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October 22, 2014

Contact: Sam Spencer 

Stone Family’s Reckless Use Of Guns And Badges
Calls For Attorney General To Conduct Corruption Investigation

Palm Desert – Following in the footsteps of badge-wielding State Senate Candidate Jeff Stone, his stepson, Vincent Cusumano has been arrested and charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Today, the Press Enterprise Newspaper reported that Vincent Cusumano and an accomplice, Fausto Atilano, owner of Fausto Bail Bonds allegedly kicked in the door of a young mother who was home alone with her baby. The notorious Atilano is related by marriage to Jeff Stone, is a prominent donor, and recently hosted a fundraiser for Stone at his personal residence.

Like father, like son, the Stone duo continues to tap into their "cozy relationships" in order to steamroll citizens and abuse their authority.

The charges indicate that the arrest warrants were sealed and law enforcement officials took the unprecedented act of calling the subject to let him know of the warrant in advance of his arrest.  This is not a privilege that is extended to other people who are charged with crimes.  In addition, Stone’s stepson was charged with unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm while allegedly being prohibited from carrying one. 

During his road rage incident a few months ago, Jeff Stone personally called the Riverside County Sheriff from his cell phone in an attempt to get himself out of trouble after illegally flashing a badge with the intent to intimidate a young driver. Stone’s threatening behavior prompted the motorist to call 911, as he believed Stone was an out-of-control police officer. Unfortunately, the Sheriff’s Department did not confiscate the phony police badge.

The attorney Virginia Blumenthal is representing both Stone's stepson and Fausto, which makes sense for an attorney who on February 25, 2013 was awarded a Riverside County contract worth over $3 million when Supervisor Jeff Stone ensured Blumenthal received the contract by voting to avoid a process that would have placed the contract out to bid.  Contract is here. Within days of receiving the award, she made out the first of several contribution checks to Stone's Senate campaign.

(Source: Secretary of State)
• March 17, 2014 Ms. Virginia M. Blumenthal $1,000
• September 24, 2014 Virginia M. Blumenthal, A Professional Law Corp. $1,000
Notice the date of the vote on the contract and the contribution.

Furthermore, Blumenthal represents former Murrieta Mayor Alan Long, who has been forced to resign from his position but is one of Stone’s biggest supporters.  Recently quoted in a regional newspaper, Blumenthal is defending the former Mayor who is currently under investigation for Driving Under the Influence while striking a car and injuring its occupants, a group of local high school students.

The residents of Riverside County as well as crime victims who seek fair and equitable justice continue to suffer under the Stone family’s abuse of power.

Jeff Stone’s affinity for wielding power over public contracts and his history of shielding warrants as special favors calls for an investigation by the Attorney General.  We cannot allow Stone to continue destroying the public’s confidence in the role or purpose of governance while victimizing innocent residents. 

Riverside County residents deserve an answer.