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12 December 2014

NewsLine is a short weekly summary of stories that may be of interest to those involved in the Māori Tourism community.


Hon Dr Pita Sharples wrote in the Herald this week that "we need to get serious about teaching and learning New Zealand history, for everybody but especially in schools. To know something about someone's past, and how it has shaped who they are today, so enriches your relationship. We share a rich tapestry of history, as tangata whenua and tangata tiriti. A knowledge of that history is the basis of mutual respect and understanding, and a rock-solid foundation for national unity in all our cultural diversity." Read more here


Free wifi finally comes to Beijing’s buses, and it’s fast

Last week in Beijing, free Wifi was rolled out across 12,000 of the city's buses.  It's great news for the millions of Internet-obsessed commuters in the capital, but also relevant for tourism operators in the West.

Imagine you were a tourist arriving at a hotel in say, Boston or Brisbane, having just come from China where free Wifi is the standard in hotels and even free on bus rides which cost less than 50c.  The smiling clerk at the check-in desk tells you that Wifi costs $15 for one hour to $30 for 24 hours.  As a value-focused Chinese tourist, your first impression of the hotel probably won't be good.  And once you've cooled down, even if you did like the view from your room or the food at the restaurant, you'd be much less likely to share it with your friends given the extortionate cost of doing so. That's a big opportunity missed. Read more here.


Tamanuhiri connected in smart cloud

Ngai Tamanuhiri says it is now engaging with 95 percent of its members as a result of significant investment in technology.

The small Gisborne iwi has been working with technology company Fronde to create Iwi Connect. It’s a cloud-based solution built on the platform that is designed to allow tribes to communicate with their people located around the world, promote and revitalise Te Reo and plan for the future with members’ direct input. Read more here.

Kia Ora Chief: Biography of the late Parekura Horomia released

Parekura Horomia will be immortalised in a book about his life - Kia Ora Chief. The book was launched on Saturday, but another launch at Parliament has been planned. Written by Sir Wira Gardiner, this biography of Parekura Horomia celebrates the life and achievements of one of New Zealand's well-known politicians and Māori leaders. Watch more here.


New Zealand Wins World’s Best Country

New Zealand has been named the world's best country, according to the Telegraph Travel Awards.

More than 90,000 people voted for their favourite travel companies and destinations, in what is the widest-ranging travel survey of its kind, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Responding to the news, Prime Minister John Key described the result as "a great accolade".

"Tourism forms a significant part of our economy," he told the Telegraph. "We believe one of the real strengths of the tourism experience in New Zealand is that it lives up to the hype." Read more here