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Where will your adventure take you?

Summer is officially here and we are very thrilled to share a travel inspired loveletter!

A while ago... one of our lovely customers requested that we would do a special article to feature some of the inspiring Traveler's Notebook users... so here it is!

We have interviewed five amazing Baum-kuchen friends who have shared their Traveler's Notebook stories as well as some inspiring ideas on how to customize the notebooks to maximize its potential. They also offered thoughts on what is currently inspiring them.

I hope you enjoy getting to know these very special people:)


Magdalena's best friend

Vinh's 24/7 back pocket notebook

Takuro's place to ponder and remember

Jane's catch it all for her life

Beebee's travel companion

Instagram photostream #travelersnotebook #travelersnote

A very sincere thank you to Magdalena, Vinh, Jane, Takuro and Beebee!