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RVi Expands Nationally

This past month, we were pleased to announce that RVi is expanding outside of Texas for the first time, with fully staffed offices in Oakland and Phoenix. The expansion advances our plan for sustainable growth and is made possible through an equity investment by national consulting firm Atwell, LLC.

You can check out additional coverage of this announcement in the Austin Business Journal and the Phoenix Business Journal.

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Dallas Arboretum Draws International Praise and Local Pokemon Enthusiasts


Architectural Digest has just named the Dallas Arboretum one of the world’s 15 Breathtaking Botanical Gardens to Visit This Season. Listed just under the number one spot, Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York, the Arboretum is recognized as a “66-acre haven for thriving ferns and azaleas, (and) one of the best views of the downtown skyline.” Among the list’s impressive horticulture spaces are gardens in Rio, France, Singapore, and Cape Town, with only a few listings in the United States.

RVi is proud to have planned and designed pieces of this acclaimed Texas landmark. The Nancy Rutchik Red Maple Rill and Martin Rutchik Concert Lawn were designed with thoughtful details and in celebration of the space’s natural elements. Those fully-realized ideas are now drawing worldwide attention and hundreds of visitors.

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TREC Young Guns Bring Outdoor Improvements to Bachman Lake Together Family Center

Over the past several months, RVi’s own Austin Hicks has been working on The Real Estate Council’s (TREC) Young Guns annual service project. This year’s project involved the design of a new playground and outdoor amenities for the Bachman Lake Together Family Center. Located in a neighborhood where nearly 40 percent of the children live in poverty, the Center offers resources to help parents support their children’s development. Although the Center is now operating out of a newly constructed facility, the outdoor environment still left much to be desired.

In an effort to provide outdoor spaces for families to spend quality time together, the TREC team designed new play structures, a walking path, putting green, sound equipment, and garden planters. These improvements were funded by TREC’s annual Casino Night event, which raised $32,000 for the project earlier this year. The project culminates in a work day on August 13th, when the TREC team will put the finishing touches on outdoor space.

“Whether it is big or small, I hope we are able to have a positive impact on the kids and parents that come to the Bachman Lake Together Family Center and use these outdoor spaces," Austin said.

You can read more about this year’s project on the TREC website.

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