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When should you talk to your kids about money?

It is sometimes the case that our students pose us the question – but when will I use this? Our responses vary, of course, particularly when the topic is about mathematics. If we’re lucky enough to have an accountant, a tradesperson, or anyone who works with numbers in the family, the answers to this question are a lot easier. However, for the rest of us, we have to ask ourselves another question – are we teaching our children the importance of finance, money, and mathematics?


The following is an excerpt from

Teaching your child the value of money, through real life situations and examples, will help them understand where money comes from and how it is earned. Here are a few examples of how you could approach this with your kids.

At the ATM

The ATM is a great place to start teaching kids about money. You could explain to your child that the ATM holds the money you have made by working hard and saving. It is not just a hole in the wall where money comes out.

When you take money out of the ATM it is taken from your bank account and you'll have less in your account to spend later.

At the supermarket
When buying items at the supermarket, you can explain to your kids how items are priced and that you can get cheaper or more expensive versions of the same product. This is also an opportunity to discuss how you can shop around for the best price.

You could get them to compare prices for you and pick the cheapest one. If they want a particular brand then explain the price difference to them.

Paying bills
If you receive bills in the mail or online, this can be an opportunity to explain that electricity or your internet connection costs money. You could explain that to pay a $150 power bill it took you so many days at work to earn the money. This will help create a connection between time spent at work and money, as well as the fact that electricity and the internet cost your family money. It might also make them think twice about leaving lights and appliances on.

Doing a budget
Involving your kids in discussions about your family budget is another way you can talk to your children about money. This helps give them the big picture about costs and spending.
By explaining how much money your family has to spend every week and how this money is spent your kids will better understand the costs of family life and how much can be saved for other things.

Giving pocket money
Pocket money can help children better understand the value of money. Are you giving your child too much pocket money? Do they understand the value of what they spend?


For more information on how you can improve numeracy skills at home, you can visit:

JPC YMT - Northern Territory Immersion

This weekend we farewell members of our Youth Ministry Team as they depart on their first immersion experience. Madison Greenwood, Logan MacMahon and Sharee Mudaliar, along with Miss Cheryl Jones, will be taking part in a Northern Territory immersion visiting Darwin and Daly River. On Thursday at our morning mass, Father Mark offered a special blessing for their safe journey. We pray that these members of our community will find this immersion a powerful opportunity to deepen their faith as they minister to rural Australian communities and that they return to us with renewed spirits, ready to continue to build our thriving Youth Ministry culture at JPC.


Are you interested in learning more about Youth Ministry at JPC? Chat with one of our team (look for the red shirts!) or seek out Miss Jones or Mrs Edghill for more information.


On Thursday 13th September we experienced a series of activities to recognize the importance of starting the conversation to save a life, “R U OK?”.

It is recognized that asking “R U OK?” can open up a scary conversation. We all need to believe that we have what it takes to be able to make this difficult conversation and to show our friends that we support them. Students prayed for the strength to be able to help someone by sharing their difficulties and were shown the 4 steps of the conversation so that they can comfort and support someone when they are feeling down.

R U OK cup-cakes were sold at the canteen which certainly raised energy levels … and my waistline measurement.
Students wrote very thoughtful comments of what they could say to help someone such as:

“Hey, you’ve been acting weird for the last few days, R U OK?”

“I know it’s tough but I am here to listen to you, tell me more.”

“You are an amazing person and deserve my help”
“I’ll see you this arvo to check in?”


Mrs Cate Wright

Year 12 Leaders ask, “RUOK?”

Our Year 12 Leadership Team kept the important conversations flowing at lunch on Thursday as they mingled with the student body to raise awareness of the importance of checking in on our friends and asking, “RUOK?”. It was great to see the response of students to this initiative, and we thank the student leaders for continuing to be models for our community in these important initiatives.

Aussie Farmers Day Fundraiser

On Wednesday at lunch the Social Justice Group held an Aussie Farmers Day Fundraiser to support Australian farmers and rural communities suffering through the drought. The lunch incorporated Aussie themed foods such as sausage rolls and pavlova. Thank you to all who came and purchased food – we raised a total of $1,241!!

A big thank you to the students of the Social Justice Group who assisted with plating up and serving the food. An even bigger thank you goes to the canteen staff who made the delicious food and supported the fundraiser.


Miss Zorzi and Miss Masterson – Social Justice Team

Year 9 and 10, 2019

Elective Choice Process

Information will be sent to families of students in Years 8 and 9 (Years 9 and 10 in 2019) early next week outlining the process for selecting elective classes for 2019. This information will include the link to the Elective Course Study Guide, the list of courses that will be available for selection on each timetable line and instructions as to how students will be able to access the online portal to make their selections. I will also be speaking with each of the year groups early next week about specific aspects of the process. Thank you for your patience in relation to this process as we are moving to a new system that will hopefully streamline the selection process for families.


Rachel Francis-Davies
Assistant Principal

ABC's Highschool Special of Q&A

On Monday the 11th of September, five students from the college (Bronte Froome, Hannah Markmann, Celeste Gibbs, Stephen Sisavath-Norman & Finn Salisbury) had the opportunity to attend ABC's Highschool Special of Q and A. Four students from across Australia joined the panel alongside Deputy National Party leader Briget McKenzie and Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong. The panel discussed issues that Australia's young citizens had concerns with, some of these obstacles being sexism and bullying in parliament, climate change policies, Australia's Indigenous peoples and a variety of other topics. We were all grateful for the opportunity to join the audience and further understand some of Australia's current and potential future issues.


Stephen Sisavath-Norman & Finn Salisbury, Year 11

Year 7/8 Parliamentary Debate Team

Last Friday, five of our Year 7/8 students attended the Interschool Parliamentary Debate at the Legislative Assembly. They did a fantastic job, and won their debate for the negative on the topic “Driverless cars will lower the road toll”. They also conceded defeat in the affirmative for the topic “Social media is antisocial”, but received lots of positive feedback from the other teams about their arguments. Of particular note was their ability to write questions without notice for the opposing teams, which they wrote and shared eloquently with the Speaker and the rest of House. They should all be congratulated for their outstanding efforts!


Ms Reid

Pictured: Braidee Purton, Tatenda Nyamukuvhengu, Prashamsha Koirala, Alara Salvage, and Mia McGovern.

Law Guest Speaker: Minister Megan Fitzharris

As a part of the year 9/10 Law class last semester the students selected an issue that they were passionate about and wrote a letter to a relevant minister or member of parliament. One member of the ACT government that was written to kindly offered to come in and talk to the students.


This Wednesday we had the pleasure of having Minister Megan Fitzharris come and talk the 9/10 Law students about her role in the ACT Legislative Assembly. She discussed her role as a member of the Legislature as an MLA and her role as a part of the Executive as the Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research, Transport Canberra and City Services, and Health.


The students then got a fantastic chance to have a Q&A with her about a whole manner of issues, including but not limited to, the Light Rail, Territory Rights, Homelessness, how to create a more inclusive and diverse government, and what the role of government should be overall.


It was a fantastic opportunity and we are all very thankful for Minister Fitzharris for coming in and answering all of the students many questions.


Mr Burns

12 Biology’s BIG DAY OUT
at the
UNSW Sydney’s Museum of Human Disease

Our adventurous and dedicated Year 12 Biology class recently visited Sydney for the day and took in all that the Museum of Human Disease at UNSW’s School of Medicine had to offer as part of our current unit on Infectious Diseases. After an early start (understatement!) and a scenic tour through the back streets of Sydney’s suburbs to miss the standstill freeway, we arrived in good time to spend the day exploring the fascinating displays and undertaking workshops that studied diseased body part specimens that had likely caused the death of their owners. One of the many interesting aspects of the Museum is their insistence on ethical treatment of the specimens with respectful regard, and their gratitude towards those who donate their bodies for medical research!

The learning from this trip forms the basis for our next assignment, where we examine the biology and epidemiology of a disease of world-wide significance, and develop a program of recommendations to an international body such as the World Health Organisation to minimise its impact on a global scale – no pressure!


Mrs Tually


'Arts Up Front'

Year 9/10 Photography have just completed their first assessment in which they looked into a photography genre commonly found on Instagram.

Students presented their research and their own attempts at taking photographs, each image that they took was based around the typical photography aspects found within their genre. Some examples include an emphasis on facial expression, body language, lighting, background, subject and positioning.

Students have now moved into their next assessment, a photographic narrative that follows a storyline based in a real-world theme. I look forward to seeing the journey that these students will take as they develop their skills within photography.

9/10 Graphic Design

In Semester 2, Year 9/10 Graphic Design have been working within the scope of cultural design. We have looked into the design styles of Australia, America, England, Africa, China, Indigenous Australia and Egypt. Students have then chosen a theme to further explore, developing their own portfolio and T-Shirt designs on Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. In the coming week students will be laser cutting their designs into stencils for screen printing and working on marketing their ideas. This class continues to exceed my expectations with what they are capable of producing and should be extremely proud of how far they have come.


Miss Chloe McCallum

African Drumming Workshop

On Wednesday the 29th of August the African drumming group “Salaka” came to JPC to teach the students about African drumming. They taught us how to make different sounds on the drums and the names of all the different drums.


First, we started off listening to all the different sounds, and then they started playing a song. They taught us a song called Oh Ba Ba Shi. We also got to play on our own drums and play the different sounds and then we got to play a song all together. It was a really good experience for us and the music students and we hope we could do it again.


Josh Fankhauser & Nicky Colquhoun

The Grove Excursion

On Wednesday the 12th September, the Junior and Senior Vocal Group and one of Mr. Lyon’s bands went to The Grove for our termly performance. We performed many Australian songs, and some songs from the musical, The Greatest Show. The residents loved the old songs like Happy Little Vegemites and they loved us performing for them.


We loved our experience at the Grove, we will definitely be back next term!


Isla Naude and Shelby Ruthenberg, Year 7

Fading at Canberra Theatre

The cultural experiences continue for Drama students at JPC. On Thursday, students attended the Canberra Youth Theatre’s devised performance of Fading at the Canberra Theatre. Students from the Senior Drama class and the 9/10 elective class attended the 70minute performance followed a Q&A with the performers.

Fading is an original work developed collaboratively between the playwright and performers, drawing on the cast’s individual and ensemble responses to transitioning from childhood to adulthood. The work explored all that is expected of individuals when one turns 18; career chosen, mature decision making, clear future goals, established identity, stable relationships, unchanging sexuality and autonomy. It explores the effect of these expectations upon the individual, the pressure that comes with being an adult, and the grief of childhood left behind. Something to which all Drama students were able to connect.


The narrative was an enjoyable mix of light and shade with a minimalist set, only a swing on stage. Performers expertly weaved chorus work, physical theatre, role play and an episodic narrative to capture the audience’s attention. Drama students found it extremely rewarding to see a performance entirely devised, written and performed by people their own age. The play development process was discussed as our students asked considered questions to the cast. JPC was proudly represented by the students' insightful interpretations of the performance metaphors and symbolism throughout the performance of Fading.


Ms Keane

Congratulations Mikayla Cruz

Well done Mikayla for being selected as one of only six students in the ACT as a finalist in the ACT ASBA (Australian School Based Apprentice) of the Year category.


The JPC community is very proud of you and your efforts even though you did not win, getting to the finals is an achievement.




Sports News...


Empowering girls – with a difference!

Student Boxing Club

Shade Williams’ (Yr 12 Ferré) Boxing Club has been running for 5 weeks now, each lunch time on Friday. She has had great turnouts which really makes her happy because she is achieving a goal that is very important to her – empowering women to be strong and confident.


“After studying the girls in the JPC community, I found that the confidence levels in some were low, especially the younger years. I have been doing boxing as a fitness sport for a long time now, and I decided it would be a great idea to start up a new club. I have been teaching the girls the technique of a sport that helps them feel both strong, coordinated, and fit at the same time. It is entirely safe, and I emphasise the concept that we are not fighting each other, but building skills in a comfortable and safe environment. I am also doing this as part of a greater initiative: to develop both the physical and mental health of the students in a secure area. Soon I am starting a wellbeing group, and a boxing group for boys. I’m also so happy with the support I’ve received from the teachers in achieving this goal.”


Shade Williams
Ferré House, Yr 12

National Youth Touch Footy Championship

JPC’s very own Harry McLeod has spent the week on the Sunshine Coast competing in the National Youth Championship. Harry is part of the SA Roosters. They took on the New Zealand boys team who performed a Haka but lost 9-3. Harry was named Man of the Match in their game against North Queensland.  Playing in this tournament is a huge achievement and Harry has done JPC proud.


Well Done Harry!


Ian Edwards was selected to run the boundary for the Australian Football League (AFL) Canberra first grade men’s grand final as part of the 2018 Senior AFL Canberra Grand Final at UNSW Canberra Oval on Sunday, September 9.


Ian was given this opportunity after successfully boundary umpiring for the senior men’s competition throughout the season.


Congratulations to Ian in achieving this level of umpiring as well as boundary umpiring several NEAFL academy games.

Rugby League - Congratulations 

The following JPC Students who play for the Gungahlin Bulls won their Rugby League Grand Final last weekend beating the Goulburn Stockmen at Seiffert Oval:

  • Blake Robinson
  • Noah Marcantonio
  • Zac Rolls (Injured)
  • Bailey Sutherland (Injured)
  • Reuben Spires
  • Tyran Hacker

The following students weren’t as lucky in their Rugby League finals finishing runners-up for their respective teams (Gungahlin Bulls and Belconnen United Sharks):

  • Josh Baldwin
  • Kyle Moir
  • Jono Sears
  • Owen Hromow
  • Jesse Pumpa
  • Ajay Anlezark
  • Ally Hampton
  • Cholhok Fieg
  • Jas Kelly

Well done to everyone for a great season.


Mr Boyle

From the Student Office...

Leaving JPC at the end of the year?

Planning for 2019 has commenced and if you know your child/children are not returning to JPC for 2019, please notify the College Office as soon as possible.


Note - Year 10 & 12 do not need to respond


Many thanks

Calling for College Council Nominations - Due by Friday 14 September

We are seeking interested parents who would like to bring their expertise, commitment and passion to the St John Paul II College Council.

There are several vacancies and we would welcome a cross section of parents to continue the work of supporting the college as it moves forward and representing our diverse community.

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews

Information regarding the next Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews has been emailed to all families.


If you did not receive an email, please contact the College office to check your contact details.

Young Women in Engineering (YoWIE) event at the University of NSW ADFA campus.

The University of NSW is offering a free camp in January next year aimed at girls in years 8 and 9 (this year) to get a hands on exposure to STEM topics and hopefully spark an interest in the field.


Information and the registration process can be found at:

Registrations close 31 October 2018

Finance Officer Vacancy - Holy Spirit Parish

Holy Spirit Parish is currently seeking a Parish Finance Officer.

The Parish Finance Officer is responsible for all financial matters of the parish including the maintenance of all bookkeeping records (accounts receivable and payable), preparation of financial reports and presentation of materials for parish Finance Committee meetings, tracking of parish budget. The successful candidate will manage parish Planned Giving, proactively offer advice, assistance and insight to resolve issues, locate documentation, respond to queries and investigate discrepancies.

This is a part-time position of up to 17 hours per week.

For the complete job description, please visit and click on ‘Latest News’.

The position requires an understanding of and support for the ethos and values of the Catholic Church. If interested, please send a resume and cover letter with 3 referees (one from a clergy member) addressed to Fr Mark Croker via email to

Closing date: 5:00pm Friday 21 September 2018

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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