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How Instacart Is Growing Its Grocery Delivery by 15-20% A Week
The startup that allows consumers to order groceries online from multiple stores has received some eye brow-raising investment and is far outpacing its competitors in terms of expansion. 

Q&A with Culinary Agents, An Aspiring LinkedIn For The Hospitality Industry [Video]
The startup offers a professional network, professional resources and a job matching service for the hospitality industry.

$75.9M Invested in Food Tech in Feb, 7 Standout Sustainable Ag News Sites + More
From food delivery startup Sprig’s $10 million fundraise to Natural Machine’s release of its 3D food printer, these are our top stories from last week in food tech. 

Startup Resources

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Food - Fast Company
Offering newly engineered foods, a TV show that satarizes big ag, farming practices that reduce greenhouse gases and more, these companies are cooking up new ideas and changing how we think about our food. 

An Alternative Way To Fund Your Startup - Forbes
One often-overlooked source of funding is paid client work, even if it is slightly outside your big, long-term vision.  

Big Data and Big Food: Where to draw the line? - Food Navigator
The exponential growth and availability of “Big Data” offers marketers unprecedented access to consumer information, but it also raises ethical issues with how companies use it. 

Industry Companies Turn to Crowd Funding - Whole Foods Magazine
Crowdfunding has blazed a trail for entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality. But how do you convince strangers to donate thousands of dollars to the promise of a product or service? 


Exclusive: Kitchensurfing Raises $15 Million for Private Chef Marketplace - CNN Money
The startup raised $15 million in a Series B round of funding led by Tiger Global Management, with participation from prior investors Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital. The round brings Kitchensurfing's total funding to $19.5 million.

GrubHub Orders Up Near-$2B Valuation Following IPO - VentureBeat
First, GrubHub planned to raise just $100 million at a $1.3 billion valuation. Then, it was bumped to $148 million at a max valuation of $1.72 billion. Last week, that figure rose to $180 million at $1.72 billion. Now, that figure is up again — this time to $1.9 billion.

A Vision for Sustainable Restaurants - TED
Chef Arthur Potts-Dawson shares his vision for drastically reducing restaurant and supermarket waste. 

6 Technologies About to Change Limited-Service Restaurants - Fast Casual
NFC, QR codes, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, geo-fencing and in-app check-ins have the potential to transform brands and operations.


Smart Packaging Turns Science Fiction into Fact - Food Processing
New approaches to intelligent and active packaging are altering consumers’ experience of food products.

Why The Meat Alternatives Market Is Attracting Unlikely Investors - The Globe And Mail
Demand for meat alternatives is growing, fueled by trends as varied as increased vegetarianism and concerns over the impact of industrial ag. 

Maple Syrup Industry Taps Into New Technologies - Food Dive
While sap production levels are dependent on some uncontrollable factors, distributors are utilizing advanced technology to help minimize loss and maximize profit.


Next Up For Disruption: The Grocery Business - CNN Money
The logistics of "last mile" food delivery and the thin margins in the grocery business delayed the inevitable, but capital is finally pouring into online grocery shopping.


Can Technology End Overfishing? - Triple Pundit
Norpac is turning to technology to make fish traceability more efficient and accurate. 

GFAR: Why Agriculture Needs Young People - Food Tank
Increased access to education means that young people can be a force for innovation on family farms, increasing incomes and well-being for not only farmers, but also local communities.

Can Organic Farmers Weather California’s Epic Drought? - Modern Farmer
So far, California’s dairy farmers and ranchers have been the hardest hit by the drought, and those abiding by national organic standards have an even tougher road.


Study Finds Child Obesity Prevention Apps Don’t Use Recommended Behaviors, Strategies - MobiHealth News
Researchers from the University of Kansas sent 62 apps to two independent app raters, who found that while 93 percent of the apps complied with the recommended behaviors, only 20 percent had the recommended strategies.

SITU Scale Tallies Up The Nutritional Information Of All Your Food - TechCrunch
The Bluetooth-enabled scale talks to your iPad, listing any and all stuff you weigh as you go, with an extensive database of foods and ways to save favorites to make it easy to tally up the stuff you eat most often.


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