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Food Tech Media Startup Funding, M&A and Partnerships: June 2014 
The first half of 2014 saw over $3.9b invested into private food tech and media companies through equity raises ($1.2b) and acquisitions ($2.7b disclosed).

Mid-Year AgTech Funding Roundup
$401m has been pumped into 35 AgTech companies from January to mid-July, with Cool Planet Energy Systems, Marrone Bio Innovations and Chromatin, Inc raking in a combined $176m.

[Infographic] Growing the Home Food Gardening Movement 
This infographic by Sustainable America highlights the benefits, potential impact and rise of home food gardens.

Startup Resources

Why You Should Hire People Toughened by Failure, Not Those Coddled by Success - Entrepreneur
Hire people who’ve failed at doing something bold, because they’re the only ones who’ll succeed at something bold. 

Consumers' Willingness to Purchase Groceries Online is Shifting - Digital Journal
Online grocery shopping is projected to be a $9.5b industry by 2017.


Will Americans Buy Bug Snacks? Maybe ... If They're Funny And Cute - NPR
In U.S., a certain "ick factor" has kept consumers from eating bugs. To combat this and convert skeptical consumers, bug-food advocates are trying a specific marketing tactic: be clever and cute.


Instant Replay: The Second Coming of On-Demand Delivery -re/code
Many are skeptical of same-day delivery, but dot-comers think its going to be big.

With $1.3 Million In Funding, Pantry’s Smart Fridge Lets Businesses Sell Fresh Food Anytime - TechCrunch
The funding came from 500 Startups, Menlo Ventures, Arsenal Venture Partners, Lemnos Labs and others. Pantry is looking to expand its smart fridge trial to more universities and hospitals. 

Can This Startup Kill off the Supermarket? - Fortune
Farmigo has an audacious dream: It thinks it can help wipe out the likes of Kroger and Albertsons.

FreshDirect and Foodily launch Popcart, a tool for turning any recipe into a grocery delivery order - The Next Web
Once you drag Popcart to your bookmarks bar, you can highlight the recipe text to have it send the information over to FreshDirect.

Local Produce Delivery Company Takes on "Broken" Food System - Elevation
Unlike a traditional CSA, 4P Foods clients pay as they go and can choose the size of their share. 


It’s Official: Square Acquires Food Delivery Service Caviar - TechCrunch
The deal ($90m in stock) will enable Square to deliver food from restaurants that don’t already offer the service to surrounding locals.

OpenTable Takes Out Its Aallet for Restaurant Sales Analytics Startup Copilot - VentureBeat
The service lets restaurateurs see how their daily performance compared with other restaurants and uses dada from POS systems.

Armed with $800K Seed Round, Montreal's Provender Launches in Toronto - BetaKit
The funding came fromReal Ventures, the Business Development Bank of Canada, Freshii, Kinetic Cafe and private angels. The startup is looking to enter the US market and release a mobile app.

Doritos Inventor's Grandson Sees Dollar Signs ln Healthful Food - NPR
30-year-old Bay Area food entrepreneur Tim West wants to completely reinvent what we eat and how it's produced.

Wearable Technology Brings a New World of Opportunity to the Restaurant Industry - QSR Web
Operators already moving away from out-of-date POS systems and wearables are poised to advance this inclination.

Google Alum Launches Tally To Give You Digital Pros & Cons Lists of Boston's Best Restaurants - Bostinno
The social web app ua designed to capture the crowd’s opinion on virtually any subject by allowing the major themes to rise to the top.

Push For Pizza Is Yo For Food Delivery - TechCrunch
Five teens have created an app that makes it simpler still to get food delivered. 

No Whining for this Wine Startup Joining the Competitive Food Tech Landscape - Upstart
Gruv allows restaurant goers to reserve a bottle of wine online ahead of time and get a discount, like OpenTable for wine. 


Skymet, Indian Weather Forecaster, Raises $4.5 Million Series B - AgFunderNews
Asia Pacific led the round and previous investor Omnivore Partners participated. Skymet will use the funds to improve its weather forecasting system and expand to Asia and Africa.

New Data Reflects Continued Demand for Farmers Markets - Farm and Ranch Guide
The USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service announced that its National Farmers Market Directory lists 8,268 markets, up by 76% from 2008.

Panasonic is Growing Veggies in Singapore’s First Licensed Indoor Farm - AgFunderNews
The company has signed with Japanese restaurant, Ootoya, to sell radishes, lettuce and more. Its farm will produce 3.6 tons of produce annually. 

Africa Agricultural Initiative Gets $7 Billion Boost from Private Companies - Washington Post
These commitments nearly double an Obama admin initiative aimed at mobilizing private money to ease hunger and poverty.


Ten Food Apps that Educate, Inspire, and Empower Eaters - Food Tank
This list highlights standout apps for socially consicous eaters, including Fooducate, ROC National Diner's Guide and more. 


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