 20 years in an engaging open-air style during the popular Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square in Key West!  He invites your group to come to Keys Evangelistic Ministries (KEM) for a week and receive classroom training and practical experience in evangelism.

Rev. Bill Welzien



Individuals able to teach English at the university level (must have at least a Bachelor's degree) to start in September 2016 or February 2017. Minimum commitment of one year.  

An individual (particularly a young man) able to speak French (or interested in learning to speak French) to assist in the outreach and discipleship ministries of St. Marc's Reformed Church.

Missionary Associate Openings

A missionary associate (MA) is an individual who is appointed by the Committee on Foreign Missions to labor on an OP foreign mission field without cost to the committee. There is an application process, and terms of service are generally 3 months to 2 years.

Rev. Douglas Clawson
General Secretary,
Committee on
Foreign Missions


Two individuals to assist our missionary families in Mbale with homeschooling and more.

Two individuals to participate in the Karamoja Education Outreach (KEO) program.

Skilled individuals to assist our missionary deacons.


STM Resources


Can Your Church
Use a Team?

Is there a project that your church could undertake if it had the help of volunteers from another OP church or presbytery? For example:

  • Need help with Vacation Bible School?
  • Need help with community outreach?
  • ​Need help making improvements to your church building?

In making such a need known, your church actually provides an opportunity for those who seek to share their time, gifts, and skills with others in the OPC!

We can help you get the word out and look for a team!  Contact us at for further information, or click below to complete a form to request a team to help your church!



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Questions and comments regarding the S.T.O.R.M. Report may also be directed to:

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