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6 Water-Saving Agricultural Technologies
In honor of World Water Day, we highlighted 6 game-changing agricultural technologies (and one funder) that are helping farms of all sizes reduce their water footprint.

Just-Eat Plans £100M IPO: Acquisitions & Food Pickup On the Horizon
This IPO would be the biggest local exit for a company from London’s “Tech City“ hub,” and closely follows US-based delivery giant GrubHub’s $100 million IPO announcement last month. 2014 is definitely looking like the year of the food delivery IPO. 

Mario Batali’s Restaurants Use Tech To Fight Food Waste, An Open Source Ag Tech Database + More
Our weekly roundup of the top food tech stories across agriculture, CPG, grocery, restaurants, cooking and health. 

Startup Resources

Q-and-A: Food Lab Helps Companies Add Sustainability To Value Chains - SmartBlogs
Sustainable Food Lab helps companies adopt sustainability practices, gathers data on sustainability efforts and shares that information to promote the sustainability movement.

Food He.ro - Chicago's First Food Tech Lab - Kickstarter
The project's social mission is to develop more food service and food tech businesses by assisting them through education and training.


An Experimental Dining Startup Wants To Use Data To Create The Perfect Restaurant - Business Insider
Over the next few weeks, Dinner Lab will be taking data from a series of events across the U.S. to create what it says will be the very first crowdsourced restaurant.

Restaurants Challenge Themselves To Cut Food Waste - Smart Blogs
NYC restaurant companies like Union Square Hospitality Group and Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group are stepping up to Mayor Bloomberg's food waste challenge by leveraging technology solutions and beefing up composting efforts.

Wendy's Rolls Out Mobile Payment After Burger King; McDonald's Still Testing - US News
The move reflects a push by fast-food chains to court younger customers by tapping into the attachment they have to their phones.

PayPal’s Food Payment Services Pay At Table and Order Ahead Come to the UK and Australia - The Next Web
Pay At Table checks users in to a location and handles payment for their meal at a restaurant, while Order Ahead lets customers peruse a restaurant’s menu and order their food remotely.

Starbucks Intros Its Mobile Tip Jar In An iOS Update - GigaOm
With the release of its newest iOS app, Starbucks now supports tipping in its mobile payments service. It also introduced a new shake-to-pay feature and a new interface design.

SoonSpoon Launches With 16 Upscale Restaurants Offering Last-Minute Reservations - Boston Business Journal
The startup aggregates reservations from high-end restaurants that open up because of a last-minute cancellation.

Healthy Food Delivery Startup Zesty Goes Corporate With The Launch Of A Catering Service - TechCrunch
Corporate customers get an initial consultation with Zesty’s nutritionist and receive a customized with a food plan for the company.

Food Safety Goal For East Liberty Startup FreshTemp - Trib Live
FreshTemp offers the sensors, software and other technology to easily meet expected government rules. 

Grocery & CPG

This Startup Makes It Possible To Know The People Who Grow Your Food - Business Insider
CitySprout's virtual farmers market differs from Good Eggs and Relay Foods, by not handling the packaging or delivery of the food.

These First-Year MBAs Are Trying to Solve America’s Food Waste Problem - Bloomberg Businessweek
Spoiler Alert offers an online marketplace for the real-time exchange of information about excess, expiring and spoiled food

Smart Tag Alerts Food Spoiling - Investors
Researchers at Peking University in Beijing developed a color-coded gel tab that can tell if food and drugs are about to spoil.


Blue River Technology Raises $10M In Series A-1 - AgFunder
Data Collective Venture Capital led the round, with participation from Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors and Khosla Ventures. This investment means that farmers are now one step closer to having robots run in their fields.

Silent Herdsman Raises Another £3M For Its Wearable Collars That Keep Tabs On Cows - TechCrunch
The startup has spent years building a wearable collar for cattle that’s designed to help dairy and beef farmers better manage their herds by detecting decision-triggering conditions.

Infographic Contrasting Food Regulations In U.S. to E.U. - Big Picture Agriculture
This visualization shows the difference between U.S. and E.U.’s food regulations.


Recipe-Finding App Gojee Quietly Gets Acquired by XO Group After Talks Stalled With Yahoo - TechCrunch
For Gojee, the sale is a mark of the challenges that smaller, independent sites have in breaking into a game that these days is dominated by a handful of very big players that base their business models around advertising and scale.

Open Sesame: Sync, Save And Search For All Your Favorite Recipes With This iOS App - The Next Web
Sesame for iOS, the latest startup to enter the busy recipe tech space, is designed to help you collate recipes from across the Web – a bit like Pocket, but specifically for recipes.


What Your Kitchen Will Look Like In 2025 - FastCo Exist
Smart refrigerators, faucets that detect bacteria on produce and 3-D printed dishes are just some of GE's predictions for the kitchen of 2025.

New oPhone Lets You Send Smells Via Text - Uptown
When someone sends a message using the scent menu on their oPhone, the receiver’s phone would use its own menu to recreate the scent that was sent. 


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